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Nancy J. Gay Civil War Widow's Pension File - 1899

Civil war widow's pension file of Nancy J. Gay, widow of William Washington Gay. William W. Gay served in Co. K of the Texas Infantry Reg't., Confederate Army.

Used with permission of Candace Gravelle

August 14, 1899
State of Texas, Hopkins County

To the Honorable County Judge of Hopkins County, Texas

Your Petitioner, N. J. Gay respectfuly represents that she is a resident of Hopkins County in the State of Texas, that she is the widow of W.W. Gay, deceased, who was a Confederate soldier, and that she makes this application for the purpose of obtaining a pension as the widow of the said W.W. Gay, deceased, under the act passed by the twenty-sixth Legislature of the State of Texas, and approved on May 12, 1899.....and I do hereby solemly swear that the answers I have given to the following questions are true, and that I am unable to appear before the Judge to make this application.

1. What is your name: N.J. Gay

2. What is your age: 63 years old

3. In what county do you reside: Hopkins

4. How long have you resided in said county and what is your post office address: 43 years, P.O. Pickton, Texas

5.Have you applied for a pension under the Confederate Pension Law heretofore and been rejected? No.

6. What is your occupation if able to engage in one: Housekeeping

7. What is your physical condition: Suffering a great deal with Rheumatism and ??

8. What was the name of your deceased husband: W.W. Gay

9. Were you married to him anterior to March 1, 1866, if so, on what date were you married to him and where: Yes, in June 1865 in Rusk Co., Texas

10. What was the date of his death: July 2, 1878.

11. Are you unmarried and have you remained unmarried since the death of your said husband for whose services you claim pension: Yes.

12. State in what company and regiment your deceased husband enlisted in the Confederate Army and the time of his service therein: Capt. Minter's Company, Walterhouses Regiment; he served about three years.

13. If your deceased husband served in the Confederate Navy, state where and when and time of such service: He did not serve in the Navy

14. State whether or not you have received any pension or veterans donation land certificate: I have not received any pension or Veterans Donation Land Certificate.

15. What real and personal property do you now own and what is the present value of such property: 44 acres of land worth $400. One cow and calf worth $25. Household goods worth $50.

16 .What property and what was the value thereof have you sold or conveyed within two years prior to the date of such property and value: None

17. What income, if any do you receive: Nothing except my little rents

18. Are you in indigent circumstances, that is, are you destitute of property and means of subsistence: I would be but for the aid of my son.

19. Are you unable by your labor to earn a support: Yes.

20. Did your deceased husband ever desert the Confederacy: No.

Wherefore, your Petitioner prays that her application for pension be approved. N.J. Gay (X, her mark)

Sworn to and subscribed before J.F. Smith, a Notary Public in and for Hopkins County, Texas.

Aug 14, 1899

Affadavit of J. R. Gay, a witness

State of Texas, Hopkins County

Personally appeared, J. R. Gay, a credible citizen, who being duly sworn on oath, states that he personally knows Mrs. N.J. Gay, applicant for pension, the widow of W.W. Gay, deceased, and that he personally knows that W.W. Gay enlisted in the service of the Confederacy and performed the duties of a soldier, and further knows that Mrs. N.J. Gay, widow of said W.W. Gay, is unable to support herself by labor of any sort.

J. R. Gay
T.L. Simms, witness

Certificate of County Pension Commissioners

State of Texas, Hopkins County

We, the undersigned members of the Commissioners Court of Hopkins County, State of Texas, hereby certify that the foregoing application of N.J. Gay, widow of W.W. Gay, deceased, for pension, together with the proof thereof, was submitted by Hon. H.C. Conner County Judge of Hopkins County to the Commissioners Court of Hopkins County at a regular term thereof on the 17th day of August 1899 and after a careful consideration of the same we find the applicant is lawfully entitled to pension provided by the Confederate PensionLaw of this State and hereby approve the application. Witness our hands and seals at office of Sulphur Springs, this 17th day of August 1899. N.T. McDonald, Dist. 1 T.L. Simms, Dist. 2, R.C. Smith, Dist. 3, R. Carpenter, Dist. 4

June 21, 1919

From: J.F. Threatt, Justice of the Peace, Pct. 6

Pickton, Texas (Hopkins)

To: Mr. M.B. Terrell, Austin, Texas

This is to notify you that N.J. Gay, the Pensioner whose application is No. 2013, died June the 17th and her son Mr. A.S. Gay of Como, Texas, ask that you send him papers to make application for the $30. Mortuary Wararnt. Respectfully Yours, J.G. Threatt

June 29, 1919

To: Mr. A.S. Gay

Como, Texas

Dear Sir, replying to your favor of June 21. I am enclosing Murtuary Application blanks, account of the death of N.J. Gay, Confederate Pensioner. Please have these filled out and return to this Dept, when a Warrant for $30 will be issued and mailed to your address. Yours truly, Comptroller, TX.

July 2, 1919

Mortuary Warrant

Pickton, Texas

To: A.S. Gay of Como, Texas

Itemized Account: Coffin, $30.50 for N.J. Gay, who died June 17, 1919. The above account is due and unpaid. A.S. Gay Application for Mortuary Warrant

State of Texas, County of Hopkins

I, A.S. Gay, do hereby certify that I am the person to whin is entrusted the paying of accounts and indebtedness of the late N.J. Gay, who as a pensioner of the State of Texas whose file number is 2013, and whose original county is Hopkins. The said pensioner died on the 17th day of June 1919 in the town of Pickton, county of Hopkins, Texas. That the warrant which application is hereby made shall be applied to paying all of part of the expenses incurred by the said pensioner for burial.  I am related to the pensioner as her Son, that my home is in the town of Como in the County of Hopkins County, Texas, that my post office address is Como, Texas.

A.S. Gay

Certificate of Physician

I, H.S. Taylor, do certify that I am a practicing physician and that I attended N.J. Gay in her last illness and am of the opinion that her ailments were Uremia, General Toxemia. I further certify that I am of the opinion that a Mortuary Warrent should be issued to the above named applicant. H.S. Taylor, Physician, Pickton, Texas.


NOTES: William W.Gay is buried at the Woodland Cemetery in Hopkins County, TX.

Sources: Hopkins County, Texas Confederate Burials and cemetery records:

Woodland Cemetery Records, Hopkins County, TX
Gay, N. J. - b. 10 Sept. 1836, d. d. 17 June 1919
Gay, W.W. - b. 2 June 1834, d. 2 Jly. 1878, hus. of N. J. Gay


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