Application of Indigent Soldier orb Sailor of the late Confederacy for pension under Act of May 12, 1899.

Form No. 1.

APPLICATION of Indigent Soldier or Sailor of the late Confederacy for pension under the Act of May 12, 1899.


County of Hopkins

To the Honorable County Judge of Hopkins County, Texas.

You petitioner, A Brady respectfully represents that he is a resident citizen of Hopkins County, in the State of Texas, and that he makes this application for the purpose of obtaining a pension under the act passed by the Twenty-sixth Legislature of the State of Texas and approved May 12, A. D. 1899, the same being an act entitled "An act to carry into effect the amendment to the Constitution of the State of Texas, providing that aid may be granted to disabled and dependent Confederate soldiers, sailors, and their widows under certain conditions, and to make an appropriation therefor." and I do solemnly swear that the answers I have given to the following questions are true.

NOTE - Applicant must make answer to all of the following questions, and such answers must
be written out plainly in ink.

Q. What is your name?

Answer A Brady

Q. What is your age?

Answer I was 56 years old the 14th day of last Feby

Q. In what County do you reside?

Answer Hopkins

Q. How long have you resided in said County and what is your post office?

Answer I have resided in Hopkins County 5 years P.O. Sul Spgs

Q. Have you applied for a pension under the Confederate Pension Law heretofore, and been rejected? If so state when and where.

Answer No

Q. What is your occupation if able to engage in one?

Answer Farmer

Q. What is your physical condition?

Answer unable to work from age and asthma

Q. If you physical condition is such that you are unable by your own labor to earn a support, state what caused such disability.

Answer Old age, and asthma the result of measels during the war

Q. State to what company and regiment you enlisted in the Confederate army, and the time of your service?

Answer Co B. 33rd Alabama infantry, served from 1862 to 1895

Q. If you served in the Confederate navy state when and where, and the time of your service.

Answer No

Q. State whether or not you have received any pension or veteran donation land certificate under any previous law, and if you answer in the affirmative state what pension or veteran donation land certificate you have received.

Answer No

Q. What real and personal property do you now own, and what is the present value of such property? Give list of such property and value.

Two mules worth 50.00
One wagon 10.00
2 cows & one calf 40.00
Household & kitchen furniture 25.00