Early Gregg County Marriages
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Early Gregg County Marriges

 GROOM              BRIDE            DATE         MINISTER
Allen, Antony        Coleman, Harriet      25 Dec 1873    Rev Daniel Sherman
Billups, Hal         Daniels, Amanda       26 Feb 1874    Rev Henry Jackson
Brown, Albert        Fagan, Emily          10 Jan 1874    Rev Wm L LeRoy
Brown, John          Brown, Mrs Cinda       5 May 1874    Daniel Sherman
Carroll, J M         Campbell, Amanda C    25 Mar 1874    Rev Job Taylor
Carroll, W G         Brown, Martha R       18 Dec 1873    Rev Job Taylor
Carter, ______       Randle, Alice         22 Jan 1874    Rev Henry Jackson
Cheek, James A W     Durham, B F           15 Oct 1873    Rev B W Brown
Denner, Peter        Ray, Susan            26 Aug 1873    J C Vernon  MG
Dickson, Aaron       Neely, Susan          14 Apr 1874    (Not Returned)
Doyle, Theodore      Wood, Mrs E A          6 May 1874    John R Christian
Fincher, William     Howard, Mary          24 Dec 1873    D A Dickard  MG
Fowler, George       Reed, Lucy            30 Dec 1873    Rev Job Taylor
Franklin, James B    Sypert, Mrs Artamissa  7 May 1874    T D Campbell   JP
Fuller, James M      Killingsworth, Emma   23 Nov 1873    Rev B W Brown
Hamilton, Washington Wilson, Martha        15 Jan 1874    Rev Henry Jackson
Harrison, David      Johnson, F Annie       3 Jan 1874    Rev Henry Jackson
Inge, William C      Parmer, Elizabeth     15 Aug 1873    E D Campbell  JP
Johnson, M T Jr      Davenport, Lucy        8 Dec 1873    J S Terry  MG
Jones, Charles       Christian, Ann        20 Dec 1873    Rev Daniel Sherman
Lawrence, Thomas A   Henderson, Annie Mack 19 Dec 1873    Rev BW Brown
Lennox, Joseph       Davis, Sylla          12 Feb 1874    Rev Daniel Sherman
Lewis, Thomas        Posey, Easter         25 Sep 1873    W P Victory MG
Lockhart, Henry      Steward, Frankie      31 Mar 1874    J C Vernon  MG
Magrill, S D         McKinney, Mary E      12 Aug 1873    John R Christian
Martin, Thomas       Mann, Jane            27 Nov 1873    Rev Job Taylor
Mathis, William      Black, Ellen           1 Jan 1874    Rev Daniel Sherman
McKinley, David M    Smith, Sarah F        14 Oct 1873    Rev B W Brown
McKinley, James S    Frazier, Florence     12 Feb 1874    John R Christian MG
Mitchell, Joseph E   Money, Esther M       16 May 1874    (Not Returned)
Moore, Dudley G      Dean, Rebecca         17 Sep 1873    W P Victory   JP
Morrison, J Harry    Rawdon, Fannie        26 Apr 1874    J C Vernon    MG
Ogilivie, W C        Cary, Ada C           30 Dec 1873    J L Terry    MG
Orr, Andrew J        Renfrau, Martha M     10 Sep 1873    W P Victory  JP
Roberts, S G         Brown, Josephine       4 Feb 1874    D A Dickard  MG
Rosser, John         Locket, Eliza         14 May 1874    J C Vernon   MG
Row, Stephen         Montgomery, Rose      26 Nov 1873    Rev Henry Jackson
Sanders, Alexander   Castleberry, Vilet    31 Jan 1874    (Not Returned)
Seymore, William     Leach, Miss Nancy     23 May 1874    Job Taylor
Simpson, Andrew      Wall, Harriet         26 Nov 1873    Rev Henry Jackson
Smith, Andrew J      Harris, Laura         29 Aug 1873    Rev B W Brown
Smith, Edward W      Green, Lavin          17 Dec 1873    Rev Job Taylor
Snyder, Jacob        Pruel, Catherine      11 Dec 1873    Rev Henry Jackson
Terry, Evans S       Burke, Eugenia L      15 Apr 1874    D S Snodgrass Bapt MG
Walker, Albert       Moseley, Henrietta    10 Jan 1874    J M Sparkman  JP
Washington, Samuel   Garner, Mary           9 Apr 1874    (Not Returned)
Williams, Henry      Pierson, Jane         11 Jun 1874    (Not Returned)
Williams, W A        Wynn, Sarah T          2 Jun 1874    T D Campbell   JP
Wilson, Albert       Weston, Jane           3 May 1874    T D Campbell  JP

Source: Marriage Records 1873-1876 Vol. A Microfilm Reel 1468351.


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