1924 Sophomores & Freshmen

Sophomores and Freshmen
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 Names of Sophomores

Jack Kirkpatrick;  Thelma Williams;  Hazel Wilson,

Harry Bradley;  Anita Grissom;  Mary Kimbrough

Jewel Johnston;  Lewis Pearsey;  Fannie Bell Denby

Marion Guest;  Fred McElroy;  Glenda Wingo

Opal Seets;  Thelma Lee Norman;  Louise Kaigler

Frank Irby;  Mary Sherrill;  Melba Bledsoe

Robert Whitman;  Veda Weaver;  Iola Simmons

Rae Eastland;  Beatrice Weinert;  Mattie Payne

Galen Robertson;  Mammie Jones;  Weldon McReynolds

Lucille Sheid;  Dessie Kennedy;  O. E. Patterson

Velma Clanton;  Ethel Cook;  Roy Guinn

Eudora Bradley;  Maurine Couch;  Ella D. Koonce


Yes, the Sophs Have the School Spirit

     "Here's to Miss Chambers our sponsor of '24,
Without her we would fail forevermore."


 Prettiest:              Anita Grissom      Actress

 Cutest:              Ira Cox    Raise Monkies

   The Shiek:     Weldon McReynolds   Break hearts

      The Vamp:         Marion Guest         Hang on clothes
   Most Studious:             Mamie Jones       Vamp Lewis

     Wartiest:        Thomas Murchison        Fight

     Laziest:        O. E. Patterson        Tease

Best All-Round Girl:     Thelma Williams             Vamp
     Best All-Round Boy:    Jack Kirkpatrick        Make eyes
    Best Athlete:            Iola Simmons        Tame men
          Best Declaimer:             Mary Kimbrough      All day sucker
                  Most Musical:              Mary Sherrill          Flirt with Juniors
                             Sweetest:                Cookie                           Vamp Doughnnt.
                  Our Baby:           RobertWhitman             Love 'em up
                              Old Faithful:                Henry Wilson             To be faithful to Galen
                  Best Sport Girl:                Louise Kaigler               To be a musician
                            Cleverest:                  Frank Clift                     Act like a porcupine
        Most poetical:                Louis Pearsey        To be an orator
 Aggravating Daddy:              Johnny Solomon     To be president
                                Best Sport Boy:           Gus Clift               To be a second "Babe Ruth"

 Names of Freshmen

Lewis Smit;  Euva Harrison;  Lonnie Stoker

A. J. Smith;  Mary Helen Barron;   Johanna Wilson

Billie Whiteker;   Earline Mask;  Maurine Shook

Wallace Parsons;  Lillie Cloer;  Leone McElroy

B. S. Lawrence;  Callie Cloer;  Amos Kemp

Lucille Middleton;  Frances Grissom

Willie Stoker;  Agnes Fields;  Opal Strickland; 

Stella Mae Coburn;  Ruth Robertson; Pauline Trice

Ermie English;  J. I. Odell;  Fay Akins

Lila Ruth Key;  Mineola Davis


Prettiest Girl: Artie Mae Weaver

Best Looking Boy: Hugh Anderson

Best All-round Boy: Ewell Bagwell

Most Popular Girl: Lynda Robertson


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