1860 Mortality Schedule Henderson Co. TX

1860 Mortality Schedule Henderson Co. TX

Adams, John 16 Male MS Sept Accidental shot 22 days
Allen, Benjamin 11 male MS April erecipelas 2 days
Allen, John 21 male MS Mar erecipelas 3 days
Allen, John F 8 male TX Mar erecipelas 1 day
Aly, Agnes 41 female TN Mar ch bed 30 days
Antle, Martha 17 female MS May erecipelas 3 days
Ard, Andrew C 30 male AL Oct Pneu 7 days
Ashmore, James N 35 male TN Nov hem of lungs 9 days Farmer
Bell, William W 45 male SC Feb Damp in well sudden blacksmith
Bethell, John M 38 male NC Jan suicide sudden  
Bethell, Julia 3 female TN Jan inf bowels 2 days  
Bowles, Dicy Ann 53 female GA Aug Pneu 9 days  
Bowles, Isaac 44 male GA Mar Pneu 9 days  
Boyett, Josaphene 14 female AL Apr erecipelas 3 days  
Bradley, Rebecca E 24 female AL Oct Pneu 20 days  
Brooks, Sarah 2 female TX April erecipelas 3 days  
Browning, A J 4 female AL Mar quinzy 2 days  
Browning, J L 6 female AL Oct brain fever 3 days  
Browning, Susan 3 female AL April quinzy 2 days  
Burchfiled, Pheba 52 female SC Dec Pneu 7 days  
Canady, Ruben 1 male AL April inf of bowels 6 days  
Carafee, Mary J 1 female TX Feb burned sudden  
Carver, Susan 19 female GA Mar Pneu 18 days  
Cavit, A C 7 male TX June chronic disease 30 days  
Chambis, Victoria J 3 female TX Nov quinzy 3 days  
Clark, Alex 19 male LA Jan Pneu 4 days farmer
Clark, Jerutha L 32 female KY May eric 5 days  
Clark, William H 13 male LA July fever 18 days  
Condry, L 40 male AL Nov quinzy 3 days farmer
Deatherage, Nancy E 1 female AR Oct Pneu 14 days  
Dunwoody, John M 41 male TN Nov consumption 26 days carp
Garner, Elizabeth 40 female GA Nov ch b sudden  
Garner, Wm F 1 male TX Jan flux 14 days  
Griffith, Wesley L 19 male MS Jan scroffula 90 days farmer
Hampton, Ridley B 10 male TX Oct unknown 7 days  
Hannah, John A 17 male MS Mar eric 3 days  
Hannah, Tabitha 40 female AL Mar eric 3 days  
Helbet, John 20 male MO June brain fever 2 days farmer
Hodges, Sarah C 7 female TX June unknown 35 days  
Holland, John A 7 male TX Nov Flux 20 days  
Hollingsworth, Elizabeth 24 female TN Dec consumption 12 months  
Hopkins, Martha A 1 female TX Oct fever 11 days  
Jeffers, Charles W 1/12 male TX Aug unknown 3 days  
Jones, Henry D 7 male TX May flux 15 days  
Jones, Martha 1 female TX May hooping cough 10 days  
Jones, Susan V 3/12 female TX Mar erecipelas 15 days  
Jordan, - 1 female TX Oct unknown sudden  
Jordan, 2 female TX Oct unknown 2 days  
Laison, dau of James J 2 days female TX July unknown 3 days  
Larkin, dau of J C 1/12 female TX Nov croup sudden  
Lensey, Mary M 1 female TX May flux 14 days  
McAdams, Martha B 1/12 female TX Jan unknown 8 days  
McCarland, Alford F J 1 male TN Feb flux 12 days  
McCarland, Polly J 1 female TN Feb flux 6 days  
McGill, Susan A 3 female TX Aug croup 14 days  
Martin, Elizabeth 29 female AL Feb erecipelas 9 days  
Martin, Joseph 55 male GA April erecipelas 7 days farmer
Martin, Sarah A 9 female MS Mar erecipelas 2 days  
Martin, Texann 7/12 female TX Sept teething 20 days  
Melton, Josiah 28 male unknown Oct Pneu 15 days  
Merrill, John 11/12 male TX July Pneu 3 days  
Miller, Della L 18 female AL Feb Pneu 10 days  
Neff, Reuban D 1/12 male TX Oct hives 1 day  
Nrfleet, Sinia U 7/12 female TX Nov dia 5 days  
Parsons, Sarah J 2 female TX Aug Pneu 10 days  
Pater, Nancy M 39 female SC Aug abortion 5 days  
Perry, John 1 male TX Jan effects of mercury 33 days  
Pierce, Aaron 42 male NC Aug fever 28 days  
Ponler(?, Sarah 55 female NC Feb throat dis 4 days  
Prewitt, Alexander 35 male TN Nov plasey 30 days  
Reirrson, Kristy 70 female Norway May old age 19 days  
Rushing, William 30 male AL April Pneu 14 days  
Sanders, Charles R 17 male AR Nov convulsion 30 days  
Scott, Caroline K 17 female IL July child brith 12 days  
Shaffett, Lucinda B 4 female TX April quinzy 3 days  
Shelton, Sarah 20 female MS May erecipelas 3 days  
Sherman, Sarah H 28 female AL Jan consumption 90 days  
Shivy, Willis T 2 male TX Oct flux 4 days  
Stephens, George W 4 male TX Aug snake bite sudden  
Street, John 36 male TN Aug consumption 60 days farmer
Thomas, Elizabeth 21 female TX Oct child birth 5 days  
Thompson, John P 50 male NC April cancer of stomach 7 days  
Walston, Nancy A 1/12 female TX Sept erecipelas 14 days  
Westbrook, James P 4/12 male TX Aug fever 3 days  
Wilbanks, Ellen 4 female TX Feb infla of stomach 7 days  


Enumerator: Robert Hodge
43 white males
46 white females
11 black males
16 black females

John M. Bethell shot himself in the head with a pistol being in a state of delirium from excesseve disapation. The most remarkable fact relative to this county is the number of good breeders, towit 12 females presented their lords with twins last year. The only disease that has prevailed to any unusual extent in my district is erecipelas with other names which I have Marke (X) at the commencement of each name which I believe have died with that disease. From the best information I could get by inquiry in the family where the death occured This disease has proved fatall in all most every instance especially where it has been localised, I refer to a discription as used, sworn to and subscribed before me this 25th days of Sept. 1860 /s/ J H (?) Collins, J. P.

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