1965 Gregg County Deaths
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1965 Gregg County Death Index

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Last Name      First Name      Middle Name    Suffix     Date        Sex    Marriage Status
Adams          Janie                                     05-02-1965   F     WIDOWED
Adams          William         Henry                     06-19-1965   M     SINGLE
Agnew          Briggett        Ann                       02-24-1965   F     MARRIED
Agnew          Donald          Thomas                    02-24-1965   M     MARRIED
Akin           Lucy            Stroud                    08-23-1965   F     WIDOWED
Allan          James           Harry                     04-03-1965   M     WIDOWED
Allen          Babe            W                         06-11-1965   M     SINGLE
Allums         Geraldine                                 02-19-1965   F     SINGLE
Amburg         Imadel                                    12-20-1965   F     SINGLE
Anderson       August          A                         08-04-1965   M     SINGLE
Anderson       Henry           Bunk                      03-27-1965   M     SINGLE
Andrews        Elbert                                    08-29-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Anthony        Eula            Mae                       10-16-1965   F     WIDOWED
Armstrong      Jake                                      03-08-1965   M     WIDOWED
Arnold         James           Jonathan                  03-16-1965   M     SINGLE
Ashby          Thomas          N                         01-02-1965   M     SINGLE
Aycock         Leona           Sarah                     05-26-1965   F     WIDOWED
Baggett        Lavada          A                         07-15-1965   M     SINGLE
Bailey         Margaret        Amelia                    06-27-1965   F     SINGLE
Bailey         Sarah           A                         04-10-1965   F     WIDOWED
Baird          George          Dale                      03-03-1965   M     SINGLE
Baker          Arthur          Monroe                    11-08-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Baker          Benjamin        Franklin                  12-19-1965   M     SINGLE
Baldwin        Eva             Mae                       07-01-1965   F     WIDOWED
Barbee         Rena            Margaret                  01-16-1965   F     SINGLE
Barker         James           Okey                      05-29-1965   M     SINGLE
Barton         Philip          Erwin                     09-25-1965   M     WIDOWED
Baugh          Orville         Moore                     11-20-1965   M     SINGLE
Beal           Florence        Rosetta                   09-11-1965   F     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Beard          William         Chester                   09-12-1965   M     SINGLE
Beck           Mary            Bell                      05-01-1965   F     WIDOWED
Bell           William         R                         01-24-1965   M     SINGLE
Bell           Wilton          Orren          SR         08-01-1965   M     SINGLE
Benge          Chester         Barette                   12-10-1965   M     SINGLE
Bennett        Clifton         Ray                       02-07-1965   M     SINGLE
Bennett        Obelia                                    06-05-1965   F     SINGLE
Bircher        Annie           D              Inf Of     11-01-1965   M     MARRIED
Bishop         Claudia         Lee                       07-06-1965   F     SINGLE
Bishop         Leila           Cade                      12-23-1965   F     SINGLE
Bivens         Elaina          Michelle                  10-18-1965   F     MARRIED
Blackman       Allie           L                         05-15-1965   F     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Blackman       Eugene          Robert                    04-19-1965   M     SINGLE
Blackwell      William         Eugene                    03-04-1965   M     MARRIED
Blalack        Judson          Andrew                    11-08-1965   M     SINGLE
Blalack        Nathan          Armstrong                 10-12-1965   M     SINGLE
Boone          Tempie                                    02-06-1965   F     WIDOWED
Boswell        Elton           Clay                      11-07-1965   M     SINGLE
Bourdon        Cornelia        Ann                       03-22-1965   F     SINGLE
Bourdon        Flora           Hamilton                  07-21-1965   F     WIDOWED
Bowen          Auby            Milton                    06-25-1965   M     SINGLE
Boykin         Nettie          F                         05-08-1965   F     SINGLE
Bradley        Alice           Faye                      04-07-1965   F     MARRIED
Bradley        Corenia                                   12-18-1965   F     SINGLE
Brand          Robert          Vester                    06-24-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Brannam        Pearl           Owen                      06-11-1965   M     SINGLE
Brannon        Bertha          Clara                     07-18-1965   F     SINGLE
Bray           George          Arthur                    06-12-1965   M     SINGLE
Braziel        Don             Monroe                    02-22-1965   M     SINGLE
Bridges        Elie                                      12-18-1965   M     SINGLE
Brod           Dwayne          Martin                    11-29-1965   M     MARRIED
Brooks         Beatrice        Ada                       12-28-1965   F     WIDOWED
Brooks         Floyd           Goble                     06-28-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Brooks         Jack                                      01-17-1965   M     SINGLE
Broughton      Aron                                      02-28-1965   M     WIDOWED
Broughton      Milton                                    12-31-1965   M     SINGLE
Brown          Kenneth         Earl                      05-05-1965   M     SINGLE
Brown          Lucretia        Ann                       02-13-1965   F     WIDOWED
Brown          Rose            Marie                     06-25-1965   F     MARRIED
Brown          Urill                                     11-23-1965   M     SINGLE
Bryant         Henry           William                   11-04-1965   M     WIDOWED
Buchanan       J               R                         04-20-1965   M     SINGLE
Buckner        Fannie          Timmons                   03-23-1965   F     WIDOWED
Bumpus         Maude           Arnold                    10-06-1965   F     WIDOWED
Burke          Grace           Agnes                     11-26-1965   F     SINGLE
Burnett        Andrew          Jackson                   07-05-1965   M     SINGLE
Burns          Odis            Aaron                     08-04-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Burns          Robert          James          SR         03-06-1965   M     SINGLE
Burns          Roy             Neal                      10-07-1965   M     MARRIED
Burns          Selia                                     11-16-1965   F     WIDOWED
Burrow         Evelyn          Dinkins                   05-09-1965   F     WIDOWED
Burton         Allie           Lee                       03-09-1965   F     SINGLE
Burton         Louis           C                         03-09-1965   M     SINGLE
Bush           Annie           Reese                     08-12-1965   F     SINGLE
Bush           Helen                                     09-26-1965   F     MARRIED
Butler         Cora            Edna                      06-10-1965   F     WIDOWED
Byrd           William         Henry                     12-01-1965   M     SINGLE
Caldwell       Ebben           Humbert                   02-26-1965   M     SINGLE
Caldwell       Lavinia         Ellen                     07-04-1965   F     MARRIED
Callahan       Beulah          Lee                       01-29-1965   F     WIDOWED
Cameron        Taylor                                    02-18-1965   M     WIDOWED
Camnon         Lee             Arthur                    02-13-1965   M     SINGLE
Candler        Martha                                    08-28-1965   F     WIDOWED
Carney         Ora                                       08-22-1965   F     SINGLE
Carter         Laud            Blackwell                 07-04-1965   M     SINGLE
Carter         Mary                                      02-02-1965   F     WIDOWED
Cason          Jim                                       05-19-1965   M     SINGLE
Cassady        Pat             Louis                     03-28-1965   M     SINGLE
Cassel         John            Eldon                     04-04-1965   M     SINGLE
Castleberry    George          Aaron                     10-06-1965   M     SINGLE
Castleberry    Grover          M                         09-17-1965   M     WIDOWED
Chandler       Green           Croft          III        06-13-1965   M     SINGLE
Chapman        Lee                                       07-11-1965   M     SINGLE
Cherry         Sally           Kate                      11-04-1965   F     WIDOWED
Christian      Sylvester                                 09-29-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Christian      Walton          Johnson                   01-04-1965   M     MARRIED
Clark          Lula                                      10-18-1965   F     SINGLE
Clayborn       Fred                                      04-21-1965   M     SINGLE
Coby           Travis          Jack                      01-15-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Coffman        David           S                         09-21-1965   M     SINGLE
Coleman        Ernestine                                 06-28-1965   F     WIDOWED
Collins        Kimberly                                  01-27-1965   F     MARRIED
Connor         Margueritte                               07-21-1965   F     SINGLE
Cook           Lera                                      12-14-1965   F     SINGLE
Cooksey        Curtis          Calvin                    07-26-1965   M     SINGLE
Corley         Oscar                                     08-13-1965   M     SINGLE
Cox            Hattie                                    10-23-1965   F     WIDOWED
Cox            Robert          Lee                       10-24-1965   M     WIDOWED
Craig          Laura           Bell                      11-29-1965   F     WIDOWED
Crain          Leon            Franklin                  12-10-1965   M     SINGLE
Crain          Mary            Helen                     04-29-1965   F     WIDOWED
Crawford       Realie          Lorine                    01-24-1965   F     SINGLE
Creedmore      Susie                                     02-23-1965   F     SINGLE
Criddle        Richard         Boyd                      04-06-1965   M     SINGLE
Crouch         Jesse           Kelton                    01-06-1965   M     SINGLE
Crowe          Gloria          Jean                      03-07-1965   F     MARRIED
Crump          Brenda          J Tate                    04-04-1965   F     SINGLE
Crump          Joseph          Warren                    09-28-1965   M     SINGLE
Crutcher       Martha                                    03-27-1965   F     SINGLE
Cullen         Joel            Bennett        SR         10-16-1965   M     WIDOWED
Cullum         Kathryn         Sevier                    11-28-1965   F     WIDOWED
Cundiff        R               B                         10-26-1965   M     SINGLE
Cunningham     Thomas          Joseph                    08-13-1965   M     SINGLE
Curry          Alma            Smith                     07-16-1965   F     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Curtis         Edgar           Leslie                    08-16-1965   M     SINGLE
Daniel         Bert            Franklin                  04-15-1965   M     SINGLE
Daniels        Nannie          Lou                       06-23-1965   F     WIDOWED
Daniels        Webb                                      04-18-1965   M     SINGLE
Darden         Mary            Frances                   03-11-1965   F     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Darden         Regan                                     06-17-1965   M     MARRIED
Darden         Sirdalyer                                 10-11-1965   M     SINGLE
Daugherty      Gracie          Mae                       03-04-1965   F     WIDOWED
Davidson       Thomas          A                         02-04-1965   M     SINGLE
Davis          Anna            M                         09-28-1965   F     WIDOWED
Davis          Bailey          Lake                      05-02-1965   M     SINGLE
Davis          Gus                                       09-26-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Davis          Leavy                                     07-16-1965   M     WIDOWED
Davis          Lizzie                                    03-31-1965   F     SINGLE
Dent           John            Taylor                    05-12-1965   M     WIDOWED
Determan       Elizabeth       Maye                      05-06-1965   F     WIDOWED
Deutsch        John            Hubert                    04-04-1965   M     WIDOWED
Dever          Clara           Louise                    12-18-1965   F     WIDOWED
Dewitt         Alice           May                       06-05-1965   F     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Dickard        Thelma                                    08-03-1965   F     SINGLE
Dickson        Josephine       Adele                     08-03-1965   F     SINGLE
Dickson        Thomas          Wayne                     06-23-1965   M     SINGLE
Dilworth       Maude           Jones                     04-02-1965   F     WIDOWED
Dinger         Ralph           Loman                     07-30-1965   M     SINGLE
Dinning        Edith           Jeanne                    09-03-1965   F     SINGLE
Dishman        Minnie                                    05-29-1965   F     SINGLE
Dixon          Jerry           Dee                       11-30-1965   M     MARRIED
Draemer        Alvin           Gus                       06-01-1965   M     SINGLE
Draper         Marvin          Alton                     10-09-1965   M     SINGLE
Dudley         William         Gee                       02-20-1965   M     SINGLE
Duncan         Henry           Hamilton                  12-27-1965   M     MARRIED
Dunn           James           Floyd                     01-02-1965   M     SINGLE
Dunnam         Spurgeon        M                         05-13-1965   M     SINGLE
Dyess          Walter          Woolverton                12-09-1965   M     WIDOWED
Earl           Mary            Annie                     02-15-1965   F     WIDOWED
Earley         Berta           Beatrice                  06-07-1965   F     WIDOWED
Early          John            Richard                   06-05-1965   M     SINGLE
Easterwood     John            Pinknum                   05-05-1965   M     WIDOWED
Eddington      Patricia        Ann                       07-10-1965   F     SINGLE
Eddins         James           Thomas                    01-08-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Edwards        Mary            Ethel                     09-22-1965   F     WIDOWED
Elkins         John            Ellie                     02-06-1965   M     SINGLE
Eller          Emanuel                                   07-15-1965   M     SINGLE
Elliott        Gladys          Laura                     06-16-1965   F     SINGLE
England        Velma           M                         03-31-1965   F     WIDOWED
Epps           George          Henry                     04-19-1965   M     SINGLE
Everett        John            Bunyan                    10-28-1965   M     SINGLE
Evers          Bobbie          Lee                       12-05-1965   M     MARRIED
Ewell          Virginia        Ruth                      01-09-1965   F     SINGLE
Fair           Roy             Clive                     03-16-1965   M     SINGLE
Faires         Richard         Owen           JR         03-06-1965   M     SINGLE
Farmer         Rita            Gayle                     10-15-1965   F     MARRIED
Ferguson       David           Crockett                  03-08-1965   M     WIDOWED
Ferracci       James           Vincent                   11-21-1965   M     SINGLE
Few            William         Kirkland                  08-13-1965   M     SINGLE
Fields         Obelia          B                         06-12-1965   F     WIDOWED
Filter         Minnie          Lauretta                  08-23-1965   F     WIDOWED
Fisher         Marvel          Floyd                     07-05-1965   M     SINGLE
Fleming        Jesse           Josiah                    08-09-1965   M     SINGLE
Fletcher       Herman          Arrilous                  01-24-1965   M     SINGLE
Fletcher       Nettie                                    12-12-1965   F     SINGLE
Flewellen      Thomas          Junius                    06-15-1965   M     SINGLE
Florence       Nona            V                         05-05-1965   F     WIDOWED
Foote          Ida             B                         04-22-1965   F     WIDOWED
Forbes         Joe             William                   07-10-1965   M     SINGLE
Ford           Octavia         E                         01-27-1965   F     WIDOWED
Fowler         Walter          Maris                     01-02-1965   M     SINGLE
Foxworth       Essie           Virgil                    03-09-1965   F     SINGLE
Franklin       Jackie          Leon                      06-09-1965   M     SINGLE
Freeland       John            Henry                     10-18-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Freeman        Sheila          Dale                      02-18-1965   F     MARRIED
Frick          Arthur          Adam                      06-03-1965   M     SINGLE
Frierson       John            Wesley                    09-02-1965   M     SINGLE
Gant           Stephen         Edward                    09-24-1965   M     MARRIED
Gardner        Douglas         L                         03-21-1965   M     SINGLE
Garig          Jennie          Cecilia                   03-16-1965   F     WIDOWED
Garrett        William         Columbus                  03-28-1965   M     WIDOWED
Gary           Hurst           Comer                     06-21-1965   M     SINGLE
Gassaway       Elizabeth       Ann                       06-23-1965   F     WIDOWED
Gatewood       James           Conley                    08-17-1965   M     WIDOWED
Gatlin         Anna            Mae                       05-30-1965   F     WIDOWED
Gay            Olen            Anderson                  09-29-1965   M     SINGLE
Gentry         Carrie          Alva                      04-16-1965   F     WIDOWED
Gibbons        Oren            Donald                    05-18-1965   M     SINGLE
Gibbs          William         Powell                    12-19-1965   M     SINGLE
Gibson         Angus           Bolden                    03-25-1965   M     SINGLE
Giddings       Creola                                    01-27-1965   F     WIDOWED
Giles          Florine                                   02-14-1965   F     WIDOWED
Gilliam        Paula           Jean                      10-22-1965   F     MARRIED
Gillock        Cyril           Gray                      07-17-1965   M     SINGLE
Gipson         Annie           Jane                      10-20-1965   F     WIDOWED
Glasscock      Sam                                       11-02-1965   M     SINGLE
Glover         Leon                                      03-07-1965   M     SINGLE
Goins          William         Cecil                     07-23-1965   M     SINGLE
Gomez          Anna            Maria                     05-18-1965   F     MARRIED
Goodjoin       Bondu                                     11-21-1965   F     WIDOWED
Goodson        Melvin          Theodore                  05-28-1965   M     MARRIED
Grafton        Marjorie        Mae                       10-16-1965   F     SINGLE
Grammer        Aubrey          Dewitt                    05-09-1965   M     SINGLE
Grantham       Calli           Mae                       01-16-1965   F     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Graves         James           Webb                      07-30-1965   M     SINGLE
Gray           William         Gibbs                     08-30-1965   M     SINGLE
Green          Willie          C                         08-18-1965   M     MARRIED
Gregory        Nellie          Junita                    05-01-1965   F     SINGLE
Griffin        Rosa            May                       05-07-1965   F     WIDOWED
Grimes         Effie                                     02-05-1965   F     WIDOWED
Grupell        Barry           Franklin                  05-26-1965   M     SINGLE
Guinn          Eloise          Daviese                   08-04-1965   F     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Gulley         Calvin          Linus                     11-08-1965   M     WIDOWED
Guthrie        Richard         Grant          JR         10-13-1965   M     SINGLE
Haire          David           Dwynn                     01-27-1965   M     MARRIED
Hall           Coro            Edith                     04-27-1965   F     WIDOWED
Hall           Hattie          Hugh M                    12-30-1965   F     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Hall           John            William                   01-05-1965   M     SINGLE
Hamilton       Joseph          Freeman                   02-13-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Hamilton       Nelle           Grace                     09-27-1965   F     WIDOWED
Hammett        Thomas          Arnold                    07-29-1965   M     SINGLE
Hampton        Artniece                                  04-15-1965   F     SINGLE
Hanley         Charles         Carlyle                   11-03-1965   M     SINGLE
Hardaway       Joseph          T              JR         02-23-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Harding        Ernest          Paul                      01-11-1965   M     SINGLE
Hardy          Addie           Cynthia                   12-04-1965   F     WIDOWED
Hargrove       Ada             Louise                    05-18-1965   F     WIDOWED
Hargrove       Martha          Mae                       08-15-1965   F     SINGLE
Harkness       John            Franklin                  02-24-1965   M     SINGLE
Harper         Willie          Mae                       03-01-1965   F     MARRIED
Harris         Cassie          Jane                      12-02-1965   F     WIDOWED
Harris         Henry           Ward                      06-26-1965   M     WIDOWED
Harris         Priscilla       Moore                     12-13-1965   F     SINGLE
Harris         Ruby                                      11-07-1965   F     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Harris         Willie          Earl                      10-19-1965   M     MARRIED
Harris         Willis                                    12-06-1965   M     SINGLE
Harrison       Cora                                      03-31-1965   F     WIDOWED
Harrison       Jewell          Elisha                    07-08-1965   M     MARRIED
Harrison       William         M                         07-16-1965   M     SINGLE
Hart           Joseph          William                   09-23-1965   M     SINGLE
Hartsell       Erma                                      09-12-1965   F     WIDOWED
Harvey         Walter                                    12-01-1965   M     WIDOWED
Hawkins        Jacqulyn        Machel                    03-24-1965   F     MARRIED
Hawley         Ola                                       03-21-1965   F     WIDOWED
Hayes          Barry           L              Inf Of     09-29-1965   F     MARRIED
Hayes          Beulah          Mae                       07-11-1965   F     WIDOWED
Haygood        Horace          Wilburn                   04-10-1965   M     WIDOWED
Haynes         James           Oliver                    12-23-1965   M     SINGLE
Heath          Virge           Buck                      02-10-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Heathcock      Wallace         V                         11-25-1965   M     SINGLE
Henderson      Dora            Adiline                   05-17-1965   F     SINGLE
Henderson      Roger           Heit                      03-19-1965   M     SINGLE
Hendrickson    William         C                         09-16-1965   M     SINGLE
Hensel         Lela            Ima                       10-08-1965   F     SINGLE
Henson         James                                     03-15-1965   M     SINGLE
Hewitt         Mattie                                    03-02-1965   F     SINGLE
Hick           James                                     11-21-1965   M     SINGLE
Hicks          Thomas          H                         11-19-1965   M     SINGLE
Hill           Aleta           Ann                       07-09-1965   F     MARRIED
Hill           John            Edgar                     05-09-1965   M     SINGLE
Hill           Linnie          Ruth                      11-07-1965   F     WIDOWED
Hillier        Lollye                                    03-26-1965   F     WIDOWED
Hineman        Bessie          Mae                       03-25-1965   F     SINGLE
Hodge          Robert          Lee                       06-27-1965   M     SINGLE
Hodges         Jeff            Davis                     02-10-1965   M     WIDOWED
Holloway       Laurence        J                         12-27-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Holloway       Sarah           Elizabeth                 04-16-1965   F     WIDOWED
Holloway       Vernie          James                     01-31-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Holmans        Cliff           K                         11-02-1965   F     WIDOWED
Holmes         Emma            Lewis                     11-08-1965   F     SINGLE
Honeycutt      Martha          H                         01-30-1965   F     WIDOWED
Hooks          Coy                                       01-24-1965   M     SINGLE
Hooper         Henry                                     06-11-1965   M     SINGLE
Hooper         Willie          J                         11-09-1965   M     WIDOWED
Hopkins        Lee                                       10-22-1965   M     SINGLE
Horne          Elzie           Lee                       08-03-1965   M     SINGLE
Horton         Joseph          Kyle                      07-28-1965   M     SINGLE
Hovis          Hugh            Murrin                    02-22-1965   M     SINGLE
Howard         Gerald          David                     07-15-1965   M     MARRIED
Hoyt           Elbert                                    08-27-1965   M     SINGLE
Hubbard        Myrtle          L                         12-17-1965   F     SINGLE
Huffman        Garland         Lane                      08-09-1965   M     SINGLE
Hughes         Charlie         A                         07-01-1965   M     SINGLE
Hunt           William         Madison                   09-13-1965   M     MARRIED
Hunter         Birdie          Josephine                 02-11-1965   F     WIDOWED
Huntley        Evelyn          Theresa                   11-13-1965   F     WIDOWED
Hurley         Oscar           Elijah                    08-23-1965   M     SINGLE
Ingram         Mattie          J                         11-14-1965   F     WIDOWED
Jackson        Douglas                        Inf Of     10-01-1965   M     MARRIED
Jackson        Elsie           Croft                     06-03-1965   F     SINGLE
Jackson        Floyd                                     05-10-1965   M     WIDOWED
Jackson        Lizzie                                    04-17-1965   F     SINGLE
Jackson        Mary            Elizabeth                 12-11-1965   F     SINGLE
Jackson        Nola            Belle                     01-31-1965   F     WIDOWED
Jacobs         Clyde           Harding                   06-06-1965   M     SINGLE
Jacobs         Sandra          Evette                    12-29-1965   F     MARRIED
Jeffers        Thomas          Slater                    10-13-1965   F     WIDOWED
Jeffery        Lottie          Mae                       12-06-1965   F     SINGLE
Jenkins        Mattie          Roxie A                   08-19-1965   F     SINGLE
Jenkins        Minnie                                    11-14-1965   F     SINGLE
Jobe           Ruby                                      05-07-1965   F     WIDOWED
Johnson        Elroy                                     03-12-1965   M     MARRIED
Johnson        Henry           Lee                       10-13-1965   M     MARRIED
Johnson        James           Wesley                    07-26-1965   M     SINGLE
Johnson        Joel            Leon                      05-09-1965   M     SINGLE
Johnson        Maxie           James                     11-15-1965   M     SINGLE
Johnson        Nona                                      02-19-1965   F     WIDOWED
Johnson        Olile           J                         10-14-1965   M     SINGLE
Johnson        Pinkie                                    12-02-1965   F     SINGLE
Johnson        Robert          Andrew                    05-29-1965   M     SINGLE
Johnson        Roscoe                                    03-18-1965   M     SINGLE
Johnson        Roy             Alma                      01-29-1965   M     SINGLE
Johnston       Elsie           Mauldin                   11-12-1965   F     WIDOWED
Johnston       Leon                                      12-22-1965   M     SINGLE
Jones          Dora            M                         11-02-1965   F     SINGLE
Jones          Edgar           Franklin                  08-23-1965   M     SINGLE
Jones          Franklin        D              JR         10-08-1965   M     MARRIED
Jones          Glenda          Sue                       09-29-1965   F     MARRIED
Jones          Mattie          Lee                       04-29-1965   F     WIDOWED
Jones          Morris          Edna                      04-19-1965   M     SINGLE
Jones          Nancy           Janie                     05-06-1965   F     SINGLE
Jones          Richard         Percy                     09-01-1965   M     SINGLE
Jones          Sarah                                     10-14-1965   F     WIDOWED
Jones          Veda            Pearl                     04-22-1965   F     SINGLE
Jones          Wade            Solomon                   12-04-1965   M     SINGLE
Jones          William         Ray                       08-28-1965   M     MARRIED
Jordan         Arthur                                    02-04-1965   M     SINGLE
Kane           John            Albert                    07-06-1965   M     SINGLE
Keaton         James           Simeom                    06-30-1965   M     SINGLE
Keller         Mary                                      11-24-1965   F     WIDOWED
Kellis         Hall            Brooks                    12-10-1965   M     SINGLE
Kelly          Alberta                                   12-02-1965   F     SINGLE
Kennon         Linda           Gail                      06-30-1965   F     MARRIED
Kidwell        Henry           Newell                    08-16-1965   M     SINGLE
Killingsworth  Evelyn          H                         01-10-1965   F     SINGLE
Kimble         Minnie                                    09-15-1965   F     WIDOWED
Kimble         Sammie          Lee                       08-27-1965   M     MARRIED
Kind           A               C                         04-18-1965   M     MARRIED
King           Amanda          Marie L                   11-09-1965   F     SINGLE
King           Maggie                                    12-15-1965   F     WIDOWED
King           Sarah           Frances                   10-13-1965   F     WIDOWED
King           Tom                            JR         11-15-1965   M     SINGLE
Kliewer        Edith           Geneva                    03-15-1965   F     SINGLE
Koon           Mary            Willie                    01-29-1965   F     WIDOWED
Lacy           Kate            Womack                    11-23-1965   F     SINGLE
Lacy           Mary            M                         07-02-1965   F     WIDOWED
Lancaster      Lanita          Lynn                      09-17-1965   F     MARRIED
Land           Emma            Hulsey                    05-30-1965   F     WIDOWED
Lane           El              Jay                       02-07-1965   M     SINGLE
Lawrence       Fred            Parker                    12-26-1965   M     SINGLE
Lawrence       Lula                                      02-01-1965   F     WIDOWED
Lee            Alver           G                         03-30-1965   M     SINGLE
Lee            Masa            Lula                      05-19-1965   F     WIDOWED
Lilly          L               K                         01-21-1965   M     SINGLE
Lindsey        Martha          Lee                       04-02-1965   F     WIDOWED
Linton         Jessie          Alexander                 08-12-1965   M     SINGLE
Lipscomb       Audie           Jay                       04-12-1965   M     SINGLE
Little         John            Paul                      07-31-1965   M     SINGLE
Little         Mary            Rhodine                   09-01-1965   F     SINGLE
Livingston     Kate            Seaena                    04-23-1965   F     SINGLE
Long           Ella                                      06-14-1965   F     WIDOWED
Lott           Jackson         Morgan                    03-10-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Lowery         Bridges                                   04-23-1965   M     MARRIED
Lucas          Dermont                                   12-07-1965   M     SINGLE
Mack           Robert          L                         12-25-1965   M     SINGLE
Mackey         Elbert          Morgan                    01-14-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Malicoat       Maggie          E                         08-02-1965   F     WIDOWED
Mallard        Judith          Lynn                      04-20-1965   F     MARRIED
Mallory        Lillie          Mae                       12-06-1965   F     WIDOWED
Mann           Mary            Eveleen                   06-06-1965   F     WIDOWED
Mann           Plummer                                   07-06-1965   M     SINGLE
Manns          J               C                         02-18-1965   M     SINGLE
Marcades       Melba           Christine                 09-04-1965   F     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Marion         Alice           Watson                    01-12-1965   F     WIDOWED
Markham        Princess        Finch                     09-10-1965   F     WIDOWED
Martin         Frederic        Henry                     04-15-1965   M     SINGLE
Martin         Lella           Myrtle                    11-25-1965   F     WIDOWED
Martin         Vera            Hewitt                    03-06-1965   F     SINGLE
Marwil         Nettie          M                         07-04-1965   F     WIDOWED
Mason          George          Washington                11-19-1965   M     SINGLE
Matthis        Levi            A                         11-08-1965   M     WIDOWED
Mauritzen      Leila           Alma                      01-24-1965   F     WIDOWED
Maxwell        Dana            A                         02-11-1965   M     SINGLE
Mayfield       Fred                                      06-03-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Mccaghren      Jerry           Ray                       01-05-1965   M     MARRIED
Mcclaflin      Bruce                                     02-02-1965   M     SINGLE
Mcculloch      Harold          Keith                     05-21-1965   M     MARRIED
Mcdaniel       Roquemore                                 02-14-1965   M     SINGLE
Mcdaniels      Nancy                                     04-13-1965   F     WIDOWED
Mcdonald       John            Wesley                    06-02-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Mcdowell       Wyatt           Buel           JR         06-14-1965   M     MARRIED
Mcduffie       Minnie          Marie                     01-31-1965   F     MARRIED
Mceachren      Lorraine                                  08-02-1965   F     SINGLE
Mcgehee        William         Thomas L                  01-11-1965   M     WIDOWED
Mcginty        Myrtle          Louise                    04-22-1965   F     WIDOWED
Mcintosh       Marshall                                  11-11-1965   M     SINGLE
Mckee          Terry           Lee                       09-20-1965   M     MARRIED
Mckinley       William         Riley                     11-09-1965   M     SINGLE
Mcmihelk       Lee             A                         07-31-1965   M     WIDOWED
Mcminn         Henry           David                     01-07-1965   M     SINGLE
Melton         Francis         Eugene                    07-17-1965   M     WIDOWED
Melton         John            Earnest                   03-12-1965   M     SINGLE
Menefee        Oscar                          SR         07-17-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Meredith       Lena                                      06-29-1965   F     SINGLE
Meredith       Orise           Emily                     09-19-1965   F     WIDOWED
Miles          Altha           Alma                      06-13-1965   F     WIDOWED
Miller         Georgia         Mae J                     02-16-1965   F     SINGLE
Miller         James           Lynn                      10-19-1965   M     WIDOWED
Miller         Lonald          Ray                       12-12-1965   M     MARRIED
Miller         Robert          Jones                     04-05-1965   M     SINGLE
Mills          Frankie                                   04-04-1965   F     WIDOWED
Mills          Richard         Brown                     05-23-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Minnich        Beatrice        E                         08-28-1965   F     SINGLE
Mitcham        Vivian          E                         01-24-1965   M     SINGLE
Mitchell       Mary                                      04-08-1965   F     WIDOWED
Mooneyham      William         Cleve                     01-21-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Moore          Harold          Gusse                     09-30-1965   M     SINGLE
Moore          Herbert         George                    04-04-1965   M     SINGLE
Moore          Mary            Doke                      01-31-1965   F     WIDOWED
Moore          Ronald          Lee                       09-07-1965   M     MARRIED
Moore          Rufus           M                         03-01-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Morgan         Bessie          B                         05-01-1965   F     WIDOWED
Morgan         Jim             Wylie          SR         03-02-1965   M     SINGLE
Morris         Charles         Benjamin                  03-26-1965   M     SINGLE
Morris         Mattie          B                         11-23-1965   F     UNKNOWN
Morrow         Morris          Cluer                     12-24-1965   M     SINGLE
Morse          Emmitte         Wilson                    12-01-1965   M     WIDOWED
Moseley        Edgar           Decatur                   07-28-1965   M     MARRIED
Mulanax        Richard         Matthew                   10-04-1965   M     SINGLE
Mulberry       Pearlie         Mae                       11-16-1965   F     SINGLE
Munden         Georgie         Beaugard                  05-11-1965   F     WIDOWED
Murphy         Eugene          H                         02-09-1965   M     SINGLE
Murphy         John                                      02-18-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Murray         Lizzie          Mae                       07-31-1965   F     MARRIED
Murry          Mahala                                    04-23-1965   F     WIDOWED
Myers          Dana            Reginald                  09-10-1965   M     MARRIED
Myers          Joe             W                         06-04-1965   M     SINGLE
Nash           Steven          Scott                     01-17-1965   M     MARRIED
Nelson         Frank                                     03-22-1965   M     WIDOWED
Newman         Rosa                                      09-17-1965   F     SINGLE
Newton         Charles         F                         12-10-1965   M     WIDOWED
Nolen          Jeanette                                  01-15-1965   F     SINGLE
Noyes          Alvin           Peter                     10-10-1965   M     SINGLE
Obryan         Ophelia         Johnson                   05-13-1965   F     WIDOWED
Oconnor        Henry                                     11-20-1965   M     SINGLE
Odom           Cager           Morland                   12-19-1965   M     SINGLE
Odonnell       Hope            Agnes                     09-24-1965   F     MARRIED
Oliver         Irene                                     03-27-1965   F     SINGLE
Oney           Albert          Reese                     03-02-1965   M     WIDOWED
Orr            Leesa           Amanda                    09-01-1965   F     MARRIED
Owens          Homer           Elmer                     07-27-1965   M     SINGLE
Owens          Venson          Augustia                  01-30-1965   M     MARRIED
Pack           Minnie          Dickinson                 06-02-1965   F     WIDOWED
Palmer         Mary            Penelope                  12-04-1965   F     SINGLE
Parker         Florence        R                         08-08-1965   F     WIDOWED
Parker         Joseph          Hardy                     12-07-1965   M     WIDOWED
Partin         Aubrey          Doris                     03-18-1965   M     SINGLE
Patton         Aaron           Washington                06-15-1965   M     MARRIED
Payne          Mattie                                    05-15-1965   F     WIDOWED
Peace          Luther          Delbert                   09-11-1965   M     SINGLE
Peel           Samuel                                    11-05-1965   M     SINGLE
Pegues         Henry                          JR         02-04-1965   M     SINGLE
Perdue         Fannie          Mae                       05-26-1965   F     WIDOWED
Perkins        Fannie          Armanda                   11-05-1965   F     SINGLE
Perkins        James           Clifton                   06-26-1965   M     WIDOWED
Perry          Curtis                                    09-21-1965   M     SINGLE
Peters         Ruth                                      08-24-1965   F     SINGLE
Petty          Arvin           H                         08-01-1965   M     SINGLE
Phillips       Baker                                     07-31-1965   M     WIDOWED
Phillips       Barbara         Jean                      03-01-1965   F     SINGLE
Phillips       Dunn            P                         07-30-1965   M     SINGLE
Phillips       Erasus          R                         12-16-1965   M     WIDOWED
Pierce         Hulon           Lee                       10-19-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Pinkard        Albert                                    08-29-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Pippins        Nathaniel       P                         01-29-1965   M     MARRIED
Plummer        Lelia                                     02-07-1965   F     WIDOWED
Poe            Angerline                                 10-26-1965   F     WIDOWED
Poe            Hugh                                      08-28-1965   M     WIDOWED
Politoski      Joseph          Walter                    09-13-1965   M     SINGLE
Porcher        Birdie                                    07-30-1965   F     WIDOWED
Porcher        James           Edward                    06-20-1965   M     SINGLE
Portley        Lewis           Edward                    03-27-1965   M     MARRIED
Portley        Marie                                     12-27-1965   F     WIDOWED
Portley        Ollie                                     01-05-1965   F     WIDOWED
Preston        Lillie                                    10-31-1965   F     SINGLE
Preuit         Louis           Ruedolph                  07-31-1965   M     SINGLE
Price          Lucinda                                   11-16-1965   F     WIDOWED
Price          Russell         Moses                     04-22-1965   M     WIDOWED
Prince         Hallie          Owens                     06-12-1965   F     WIDOWED
Pruitt         James           Randell                   08-28-1965   M     MARRIED
Pyeatt         Joe             Ewing                     12-03-1965   M     SINGLE
Query          Tommie          Gladys                    01-09-1965   F     SINGLE
Quillin        Walter          Reuben                    10-02-1965   M     SINGLE
Rains          Barbara         Kaye                      12-25-1965   F     MARRIED
Raney          Byron           A                         06-01-1965   M     SINGLE
Reaney         Lillian         Irene                     02-19-1965   F     SINGLE
Rector         Kinnie          Davis                     03-04-1965   F     WIDOWED
Reeves         Floyd           Herman                    12-22-1965   M     MARRIED
Reid           Alvin           Gene                      04-10-1965   M     SINGLE
Rem            Lewis                                     01-10-1965   M     SINGLE
Reynolds       Hayden          Joseph                    02-11-1965   M     SINGLE
Rhoden         William         Otho                      02-25-1965   M     SINGLE
Rice           Margaret        Irene                     10-03-1965   F     WIDOWED
Richardson     Ardie           M                         04-16-1965   F     WIDOWED
Richardson     John            Victor                    04-03-1965   M     SINGLE
Richey         Kate            Bell                      01-16-1965   F     WIDOWED
Riddle         Alford          R                         08-27-1965   M     SINGLE
Riley          Alice                                     05-03-1965   F     WIDOWED
Roberson       Dave                                      04-29-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Roberson       Snobie                                    06-10-1965   F     SINGLE
Roberts        Eugene          Grady                     04-19-1965   M     SINGLE
Robertson      Bessie          Alice W                   12-19-1965   F     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Robertson      George          W                         10-01-1965   M     SINGLE
Robertson      Henry           Columbus                  07-27-1965   M     SINGLE
Robinson       Edwin           Andrew                    04-02-1965   M     MARRIED
Robinson       John            Calvin                    06-16-1965   M     SINGLE
Robinson       Nellie          B                         04-18-1965   F     SINGLE
Robinson       Rogger          Lee                       05-14-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Rodden         Dollie                                    09-17-1965   F     MARRIED
Roe            Vida            May                       10-21-1965   F     WIDOWED
Roever         Iva             Gertrude                  09-22-1965   F     SINGLE
Rogers         Burlie          Alton                     10-11-1965   M     SINGLE
Rogers         Harry           Trevor                    05-17-1965   M     SINGLE
Rosser         Sallie          Lena                      11-08-1965   F     WIDOWED
Rotondo        Daniel          Joseph                    06-10-1965   M     SINGLE
Roush          Russell         Clint                     08-28-1965   M     MARRIED
Rushing        Emma            Pauline                   01-21-1965   F     SINGLE
Ruxton         Robert          Lewis                     05-14-1965   M     SINGLE
Sakkan         Kwilke                                    12-17-1965   M     WIDOWED
Sanders        Oscar           L                         01-29-1965   M     SINGLE
Sanders        Pauline         G                         06-19-1965   F     SINGLE
Sanders        Robert                                    09-29-1965   M     WIDOWED
Sanford        Emma            Susan                     01-22-1965   F     WIDOWED
Sapp           Charles         Floyd                     03-27-1965   M     SINGLE
Satterwhite    Collier         G                         06-19-1965   M     SINGLE
Saulter        Rufus           Lee                       08-06-1965   M     SINGLE
Saxon          Charles         Basil                     12-02-1965   M     SINGLE
Schillings     Leota                                     12-23-1965   F     WIDOWED
Schuh          John            Peter                     06-12-1965   M     SINGLE
Schwarz        Herman          Phillip                   09-29-1965   M     SINGLE
Session        Roxy                                      10-26-1965   F     WIDOWED
Sharp          Alex            Ritchie                   07-08-1965   M     SINGLE
Sharp          Martha          Ann                       08-31-1965   F     SINGLE
Sharp          William         Atwell                    11-29-1965   M     SINGLE
Shaue          Golden                                    09-21-1965   M     SINGLE
Shaw           Arthur          Lois                      05-08-1965   M     SINGLE
Shaw           Colistia        Pearl                     09-10-1965   F     WIDOWED
Shaw           James                                     01-31-1965   M     WIDOWED
Sheffield      Lonzie                                    11-30-1965   M     SINGLE
Sheffield      Poly                                      01-24-1965   F     WIDOWED
Shipp          Opal            Frances                   11-29-1965   F     MARRIED
Sifrit         Donna           Joann                     04-01-1965   F     MARRIED
Silvey         Helen           Elizabeth                 07-19-1965   F     SINGLE
Sims           Susan           Alice                     05-10-1965   F     WIDOWED
Skinner        Vickie          Ranee                     11-24-1965   F     MARRIED
Slaughter      George                                    01-13-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Small          David           Michael                   03-18-1965   M     MARRIED
Smalley        Clarence        M                         09-24-1965   M     SINGLE
Smelley        Emma            Idella                    04-24-1965   F     WIDOWED
Smiley         Emma            B                         11-20-1965   F     WIDOWED
Smith          George          Oliver                    12-16-1965   M     SINGLE
Smith          Susie           Mae                       12-16-1965   F     WIDOWED
Smith          Velma                                     06-19-1965   F     WIDOWED
Smith          Willie                                    09-16-1965   M     SINGLE
Sorey          Mary            Cornelia                  03-14-1965   F     WIDOWED
South          Lloyd           Kemblin                   06-27-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Sparks         Robert          Issac                     06-10-1965   M     SINGLE
Spear          John            Margene                   06-24-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Spear          May             Ella                      06-15-1965   F     WIDOWED
Stapleton      Kenneth         Earl                      12-23-1965   M     SINGLE
Starr          Mollie                                    04-17-1965   F     WIDOWED
Staten         Marvin                                    05-07-1965   M     SINGLE
Stephens       Jesse           Lee                       03-17-1965   M     SINGLE
Stephens       Robert          Manning                   05-08-1965   M     SINGLE
Stevens        John            Monroe                    09-14-1965   M     WIDOWED
Stewart        Alonza          Oscar                     05-23-1965   M     SINGLE
Stewart        John            Harry                     12-02-1965   M     SINGLE
Stokley        Mack            Henry                     09-04-1965   M     WIDOWED
Stroud         Tracey                                    07-23-1965   F     MARRIED
Summers        Mary            Dove                      10-28-1965   F     WIDOWED
Swain          Thelma          Hunter                    03-06-1965   F     SINGLE
Talley         Fred            C                         12-10-1965   M     SINGLE
Talley         Robert          Marvin                    10-06-1965   M     SINGLE
Taylor         Major                                     06-15-1965   M     SINGLE
Teel           William         Floyd                     06-17-1965   M     WIDOWED
Tennison       Le Arnnettia    C                         09-07-1965   F     MARRIED
Tennison       Mary            Joe                       03-04-1965   F     MARRIED
Terrell        Issac           Henry                     11-26-1965   M     WIDOWED
Terrell        William         Hughes                    07-06-1965   M     SINGLE
Thomas         Archie                                    06-29-1965   M     WIDOWED
Thomas         Clarie                                    03-21-1965   F     MARRIED
Thomas         Francis         Stanley                   10-12-1965   M     SINGLE
Thomas         Jess            Carl                      05-13-1965   M     SINGLE
Thomas         Minnie          Pearl                     08-07-1965   F     MARRIED
Thompson       Ada                                       07-20-1965   F     WIDOWED
Thompson       Homer           Lee                       04-21-1965   M     SINGLE
Thompson       Warren          Herbin                    07-02-1965   M     WIDOWED
Thornton       Maurine                                   10-29-1965   F     SINGLE
Threadgill     James           Hezzie                    02-07-1965   M     SINGLE
Timms          Daisy                                     06-24-1965   F     WIDOWED
Tittle         Lemuel          Craig          JR         04-05-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Tolbert        Vester          Ann                       03-02-1965   F     MARRIED
Toney          Robert          Lee                       12-16-1965   M     SINGLE
Toon           Sarah           Alice                     10-19-1965   F     WIDOWED
Torry          Charles         Lee                       11-13-1965   M     MARRIED
Tramble        Nettie          Jean                      01-04-1965   F     MARRIED
Trapp          Isa             Ivalee                    05-29-1965   F     WIDOWED
Trippe         Eloise          Bilbrey                   09-27-1965   F     WIDOWED
Troth          Nona            Mildred                   10-02-1965   F     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Troxel         Beulah                                    10-13-1965   F     SINGLE
Tubbs          Walter          Ray                       11-21-1965   M     SINGLE
Tullos         Alice           O                         04-02-1965   F     WIDOWED
Turner         Fannie          Mae                       05-11-1965   F     WIDOWED
Turner         Gussie          Mae                       02-21-1965   F     WIDOWED
Vance          Flossie         Mae                       05-28-1965   F     SINGLE
Vardeman       Archie                                    08-01-1965   M     SINGLE
Venn           James           Elmer                     10-20-1965   M     SINGLE
Waits          Annie           Mae                       02-27-1965   F     WIDOWED
Waldon         Wildie                                    07-11-1965   M     MARRIED
Walker         C               E                         12-18-1965   M     SINGLE
Walker         Lodis                                     07-22-1965   M     MARRIED
Wallace        Eddie           Jack                      10-30-1965   M     SINGLE
Wallace        Joe                                       06-19-1965   M     WIDOWED
Wallace        Loda            Chalmer                   01-01-1965   M     SINGLE
Wallace        Ruby            Edeline                   10-09-1965   F     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Walters        Herbert         Moses                     07-11-1965   M     SINGLE
Walters        Minnie          Elizabeth                 10-06-1965   F     MARRIED
Ward           Orvel           Amos                      05-27-1965   M     SINGLE
Ware           Bonnie          Bess                      09-20-1965   F     MARRIED
Ware           Leslie                                    11-23-1965   F     MARRIED
Warr           Alma            Nannie                    11-13-1965   F     SINGLE
Watson         Hugh                                      09-24-1965   M     SINGLE
Watts          Edna            Addie Lee                 07-01-1965   F     WIDOWED
Watts          Elma            Wilson                    03-16-1965   F     WIDOWED
Weant          Myrl            Redfield                  08-16-1965   M     SINGLE
Weatherford    Jim             Arnold                    07-05-1965   M     SINGLE
Webb           Carey           Edward                    09-21-1965   M     SINGLE
Webb           Jamison         Evans                     10-10-1965   M     SINGLE
Webb           Lavina                                    01-16-1965   F     SINGLE
Webb           Lorene                                    11-06-1965   F     WIDOWED
Welch          Arnie           Reginald                  11-15-1965   M     SINGLE
Wendland       Julius          C               JR        12-03-1965   M     WIDOWED
West           Daisy           Ann                       05-21-1965   F     WIDOWED
Whaley         James           Edward                    12-09-1965   M     SINGLE
Wheeler        Mattie          P                         11-10-1965   F     WIDOWED
Whitaker       Joe             Lee                       12-24-1965   M     SINGLE
Whitaker       Sarah                                     05-15-1965   F     WIDOWED
White          Catherine       Ann                       10-15-1965   F     MARRIED
White          Irene                                     11-01-1965   F     MARRIED
White          Laura           Edith                     09-21-1965   F     SINGLE
White          Rufus           Petty                     07-11-1965   M     SINGLE
Whitten        Alice           Bernice                   03-22-1965   F     WIDOWED
Whitworth      Grady           Milburn                   12-14-1965   M     MARRIED
Wilkinson      Henry           Thurston                  05-31-1965   M     SINGLE
Williams       Charles         M                         12-14-1965   M     SINGLE
Williams       Charles         Ray                       11-20-1965   M     MARRIED
Williams       Cora            York                      02-15-1965   F     SINGLE
Williams       F               W                         04-07-1965   M     SINGLE
Williams       Fred                                      02-04-1965   M     WIDOWED
Williams       Fred            Dewitt                    07-16-1965   M     SEPAR/DIVORCED
Williams       Herbert         Lee                       05-07-1965   M     SINGLE
Williams       John            Henry                     07-01-1965   M     SINGLE
Williams       Lafreeman                                 10-02-1965   M     MARRIED
Williams       Lee             Arthur                    12-06-1965   M     SINGLE
Williams       Leona           Josephin                  06-29-1965   F     WIDOWED
Williams       Lucille         Ruth                      03-23-1965   F     SINGLE
Williams       Mary            Ardoin                    01-21-1965   F     WIDOWED
Williamson     Robert          H               JR        12-08-1965   M     SINGLE
Wilson         Gene            Edward                    04-09-1965   M     SINGLE
Wilson         Icie            Bell                      08-29-1965   F     WIDOWED
Wilson         Lidia           Maude                     02-16-1965   F     WIDOWED
Winn           Clyde           Searcy                    11-29-1965   F     SINGLE
Wood           Willie          Mae                       09-25-1965   F     SINGLE
Woodall        Ira             David                     05-19-1965   M     SINGLE
Woodberry      Samuel          L                         01-01-1965   M     SINGLE
Woods          Johnnie                                   08-25-1965   M     SINGLE
Woolridge      Ollie           Mae                       12-25-1965   F     WIDOWED
Wooten         Dollie          Bussey                    02-21-1965   F     WIDOWED
Word           George          Henry          JR         03-29-1965   M     SINGLE
Wyatt          Mary            Alzarah                   06-10-1965   F     WIDOWED
Yarbrough      Lemon           Holloway                  09-16-1965   M     SINGLE
Young          Boyd            R                         05-09-1965   M     SINGLE


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