History of Legislative Reps. From this Co. Nov. 10, 1938 Henderson Co., TX

Athens Weekly Review
Nov. 10, 1938

History of Legislative Representatives From This County Compiled

Recently (1938) Representative - elect James Spencer has been collecting
data on representatives who have served Henderson county.
Through the co-operation of Miss Gussie Evans of Austin and by
reference to the History of Henderson county written by the late
Senator J. J. Faulk, he has assembled a complete record of past
representatives. The records date back to 1845 when Henderson
county was organized the legislative district was made up of several
counties and a floater representative was elected. The complete list
of representatives, together with the counties composing the district, follows:

1845 - John (Red) Brown, David Muckleroy, Haden H . Edwards; Nacogdoches county.
1847 - E. E. Lott, A. Sterne, John H. Reagan; Nacogdoches county.
1849 - E. E. Lott; Henderson, Smith, Van Zandt and Kaufman counties.
1851 - John Brown; Henderson and Van Zandt.
1853 - S. G. Parsons; Henderson & Van Zandt.
1855 - Joseph Martin; Kaufman & Henderson.
1857 - A. B. Norton; Kaufman & Henderson
1859 - A. B. Norton, A. F. Cone, R. W. Wiley; Kaufman & Henderson
1861 - G. D. Manion; Kafuman, Henderson & Van Zandt
1863 - D. Mabry, J. S. Griffith, Kaufman, Van Zandt, & Henderson
1865 to 1870 - W. B. Dashiell, R. W. Wiley; Kaufman, Van Zandt & Henderson
1871 - W. B. Stirman, M. Maning, J. H. Morrison; Anderson, Van Zandt, Henderson & Kaufman
1873 - 1875 - J. M. McDonald; Anderson, Van Zandt, Henderson & Kaufman
1876 - J. S. Griffith, T. J. Towles, W. H. Price, A. T. Rainey; Anderson, Van Zandt, Henderson Kaufman & Rockwall
1879 - W. B. Henderson; Anderson, Van Zandt, Henderson Kaufman & Rockwall
188? - J. J. Faulk; Henderson
1883 - John S. Jones; Anderson & Henderson
1885 - I. G. Reynolda; Anderson & Henderson
1887 - W. C. Larkin; Anderson & Henderson
1889 - J. B. Bishop; Anderson and Henderson
1891 - J. B. Bishop, W. F. Freeman; Henderson and Anderson
1893 - T. H. Barron; Henderson & Navarro
1895 - J. M. McWilliams, T. R. Watkins; Henderson & Navarro
1897 - 1899 - W. H. Graham; Henderson & Navarro
1901 - Elam Henderson; Henderson & Navarro
1903 - 1905 - H. T. Gilliam; Henderson & Navarro
1907 - 1909 - John A. Mobley; Henderson Co.
1911 - B. C. Hall; Henderson
1913 - A. C. Robbins; Henderson
1915 - P. L. Parker, Smith & Henderson
1917 - 1919 - R. E. Yantis; Smith & Henderson
1921 - 1923 - Julian P. Greer; Smith & Henderson
1925 - 1927 - H. A. Justice; Henderson
1929 - H. C. Moseley; Henderson
1931 - J. H. Towery; Henderson
1933 - J. L. Mitcham; Henderson
1935 - 1939 - Jap Lucas; Henderson

All the above representatives were listed as Democrats except J. M. McWilliams
and F. R. Watkins, who were listed as populists. Four of the representatives,
G. D. Manion, J. B. Bishop, R. E. Yantis and J. H. Towery were natives of Kentucky.
Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina, are other state that have
furnished representatives from the county.

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