Old Highsmith Cemetery Old Highsmith Cemetery
Guadalupe County, Texas
Copied by Linda & Ben Pitzer Mar 03 1971
South of Dunlop Oil Field off Hwy 90
Notes from Irby Baker Spring, Clyde Ussery Howel and L. E. Smith listing.
Prepared for the internet by Wanda Qualls
From Julie Horrocks of Buda, Texas on May 26 2009

About a year ago when I was visiting Austin, I wrote you about the location of the Old Highsmith Cemetery. You replied with its general whereabouts, but admitted you had been unable to pinpoint its exact location.

I moved to Buda last year and had always planned to make the time to visit this cemetery where my 2nd great grandfather was buried.
Anyway, yesterday my husband Steve and I set out to find this cemetery! To make a long story short, we did locate it.  An older couple drove us to to a dirt road about .2 miles east of the new Highsmith Cemetery location.  We all got out of the car, and they pointed to a tree north of where we were standing and said, "The cemetery is under that tree. It is in bad shape. Watch out for rattlesnakes."
So Steve and I climbed up a hill, crossed the railroad tracks, and proceeded north for a few hundred feet until we encountered two fences.  We walked along the fence line until one fence ended in a gate.  My husband climbed over a tree to get over the remaining fence.  I crawled on my belly under the barbed wire fence.
The gate was unlocked--we carefully trekked through the dense brush towards the tree.  We did find about ten different headstones, including ones with my family name on them.  The cemetery is in awful shape because it is so overgrown. 
I'm including some pictures.  Our teenage children were quite taken with this adventure--they couldn't believe we did it!
The last photo was of the sign located on the locked gate on Gander Slough Road.  I think this company owns the property where the cemetery actually resides on. Frankly, the cleanup of this cemetery would make a great church youth service project or Eagle Scout project if the property owners would grant access through its locked gate. 


Baker, Col. William B.
Jan 24 1804
Nov 17 1870
66 yrs 9 m0. 23 days
Baker, Vashti
Jan 22 1809
Jun 14 1860
married: Apr 16 1829 to William B. Baker
Baker, B. W.

--- -- 1888
son of James & Elizabeth
Baker, Franklin Rierce
Feb 16 1857
Oct 27 1869
son of James & Elizabeth
Baker, Naomi N.
Apr 14 1873
Oct 17 1880
Dau of R. W. & M. D.
Tucker, George Washington
Jan 25 1853
Feb 18 1873
son of Silas M. & Susan H.
Tucker, Silas M.
Jun 16 1831
Dec 12 1888

Tucker, Susan H.
May 03 1828
Feb 09 1873
wife of Silas M.
Yarbrough, J. W.
Mar 14 1853
Feb 02 1872

Yarbrough, Josephine L.
May 04 1864
Oct 08 1869

Yarbrough, L. G.
Aug 31 1862
Jun 18 1868

Smith, M. H.
Feb 15 1811
Jan 08 1871

Smith, Cynthia E.
Jul 02 1821
May 15 1859
wife of M. H.
J. D. A.
no dates

White, Annie
Mar 31 1857
Jan 20 1883
wife of John
White, John
no dates

White, Elizabeth
Sep 15 1877
Nov 30 1877
dau of J. N. & Annie
White, Fredrick W.
Apr 04 1802
Nov 14 1867

White, G. W.
May 10 1861
Apr 17 1894

Moore, Appling Hicks
Aug 01 1863
May 29 1868
son of J. & S. J.
Moore, Jefferson
Feb 06 1810
Nov 03 1880
born in Laurens Dist., So. Carolina
Moore, Susan Jeffries
Mar 05 1824
Sep 02 1867
born in Marion Co.,Alabama, wife of Jefferson
Brothers, Benjamin
May 25 1804
Sep 09 1868

Craft, Mrs. H. A.
Mar 02 1859
Jul 08 1881

Craft, Lucinda
Nov 04 1825
Dec 06 1882
wife of A. Craft
Trice, Ada
Aug 29 1882
Sep 20 1882

Trice, Emza
Aug 29 1882
Sep 14 1882

Trice, Arizona
Mar 11 1880
Oct 05 1880

Trice, Lily
Sep 11 1887
Jan 23 1888

Wiley, Sarah J.
Aug 11 1840
Nov 25 1919
dau of Margaret Anne Richie &
Jeptha N. White, wife of William S. Wiley
Wiley, William S.
May 18 1838
Feb 28 1893
Co. A 4th Reg't Texas Cav.  C. S. A.
Hoke, I. F.
May 25 1861
Dec 07 1881

Strong, C. J.
Dec 30 1809
Oct 28 1895
born in Clark Co., Georgia
Robinson, Sarah E.
Aug 02 1862
Jan 14 1892
wife of J. M. M.
Robinson, Infant babies
no dates

3 graves - of J. M. M. & S. E.
Guttery, William
Dec 12 1825
Apr 06 1890

Guttery, Infant
no dates

of L. T. & L. J.
Hickman, Alven T.
Apr 04 1820
Jan 14 1889

Hickman, Elizabeth C.
Oct ?? 1828
Aug 28 1879
wife of A. T.
Hickman, Lorena M.

Aug 16 1890
age 1 yr 2 days dau of Frank M.
& Susan M. Wonsley Hickman
From Spring & Howel Listings

Other known family names are:
Anderson, Donegan, Gregg, Grigg,
Martin, McClaine, Richey & West. 
??, Evaline
no dates

sister of Franklin Pierce Baker, who a married a Moore.
Egnew, Edna
Apr 15 1825
Aug 02 1887
L.E. Smith gives birth as Apr 15 1832
Egnew, G.
Dec 28 1825
May 08 890

Raymer, George F.

Feb 06 1874
age 31
Raymer, Mary A.

Jul 12 1873
age 61
Shannon, Two graves
no dates

covered with cement and decorated with white shells.
Seeber, Mrs. & infant

--- -- 1874
unmarked graves
From the L. E. Smith  Listing

No dates for these
White, Margaret Riche

Location not known
White, Mrs. Jeptha

Location not known
Wiley, Alma

dau of William & Sarah
Wiley, Annie

dau of William & Sarah
Wiley, Margaret

dau of William & Sarah
Wiley, Alice

dau of William & Sarah
Wright, Alma

dau of Alice

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