First House Built in Haskell


First House Built in Haskell County


LaBriere House built in 1883

It was October 2006 and the Progressive Study Club gathered to celebrate a Project they began over a year before restore the LaBriere House which was the first one built in Haskell County.

Wearing period clothes with bonnets and long dresses, the women met in the little frame house they had worked so hard to restore.   Quaint curtains, a quilt, some old dishes and embroidered dresser scarves had been donated along with an old washstand and other furnishings.

Guests were welcomed and two elementary school teachers in attendance asked to speak.   They had applied for a grant which was given to their classes and they wanted to use the money for landscaping the house.

The speaker was Dr. David Ballard, great nephew of the couple who built the house, John Leonard LaBriere and his wife, Sallie Ballard LaBriere.   A history of the family and why they had settled here was given by this descendant who said he was happy to see the home restored....that it looked just as it had when he was a child.

The Progressive Study Club will continue its work on this project as the organization puts lights and more trees in the yard.

From Information provided by Member Dorothy Hartsfield of Haskell 2008


Historic LaBriere House - Haskell County


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