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Also see June England Tucks reading from the 1970's.

Cemetery origin:
Deaton Cemetery started out as a family burial plot on the 640 acre land grant John Deaton obtained from the State of Texas in the Mercer Colony. The land grant was originally in Hopkins County, but it straddled the current Rains and Hopkins County lines.

Adams, Paralee
b. Nov 2, 1842             d. Jan 21, 1930
Full maiden name: Laura Paralee DEATON; daughter of Hiram Hunt & Mary Ann Deaton; married five times

Anderson, A.M.
b. May 29, 1838              d. Oct 8, 1910

Anderson, Ada
b. Jun 9, 1841           d. Nov 1, 1918

Anderson, Araminta D             d/o AM & Ada
b. Nov 19, 1874 d. Dec 19, 1874

Anderson, Infant            d/o AM & Ada, very worn stone
b & d 1877            

Anderson, Mary F.         d/o of AM & Ada
b. Jun 7, 1881             d. Aug 22, 1893

Beall, Sarah
b. Oct 22, 1870            d. Sep 22, 1895

Beall, Sid
b. Dec 21, 1868             d. May 1, 1903

Combs, Monroe Alton       Husband of Doris; son of Richard O & Leona Bradford Combs; born in Hopkins Co.; S1 US Navy WW II
b. Nov 30, 1919            d. Jun 22, 1999

Combs, Harold Shane          son/o William David Combs & Peggy Joyce Bristow
b. Dec 4, 1977            d. Apr 10, 1999

Deaton, Catharine
1805           1855
Full maiden name: Catherine STEWART first wife of John DEATON
Her burial in this cemetery is suspected, but not proven; She is believed to have died circa 1844-45, and would have been the first person buried in this cemetery. However, it is uncertain whether or not she actually came to Texas with John, or died in route.

Deaton, Hiram Hunt
1819           1881
son of John Deaton and Catherine Stewart husband of Mary Ann Deaton; Came to Texas in Spring of 1843 and settled in Hopkins County, now Rains County, prior to 1846; was a justice of the peace in Rains County; marker indicates only approximate burial location as original grave was unmarked

Deaton, John Calvin
1795              1858
middle name is not proven; marker indicates only approximate burial location as original grave was unmarked; Came to Texas in winter of 1842, and settled in Hopkins County, now Rains County, prior to 1846; original owner of land where cemetery is located; son of Joseph Deaton and Elizabeth Jordan of Montgomery County, NC; married twice: (1) Catherine Stewart, (2) Mrs. Sarah Reilly

Deaton, Mary Ann
1822           1880
wife of Hiram Hunt Deaton maiden name is unknown; marker indicates only approximate burial location as original grave was unmarked

Dreadin, Ozella Adams
b. Dec 18, 1883            d. Jan 29, 1972
Full maiden name: Edna Ozella Adams; daughter of Benjamin I. Adams and Laura Paralee Deaton; married to Joseph Dreadin

Duty, C.H.          s/o C & FE
b. Nov 30, 1908             d. Feb 28, 1909

Duty, infant             s/o C & FE
b. Jun 6, 1888             d. Sep 9, 1888

Duty, Mary E.             d/o C & FE
b. Jan 4, 1903            d. Jan 14, 1904

Hurlbert, James E.
b. Apr 5, 1892            d. Nov 4, 1917

Irons, Samantha Hurlburt
b. Feb 18, 1866            d. Jan 27, 1925

Kinser, Dorcas L.
1894          1926

Loftin, A.A. "Ace"           husb/of Lillie M.
b. Dec 18, 1891            d. Nov 17, 1967
son of Volney F. and Margaret "Maggie" Roberts Deaton Loftin

Loftin, Lillie M.
b. May 12, 1904        

Loftin, Maggie
b. Nov 2, 1871            d. Feb 5, 1959
Full maiden name: Margaret "Maggie" Roberts; First husband: Hiram Oliver Deaton; Second husband: Volney F. Loftin

Loftin, V.F.
b. Apr 30, 1865             d. Dec 6, 1921
Partial (Full) name: Volney F. Loftin; husband of Margaret "Maggie" Roberts Deaton

McLeroy, Gurren C.       s/o JT & M
b. Feb 5, 1882            d. Mar 4, 1898

McLeroy, J.T.
b. Jul 25, 1841           d. Feb 7, 1920

McLeroy, Margaret           Wife of J T McLeroy
b. Jan 31, 1845            d. Sep 20, 1901

McLeroy, Robert Bascom           s/o JT & M
b. Jan 30, 1884            d. Feb 16, 1884

Mitchell, Bessie
1892          1921

Mitchell, Joseph M.
b. Feb 6, 1860             d. Aug 4, 1898

Moore, J.W.
1872          1954
Partial (Full) name: James W. Moore; husband of Mosanna Waters

Moore, Mosana              wife of JW
1874        1905
Full maiden name: Mosanna Waters; daughter of W. S. Waters and Laura Paralee Deaton; wife of James W. Moore

Newsome, Birdie H.
1895          1917

Phillips, Mary E.             d/o JR & V
b. Jun 28, 1874            d. Oct 8, 1880
believed to be daughter of Joseph R. Phillips of Hopkins County, TX

Plunk, J.W.
b. Oct 25, 1830         d. Nov 3, 1883

Potts, Eliza

Potts, Johnathan H.        s/o J & E
b. Sep 20, 1878           d. Aug 13, 1885

Potts, Nancy E.         d/o J & E
b. Mar 18, 1874         d. Feb 16, 1893

Potts, Sarah Elizabeth Mitchell            w/o W J Potts
b. Mar 18, 1862           d. Jul 24, 1887

Potts, Susan E.            d/o J & E
b. Nov 21, 1876            d. May 29, 1878

Pots, Unknown (M L P)            someone of James Pots
b. Nov 9, 1860          d. Mar 29, 1882

Shackelford, John
b. Jan 4, 1931           d. May 13, 2000

Stubbs Baby

Taylor, infant                s/o BL & SE
b. May 6, 1897             d. Jun 28, 1898

W. N. A.        

Waters, Calvin
b. Jul 9, 1876       d. Sep 25, 1926
Partial (Full) name: J(ohn?) Calvin Waters; son of W. S. Waters and Laura Paralee Deaton; never married

Others reported buried in Deaton Cemetery in unmarked graves:
Thanks to Steve Bridges for this information also.....

Benjamin I. Adams
Born: 1849       Died: 1905
Married: (1) Martha "Mattie" C. Deaton (daughter of Hiram Hunt & Mary Ann Deaton)
(2) Laura Paralee Deaton Waters (daughter of Hiram Hunt & Mary Ann Deaton, and
older sister of Martha "Mattie" C. Deaton, his first wife)

Sarah Reilly Deaton
Born: circa 1805         Died: circa 1854
Married: (1) James Reilly, and (2) John Deaton

Martha "Mattie" C. Deaton Adams
Born: 1851          Died: 1881
daughter of Hiram Hunt & Martha Ann Deaton
first wife of Benjamin I. Adams

August 15, 1913
The Leader sympathizes with Mr. and Mrs. Pinkie Scott of the Daugherty neighborhood in the loss of their baby, which died Wednesday night. Its remains were buried at the Deaton graveyard.

The Rains Co. Leader
Oct 17, 1912
Will, the 17-year-old son of Mr. Chas. Duty, died at the home of his father in the Bonanza neighborhood Wednesday morning, after a 10 days illness with pneumonia. His remains were interred at the Deaton graveyard Thursday.

The Rains Co. Leader
Dec 9, 1921
(V F Loftin)
Floyd Lofton Dead
Mr. Floyd Lofton, who lived in the Freedom community, died at the home of his son, Everett Lofton, here Monday night of bright's Disease. He had been carried to Greenville for treatment but was brought home on Monday afternoon and died the same night. His remains were buried at the Deaton graveyard near the line Rains and Hopkins counties.


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