The Thistle 1920 - Senior Class

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Samuel Gaines Post
Studious – Grave – Pedantic
“Boss”; “Bosh and Hummbug!”
Business Manager “Thistle”;
President Senior Class;
Press Club; Football;
Critic Bear Cat Literary Society;   Valedictorian Senior Class.
As regards “Bosh and Humbug”: The studious Gaines says: “I am a man of leisure;
books are more to me than folly; - $5.00 for the Annual, please.”
He carefully avoids “Vamps” and he would rather read Herbert Spencer than “fight society”


Annie Kate Ferguson
Able – Kinetic – Fanciful
“Napoleon”;  “Gosh!”
Editor-in-Chief “Thistle”;
Vice-President Senior Class;
President Curtain Club;
Press Club.
Though Annie Kate’s “Gosh!” does not sound at all Napoleonic, her nickname is very appropriate,
both because of her small size and her ability and energy. 
Her strange fancy for snakes as pets is something on which we do not agree with her.


Verna Frances Oates
Virtuous – Fat – Obvious,
“Viney”; “Aw, heck!”
President Press Club;
Secretary Senior Class;
Secretary Bear Cat Literary Society;
Assistant Editor “Thistle”; Basket Ball.
There is nothing small about Verna.  By her “Juicy Fruit” ye shall know her.


Ewing Hill Oates
Efficient – Hale – Obstinate
“Feathers”; “Ts - - st.”
Captain Football;
Editor Athletics;
 Press Club;
Curtain Club; Basket Ball.
“Feathers” is an A-1 athlete as well as a student. 
His chief delight is “roamin” in the gloamin’ with his lassie by his side.”
Although he dislikes English 11, his appetite for Science and Math is insatiable.


Rufus Cedric Sanders
Resolute – Conceited – Stubborn.
“Jedge”; “Jader.”
Basket Ball;
Bear Cat Literary Society.
One would not think that a “Jedge” would sing “Jader.” 
Anyhow, there is something peculiar about Cedric; he is not thoroughly dignified
and is sometimes disappointed in love. 
He generally succeeds in getting what he wants, and it is exceedingly hard to bluff him.


Dave Maud Cumins.
Devoted (?) – Mute (?) – Cold-blooded.
“Daddy;” “Ha! Ha!  Ha!”
President Bear Cat Literary Society;
Press Club;
Basket Ball;
Assistant Business Manager “Thistle.”
“Daddy’s chief delights are talking, coquetting, and gossiping. 
She intends to become an “eyes-nose-throat” specialist and, incidentally, cut people’s throats. 
 She loves to play on men’s heart-strings and then pitilessly send them out into the cold, cruel, heartless world.


Mary Lucille Taylor
Musical – Lucky – True.
“Toby”; “Aw Lord!”
Vice-President Bear Cat Literary Society;
Press Club.
Lucille, in English 11, does not have many A’s and B’s;
but she certainly can tickle the ivory A’s and B’s.


Edward Walker Sprowls
Earnest – Willing – Sympathetic.
“Slim”; “Shucks!”
Editor Class Section of “Thistle”;
 Bear Cat Literary Society.
Ed is long and lean, and he has that hungry look so characteristic of persons of dry humor. 
Within our knowledge Ed has never lost sight of his “pumping organ.”
However, no one can judge this sly, quiet kind. 
We hope “Slim” will be as successful in learning as he was in growing.


Annie La Verne Cummins
Altitudinous – Ludicrous – Contemplative.
“Verne”; “Good-gosh-darn!”
Society Editor Senior Class;
Critic Curtain Club.
La Verne doesn’t flaunt her altitudinous A’s in people’s faces,
but she gets them just the same. 
Instead, she wavers between ludicrous jokes and contemplative sarcasm.


Sam Perrin Chitwood
Sporty – Professor (in Geometry) – Cute,
“Sammie”; “H- -1!”
Basket Ball;
Curtain Club.
To his fellow studies Sam’s knowledge of  Geometry is the eighth wonder of the world. 
 He is such a good sport that he takes jaunts out in the country,
but he can not take good-naturedly the title “Sammie”.


 In Memoriam
Clyde Couch
Born April 28, 1902
Died December 26, 1918



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