1924 Seniors & Juniors
Senior  and Junior Classes
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Senior Characteristics

Alton Chapman: "Chappy"
Curtain Club, Debating Club, Baseball, Basket Ball, Track, Declamation. 
This young man does everything, can do everything, and will do everything.

Miss King:
Senior Sponsor, English Leader.
Always willing to help the Seniors reach their goal. Her face is radiant
 with intelligence and pleasure.

Elsie Laurence:
Class Poet, Bear Cat Society.
She was loved best by those who knew her best.

Charles Brasher: "Wart."
Secretary Curtain Club, Secretary Debating, President Senior Class, 
Athletic Association, Declamation, Football, Business Manager Thistle.
He warn't no saint in school.

Grayce Whitman:
Secretary Senior Class, Latin Club, Athletic Association, 
Bear Cat Club.
Grayce with all her sweetness and friendly ways, has won 
a place in our hearts.

Horton Merchant:
Curtain Club, Latin Cub, Athletic Association, Baseball, Basket Ball,
 Debating Club, Tennis, Staff.
As for me, all I know, is that I know something.

Helen Caldwell:
Bear Cat Club, Latin Club, Athletic Association.
The essence of dignity, ability, vim and fun - that's Helen.

Hugh Ratliff:
Bear Cat Club, Athletic Association, Basket Ball, Staff, 
Chairman of Special Committee, Bear Cat, Yell Leader.
He is a paralyzer of the female hearts.

Ela Stanley:
Bear Cat, Orchestra Leader, Hiking Club, Basket Ball,
 Tennis, Yell Leader.
Ela seems deeply interested in picture shows but strange 
to say she speaks little of the picture.

Carroll Blacklock: "Blackie"
Tennis, Baseball, Track, Captain Basket Ball, Business Mgr., 
Senior Play Staff, Bear Cat, Business Mgr. Foot Ball.
Carrol -- Our Haskell Hi Athlete.

Lynda Robertson:
President Curtain Club, Pres. Latin Club, Vice Pres. Debating Club,
 Hiking Club, Glee Club,
Athletic Association.
A general favorite and general friend.

John Arend:
Curtain Club, Athletic Association
Pluck and perseverance find a way.

Velma Barnard:
Bear Cat, Athletic Association.
Mirth admit me as one of thy crew.

Hugh Anderson:
Football, Basket Ball, Baseball, Bear Cat Club Secretary, 
Debating Society, Annual Staff, Tennis, Latin Club, Athletic Association.
Deep brown eyes running over with glee.

Maidee Watson:
Bear Cat President, Glee Club, Latin Club, Declamation, 
Editor of The Thistle, Athletic Association.
If all of us followed in her footsteps, what an intelligent lot we would be.

John Wiley Whiteker: "Rats."
Curtain Literary Society, Track, Coach and Capt. Tennis,
 Annual Staff, Foot Ball, Basket Ball.
As solid and dependable as the Rock of Gibraltar, but far more sociable.

Allie Belle Chapman:
Bear Cat, Tennis, Hiker, Staff.
Rules bother her not; Sunday School is not her program anyway.

Harry Lee:
Latin Club, Curtain Club, Orchestra.
Harry rarely ever says much, but we feel that he is a true 
Senior of'24 and will accomplish more than he says.

Georgia A Smith:
Bear Cat Club, Latin Club, Staff, Hiker, Athletic Assn.
The typical modern high school girl, bobbed hair, 'n everything.

William Woodson:
Curtain Athletic Association, Latin Club, Track.
May William run through life as he ran in track. We will always 
remember him as a Senior 24.

Mary Grindstaff:
Bear Cat, Athletic Association.
Silence is golden.

Robert Lawley:
Bear Cat, Athletic Association.
A boy whose stick-to-it-iveness of character has claimed the 
admiration of his friends. Success should be his reward.

Edith Jones:
Bear Cat Club, Latin Club, Athletic Association, Glee Club
Brains, not size, makes the girl

Ewell Bagwell:
Curtain Club, Foot Ball, Basket Ball, Track, Athletic Association, 
Tennis, Pres. Debating Club.
A whirlwind in school, a cyclone in debating.

Artie Mae Weaver:
Latin Club, Curtain Club, Athletic Association.
"Oh, for the love of Mike" How can you say anything 
new about a girl whom everyone eulogizes.

Press Perry:
Curtain Club, Basket Ball, Athletic Association.
There isn't a better-hearted nor better-natured boy living than Press. 
Even though he is very quiet.  We sincerely believe is future action 
will speak louder than words.

Vennie Jones:
Bear Cat Club, Latin Club, Athletic Association, Bear Cat Reporter, 
Senior Reporter, Staff.
Absolutely individually Vennie - without assumption of 
embellishment, unusually Genuine.

Walter Glenn:
Bear Cat Club, Latin Club, Athletic Association, Basket Ball, 
Football, Staff, Baseball.
"Petter" is the least Senior, but a true example of the old adage, 
"Little but Loud."

Fern Case:
Bear Cat, Declamation, Athletic Association.
Her persistency is rivaled only by her indisputable charm.

Edison McReynolds:
Bear Cat Club, Athletic Association, Staff, Business Manager 
Junior Class.
May his future profession be as successful as his 
career as a cartoonist in H. H. S.

Eunice Wilson:
Bear Cat, Athletic Association.
Eunice rarely says anything but we know she is a deep thiner.

Junior Characteristics

Kathryn Smith:
The heroine of any flirtations.

Bailey Taylor:
An enthusiast when it comes to athletics and a great ladies man.

Marguerite McCollum:
'Peggy' is not so fiery as her hair would indicate.

Bessie Johnson:
A bit old-fashioned, but you never can tell about these quiet types.

Veda Earles:
An artist when it comes to painting -- lips.

Mary Lela Richey:
Mary Lela's curls are her crowning glory.

Hayes Scott:
He finds himself suddenly awkward around the ladies. He 
is interested only in mathematical figures.

Lena Ethel Hill:
Another Haskell girl that burns the midnight oil and not 
always in improving her mind.

Imogene Scott:
A girl who can be relied upon at any time or any place.

Eileen Smith:
She believes in the doctrine of "giggle and grow."

Velma Hambleton:
Still water runs deep.

Stella Cooner:
An all-around girl; athletic, friendly and much liked.

Loraine Morgan:
She diligently talks, and some times studies.

Milton Simmons:
"A's" in geometry for him are as easy as "D's" for you and me.

Cecil Weaver:
He is witty, interested in Caesar, and a "regular fellow."

Johnnye Morgan:
She dreams of being a writer and maybe some day her dreams 
will be realized. Who can tell?

Helen Norman:
"Chubbie" is a loyal Junior and a dependable worker.

George Crow:
He is a "paralyzer" of the female heart.

Michael Watson:
He is too much a bachelor to have time for frivolities.

Mattie Leitha Pippin:
" 'Tis good nature only that wins the heart"

Lillie Solomon:
The black hair is always perfectly coiffured. She is what 
we would call a "keen girl."

Jerome Sanders:
He is fond of arguments and always has the last word.

Jack Richey:
A hard worker to get out of work.

Freddie Johnson:
She has a talent for basketball.

Opal Baldock:
If she makes no more noise thru life than she has thru H. H. S., 
blessed is the man whom she marries.

Edna Solomon:
Edna is very bashful, but she makes up for it in her studies.


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