The Thistle 1921 Seniors

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                                                                     Motto:                “Finis Coronot Opus”
                                                                     Class Colors:    Green and White
                                                                     Class Flower:    White Carnation


Class Officers:

                                                                      Aileen Taylor                    President
                                                                      Roy Killingsworth             Vice-President
                                                                      Harvey Lee                       Secretary and Treas.
                                                                      Othello Anderson              Annual  Rep.
                                                                      Lonnie Griffin                     Reporter



Audrey Key
Audrey is the only real vamp in the Senior Class. 
She is of the Spanish type-dark eyes, dark hair, dark complexion. 
Just close your eyes and imagine a Spanish girl with her guitar,
and you have a mental picture of Audrey.

Theron Cahill
Long, tall, dreamy eyed Theron has a weakness for heavy-set blondes
and sometimes for a freckled-faced brunette. 
Theron is not especially noted for his studiousness, but we hope he will manage
to make good in some line – if it is matrimonial affairs.

Aileen Taylor
“Prexy” is a favorite with everyone. 
 Her good nature and her readiness to help is ever present. 
She doesn’t care much about the boys, but it is rumored she is fond of James.

Agnes Cox
Tender, modest and sentimental, that’s Agnes all over. 
The word that most of us use for slang always passes Agnes’ lips with a solemn reverence – Goodnight!

Harvey Lee
Harvey came to us from Munday on Tuesday. 
He has established a reputation for himself as an artist, a poet and a dramatist. 
Harvey is especially fond of using big words.  Why, he actually hunts up big ones in the dictionary.

Ermine Daugherty
Ermine, rather aristocratic.  She can trace her lineage back to a street in “Old Ireland.” 
She is a regular baseball fanatic.  Not so much about the game itself as for “Peck.”

Louise Brooks
Although addicted to chewing gum, no one doubts her abilities as a student. 
Louise is especially fond of movies and mechanics. 
No one rivals her in joking save “Whit.”

Othello Anderson
Othello is the Shelly of the Senior Class. 
His reputation was established when his “Ode to a Powder Puff,” first appeared. 
He is an extremely reserved lad, and is very sarcastic concerning the fair sex.

Lucille  Folliard
Lucille is a little business woman, she takes book-keeping,
commercial arithmetic and the like.  But appearances sometimes conceal the real object,
and after all she may be a cold, calculating wife of some worthless reprobate.

Mary Langford
Mary is noted for “trying to get out of lessons,” but she is good sport,
although Mr. Kuhn does point her out as a specific example in Physics.

Monroe McConnell
“Mack’s” favorite pastime was reading long letters which came in pink envelopes. 
But he found time for football, studies and other activities of an ideal student. 
 We hated to lose him for he was very popular, but he had to look after interests in California. 
It is rumored these “Interests” have blonde hair.

Velma Martin
Velma is the type you see on Cosmopolitan covers. 
She has auburn hair, and ivory complexion, and her blue eyes. 
But Velma is one of our best students.

Kate Woodson
We expect great things of Kate in the near future.
 We will be disappointed if she isn’t the Rosa Bonheur, of Texas. 
But expectations are not always fulfilled, perhaps after all she will only be a successor
to John Knott, cartoonist of the Dallas News.

Lonnie Griffin
Lonnie has had a good many “affairs“ this year. 
 First it was Lucille, then Myrle and now it is Jean. 
And his long talks in chapel – in spite of his faults, he is an all-round good student.

Vinita Baker
Vinita is eccentric, but despite her “uhs,”
she always manages to make a pass in everything.

Gertrude Freeland
Gertrude is noted for laughing and being late
because of which offense, she is kept in detention
and thus has become Valedictorian.

Vera Baker
When it is about twenty minutes until time for the bell, we always call on Vera. 
Her Current Event report in English History always takes up the time. 
You can depend on anything being done when you ask Vera to do it.

Lois Norton
Lois has a voice that carries – conviction?  Authority? 
Her “A” card is the envy of every Freshman. 
Her greatest wish is gratified when she has in her possession a bag of peanuts.

Ethel Russell
Ethel came from the country, however, she has the qualities of a modern debutante
 and you can depend on it that Gaines was the first to discover it. 
Ethel’s pet phrase is “Why I am simply crazy about him,” and we believe it.

Erwin Whitmire
“Whit” is of the “Happy go lucky type.”  He never takes life seriously. 
With his wit, he usually accomplishes what he deserves. 
Whit’s idea of Paradise, is a good square meal,
immediately followed by the reading of a Thomas W. Jackson book.

Leta Simmons
Leta is famed for her skill in Domestic Economy. 
We suppose she will be an old maid Economics teacher – and a suffragette.


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