1964 Gregg County Deaths
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1964 Deaths

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Last Name       First Name      Middle Name            Date            Sex     Marriage Status
Aber            Charles         Robert                 08-20-1964      M       MARRIED
Abney           William         Marvin                 05-14-1964      M       SINGLE
Adams           Laura           Ann                    12-10-1964      F       WIDOWED
Adamson         John            Edwards                07-04-1964      M       SINGLE
Addington       Frank           Neuton                 02-04-1964      M       SINGLE
Allen           Andrew          Orvis                  02-25-1964      M       SINGLE
Allen           Ira             Harold                 02-17-1964      M       SINGLE
Allen           James                                  06-02-1964      M       SINGLE
Allen           Jim                                    01-13-1964      M       SINGLE
Allen           William         Edwin                  12-25-1964      M       SINGLE
Alston          Elba            Mae                    10-20-1964      F       MARRIED
Anderson        Carl                                   07-14-1964      M       WIDOWED
Anderson        J               C                      11-24-1964      M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Anderson        Lee             Andrew                 01-18-1964      M       MARRIED
Andrews         Lynda           Lee                    12-10-1964      F       MARRIED
Armand          George          Edward                 04-27-1964      M       SINGLE
Arnold          Louisana        Ringer                 11-19-1964      F       WIDOWED
Arnold          Minnie          Tipps                  03-01-1964      F       WIDOWED
Arthur          Myrtle                                 02-07-1964      F       WIDOWED
Atchison        Chester         Austin                 02-06-1964      M       SINGLE
Axtell          Virginia                               12-01-1964      F       WIDOWED
Baggett         Boney                                  12-25-1964      M       SINGLE
Baggett         Vernon          Riley                  01-15-1964      M       SINGLE
Bagwell         Stella          Goforth                08-14-1964      F       WIDOWED
Bailey          Bessie          Pearl                  05-24-1964      F       SINGLE
Bailey          Edmond                                 07-09-1964      M       SINGLE
Bailey          Oscar           Warren          JR     07-19-1964      M       MARRIED
Bailey          Walter          Asa                    09-08-1964      M       WIDOWED
Baker           Alvin           Clark                  01-08-1964      M       SINGLE
Baker           Eva             Shrilda                04-19-1964      F       SINGLE
Baker           Roy             Nathaniel              11-15-1964      M       SINGLE
Bales           Dorothy         Reeh                   08-16-1964      F       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Ballard         Dewitt          W                      06-09-1964      M       SINGLE
Bamburg         James           Hardy                  04-27-1964      M       SINGLE
Barnard         Maggie          Welch                  07-03-1964      F       WIDOWED
Barton          William         Henry                  09-07-1964      M       SINGLE
Baucum          Pearl                                  11-21-1964      F       SINGLE
Baxter          William         Wilson         SR      12-24-1964      M       WIDOWED
Bayless         John            Pink                   08-10-1964      M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Bearden         Prince          Albert                 05-13-1964      M       SINGLE
Beasley         Cherry                                 07-14-1964      F       MARRIED
Beaty           James           Franklin               12-21-1964      M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Bechtold        Daisy                                  11-07-1964      F       WIDOWED
Bechtold        Hollins         Fred                   05-05-1964      M       WIDOWED
Beckworth       Minnie          Pearl                  08-06-1964      F       SINGLE
Beckworth       Otis            Jefferson              10-02-1964      M       WIDOWED
Bell            Burnner                                10-29-1964      M       MARRIED
Bell            Cora                                   04-04-1964      F       WIDOWED
Bell            Martha          M                      07-10-1964      F       WIDOWED
Berger          Carl            William                05-07-1964      M       SINGLE
Billington      Louis           Monroe                 09-14-1964      M       SINGLE
Birdsong        E               X                      12-31-1964      M       SINGLE
Blackman        Billy           Joe                    05-04-1964      M       MARRIED
Blackmon        Cleo            Patra                  03-21-1964      F       WIDOWED
Blair           Benja           Lee                    08-22-1964      F       SINGLE
Blalock         Delia                                  03-02-1964      F       WIDOWED
Blalock         Paul            Peffer                 09-24-1964      M       SINGLE
Blalock         Reuben          Austin                 12-15-1964      M       SINGLE
Blomberg        Zepha           Mae                    02-06-1964      F       WIDOWED
Bodenheim       Sydney          A                      11-20-1964      M       WIDOWED
Bogue           Hubert          Dean                   12-16-1964      M       SINGLE
Bolling         Johnnie         Leon                   09-26-1964      M       SINGLE
Bosma           Ludwig          Herman                 11-15-1964      M       MARRIED
Bowens          Mark            R                      04-05-1964      M       SINGLE
Bowie           Albirder                               11-20-1964      F       WIDOWED
Boyd            Grady  Mack                            06-01-1964      M       MARRIED
Bozman          James           Robert                 11-01-1964      M       WIDOWED
Bradford        Herman                                 07-30-1964      M       SINGLE
Bradford        Lorena          Mae                    10-10-1964      F       SINGLE
Bradley         Edna            M                      04-21-1964      F       SINGLE
Bradley         Lizzie          B                      09-15-1964      F       WIDOWED
Branch          Henry           Grady                  08-04-1964      M       WIDOWED
Brewer          Arthur          C                      03-09-1964      M       SINGLE
Bright          Donald          Evan                   03-01-1964      M       MARRIED
Brock           Addie           Dora                   07-15-1964      F       MARRIED
Brooks          Clara           Blum                   01-11-1964      F       WIDOWED
Brooks          Neal                                   07-22-1964      M       WIDOWED
Brown           Gladys          Jerline                07-13-1964      F       SINGLE
Brown           Narcissus                              10-02-1964      F       SINGLE
Brown           Sedonia                                11-11-1964      F       SINGLE
Brox            Sarah                                  12-06-1964      F       WIDOWED
Bryant          Mable           S                      10-23-1964      F       WIDOWED
Buchanan        Walter          Richard                01-27-1964      M       SINGLE
Buckner         Margaret        Susan                  05-06-1964      F       WIDOWED
Bullard         Abb                                    02-17-1964      M       SINGLE
Burgess         Teana           Marie                  12-15-1964      F       MARRIED
Burke           J               C                      07-04-1964      M       SINGLE
Burns           Charlie         Frank                  08-09-1964      M       SINGLE
Butts           James           Arthur         SR      12-18-1964      M       SINGLE
Buyher          Janet           Dawn                   12-25-1964      F       MARRIED
Cabaniss        George          E                      09-28-1964      M       SINGLE
Calhoun         William         B              SR      10-21-1964      M       SINGLE
Calloway        Otis            S                      02-04-1964      M       SINGLE
Campbell        Lula            Davis                  10-14-1964      F       WIDOWED
Campbell        Willie          Lee                    01-13-1964      M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Candler         James                                  11-27-1964      M       SINGLE
Carter          Lillian         Hope                   09-04-1964      F       SINGLE
Carter          Robert          Edgar                  06-23-1964      M       SINGLE
Casey           Mary            Mozelle                12-28-1964      F       SINGLE
Caskey          Gene            W            Inf Of    07-08-1964      M       MARRIED
Childers        Mary                                   10-14-1964      F       SINGLE
Chism           James           Floy                   12-09-1964      M       SINGLE
Choice          Arthur                                 06-16-1964      M       SINGLE
Christensen     Ervin           P                      11-05-1964      M       SINGLE
Christian       Lugenia                                07-15-1964      F       WIDOWED
Cippele         Alfred          Jean                   12-08-1964      M       SINGLE
Clary           Almer           Lee                    10-27-1964      M       MARRIED
Clinton         Maude           Rabe                   04-21-1964      F       WIDOWED
Clower          Joseph          Jewel                  10-23-1964      M       SINGLE
Cobb            Maude           E                      10-29-1964      F       WIDOWED
Cochran         Ollie           Mae                    04-04-1964      F       WIDOWED
Cockrill        T               J                      11-11-1964      M       SINGLE
Coghlan         John            Vincent                01-28-1964      M       SINGLE
Colbert         Albert                                 05-21-1964      M       SINGLE
Cole            Thomas          Edwin                  01-08-1964      M       SINGLE
Coleman         Cora                                   05-01-1964      F       WIDOWED
Coleman         Elizabeth       B                      03-22-1964      F       SINGLE
Coleman         Henry                                  07-29-1964      M       SINGLE
Collins         Dovie           Jane                   10-26-1964      F       WIDOWED
Condray         Gary            Wayne                  11-14-1964      M       MARRIED
Connally        Inez                                   06-25-1964      F       SINGLE
Connor          Ruford          Carl                   09-22-1964      M       SINGLE
Cook            Lizzie          B                      03-01-1964      F       SINGLE
Cooper          Thomas          C                      01-14-1964      M       WIDOWED
Copeland        Beulah          Viola                  01-22-1964      F       SINGLE
Corbell         Earl            Albert                 10-29-1964      M       SINGLE
Cotton          Lucy            A                      06-08-1964      F       SINGLE
Cox             Jesse           Joseph                 02-13-1964      M       SINGLE
Craig           W               C                      08-20-1964      M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Craven          Nettie                                 05-05-1964      F       WIDOWED
Crawford        Joe             Edward                 06-15-1964      M       SINGLE
Criner          Thomas          Earl                   09-18-1964      M       SINGLE
Crockett        Octavie                                10-10-1964      F       SINGLE
Croley          Thomas          Edgar                  12-22-1964      M       SINGLE
Cross           Susie                                  08-27-1964      F       WIDOWED
Crow            Alven           Burl                   10-05-1964      M       SINGLE
Crowder         Rickie          Dale                   10-05-1964      M       MARRIED
Crutcher        Cecil           Johnson                05-07-1964      M       SINGLE
Cuba            Wena            Faye                   09-28-1964      F       MARRIED
Cunningham      Basil           Rol                    06-12-1964      M       MARRIED
Currin          Doyle                                  04-14-1964      M       SINGLE
Curtis          Edna            Mae                    08-24-1964      F       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Dacy            Leonard         William                09-28-1964      M       SINGLE
Daniel          William         Alvin                  04-26-1964      M       SINGLE
Daniels         Aron                           JR      05-14-1964      M       WIDOWED
Daniels         Clifford                               11-02-1964      M       SINGLE
Daniels         Emma                                   01-15-1964      F       SINGLE
Davis           Alverta         Felicia                03-28-1964      F       SINGLE
Davis           Charlie                                03-26-1964      M       WIDOWED
Davis           Joan                                   08-12-1964      F       SINGLE
Davis           John            L                      01-03-1964      M       SINGLE
Davis           Lulua                                  12-24-1964      F       SINGLE
Davis           Luna                                   10-31-1964      F       WIDOWED
Davis           Ruth            Cullen                 08-07-1964      F       SINGLE
Davis           Tom             L                      02-27-1964      M       SINGLE
Davis           Walter          Wood                   10-22-1964      M       WIDOWED
Davis           William         Earl                   07-26-1964      M       SINGLE
Delay           James           Robert                 05-05-1964      M       WIDOWED
Dempsey         Carrie          Virginia               10-24-1964      F       SINGLE
Denowitz        Ben                                    10-22-1964      M       SINGLE
Deramus         James           Anderson               09-17-1964      M       SINGLE
Dexter          Chester         Noble                  06-13-1964      M       SINGLE
Dickard         Luke                                   09-03-1964      M       SINGLE
Dickson         George          William                06-23-1964      M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Dillon          William         Sheridan               04-12-1964      M       WIDOWED
Dodson          Melvin          L                      09-24-1964      M       SINGLE
Dollahite       James           Patrick                10-29-1964      M       MARRIED
Dorough         Golda           Faye                   01-15-1964      F       SINGLE
Dorris          Lonzo           Leslie                 08-05-1964      M       WIDOWED
Dorsey          Susan           Lee                    03-19-1964      F       MARRIED
Doub            Charles         Orville                08-26-1964      M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Drennan         Martha          Elizabeth              02-18-1964      F       SINGLE
Dubose          Lena            Bunch                  04-24-1964      F       SINGLE
Dudley          Mary                                   08-02-1964      F       WIDOWED
Duncan          Elsie           Lee                    04-15-1964      F       SINGLE
Eaton           Jimmie          Ethel                  06-22-1964      F       SINGLE
Echols          Alice           Virginia               10-19-1964      F       WIDOWED
Ector           George          Benton                 02-15-1964      M       MARRIED
Elkins          Ida             Cecelia                08-09-1964      F       SINGLE
Elliott         Carl                                   02-29-1964      M       SINGLE
Elliott         Joseph          Hudie                  01-09-1964      M       SINGLE
English         Nelwyn          Louise                 07-08-1964      F       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Enochs          Benjamin        Franklin               09-19-1964      M       WIDOWED
Epperson        Emma            Elizabeth              02-05-1964      F       WIDOWED
Eshleman        Lillie          B                      11-04-1964      F       WIDOWED
Estell          Helen           Evelyn                 04-24-1964      F       SINGLE
Estell          Thomas          Milton         SR      09-19-1964      M       WIDOWED
Evans           Luther          Henry                  12-31-1964      M       WIDOWED
Everett         Martha          Ann Jeter              01-11-1964      F       WIDOWED
Evers           Billy           Joe                    07-11-1964      M       SINGLE
Evers           Dewey           Herbert                06-06-1964      M       SINGLE
Ferrell         Richard         Austin                 05-08-1964      M       SINGLE
Fisk            Unora           Mae                    07-01-1964      F       SINGLE
Flagg           Ruby            S                      02-21-1964      F       WIDOWED
Flakes          Doris           J                      12-20-1964      F       SINGLE
Flanagan        Emmett          Camp                   01-12-1964      M       SINGLE
Fleming         Ivan            Preston                11-14-1964      M       SINGLE
Fleming         John            Welborne       JR      03-18-1964      M       SINGLE
Flowers         Lillie          Leona                  02-28-1964      F       WIDOWED
Folzenlogen     Michael         C              II      03-28-1964      M       MARRIED
Fomby           Carl            Horace                 04-07-1964      M       SINGLE
Fontenot        Elizabeth       Wyble                  10-28-1964      F       WIDOWED
Ford            George                                 04-21-1964      M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Ford            Jeff                           JR      01-03-1964      M       WIDOWED
Ford            Ruby            Lee                    02-20-1964      F       SINGLE
Fort            Randy           Lee                    02-17-1964      M       MARRIED
Fortson         Robert                                 08-10-1964      M       SINGLE
Foss            Maude           R                      01-07-1964      F       WIDOWED
Foster          Annie           Laura                  09-30-1964      F       SINGLE
Francesca       Dominic         Di                     09-16-1964      M       WIDOWED
Franklin        Cecil           L                      05-07-1964      M       MARRIED
Freeman         Dollie          Rae                    09-13-1964      M       SINGLE
French          Burley                                 04-06-1964      M       WIDOWED
Furqueron       Donald          Ray                    08-20-1964      M       SINGLE
Gage            Zelma           Estella                03-26-1964      F       SINGLE
Gamel           Ora             Frances                06-17-1964      F       SINGLE
Garrett         Arlee                                  06-29-1964      F       SINGLE
Garrett         David           L              SR      03-23-1964     M       SINGLE
Garrett         Eddie                                  01-02-1964      F       SINGLE
Garrison        Hugh            D                      04-29-1964      M       SINGLE
Gary            Earl            Thurmon        SR      02-02-1964      M       SINGLE
Geerdes         Garrett                                03-28-1964      M       SINGLE
Gentry          Lewis                                  11-28-1964      M       SINGLE
Gibson          Adam            Boyd                   05-08-1964      M       SINGLE
Gibson          Jewel                                  03-22-1964      F       WIDOWED
Gibson          Russell         Anthon                 12-23-1964      M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Gill            Velma           Marie                  11-29-1964      F       SINGLE
Glaspie         Clay                                   09-07-1964      M       SINGLE
Goin            Earl            W                      09-05-1964      M       SINGLE
Goodman         Nancy           Ann                    01-31-1964      F       WIDOWED
Goodwin         Louis           Judson                 08-06-1964      M       SINGLE
Goodwin         Willie          L                      04-22-1964      F       WIDOWED
Goolsby         Victoria        Dawn                   01-31-1964      F       MARRIED
Graham          Gus             Argalus                04-03-1964      M       SINGLE
Graham          Herbert         Artist                 01-30-1964      M       WIDOWED
Graham          James           Dent                   11-22-1964      M       SINGLE
Grant           Willie                                 07-01-1964      M       WIDOWED
Gray            Roberta                                07-06-1964      F       SINGLE
Green           Chester         Lemuel         JR      08-15-1964      M       MARRIED
Green           Lottie          Pepper                 11-15-1964      F       SINGLE
Green           Mickey          Loyd                   06-21-1964      M       MARRIED
Griffin         James           Phillip        JR      08-11-1964      M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Griffin         Maud                                   11-08-1964      F       MARRIED
Griffith        Bettie          C                      11-10-1964      F       WIDOWED
Grimes          Hattie          C                      06-29-1964      F       WIDOWED
Gunter          Sanford                                12-15-1964      M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Guthrie         Charlie         Severe                 07-28-1964      M       SINGLE
Hagler          Minnie                                 06-30-1964      F       WIDOWED
Hagler          Rue             Calvin                 10-27-1964      M       WIDOWED
Haines          Warren          Birdell                07-27-1964      M       WIDOWED
Hale            Margaret        Tigner                 02-15-1964      F       MARRIED
Hall            Billy           Gene                   01-05-1964      M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Hall            Ella            Hortense               05-29-1964      F       WIDOWED
Hall            Ras                                    06-29-1964      M       SINGLE
Hall            Richard         Claiborn               04-05-1964      M       WIDOWED
Hamilton        Pascal                                 10-07-1964      M       SINGLE
Hammond         Brenda          Jean                   01-30-1964      F       MARRIED
Hand            Maude           Kathrynne              11-22-1964      F       MARRIED
Hanson          Dressie                                03-15-1964      F       SINGLE
Hanson          Ilene                                  07-08-1964      F       MARRIED
Harber          Richard         Michael                03-17-1964      M       MARRIED
Hardeman        William         Alma                   12-26-1964      M       SINGLE
Hardnett        Aubrey                                 07-31-1964      M       WIDOWED
Harkness        Alice                                  08-14-1964      F       MARRIED
Harper          Wylie           Houston        JR      07-21-1964      M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Harris          Ingram          Evans                  07-24-1964      M       SINGLE
Harris          Johnnie                                05-29-1964      M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Harrison        Mozelle                                04-23-1964      F       WIDOWED
Hart            Floretta                               10-07-1964      F       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Hawkins         Julia                                  06-28-1964      F       WIDOWED
Hawkins         Nellie                                 12-15-1964      F       WIDOWED
Hayes           John                                   03-11-1964      M       WIDOWED
Hayes           M               L                      01-23-1964      M       WIDOWED
Hays            Elmer           W                      09-03-1964      M       SINGLE
Heaberlin       Ida             Bell                   01-21-1964      F       SINGLE
Headrick        Robert          Clarence               12-26-1964      M       SINGLE
Heard           Cora            Edna                   03-13-1964      F       SINGLE
Hedgpeth        Delmar          Charles                11-07-1964      M       SINGLE
Heidelberg      Ollie           George                 02-05-1964      M       SINGLE
Hemphill        Rosa            A                      08-31-1964      F       WIDOWED
Henderson       Bennie                                 12-09-1964      M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Henderson       Carl            Newton                 11-01-1964      M       MARRIED
Henderson       Lula            I                      07-08-1964      F       WIDOWED
Henderson       Mae             Etta                   01-21-1964      F       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Henderson       William         L              SR      06-21-1964      M       SINGLE
Hensarling      Kathy           Jean                   03-02-1964      F       MARRIED
Henson          Ruth            Frankie                05-30-1964      F       SINGLE
Herd            Allen           Fred                   09-21-1964      M       SINGLE
Hester          Narcissie                              12-30-1964      F       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Hibler          Robert                                 01-10-1964      M       SINGLE
Hicks           Costella        La Shell               11-08-1964      F       MARRIED
Hicks           Mary            Lilly May              10-12-1964      F       WIDOWED
Hill            Joseph          Arnold                 05-04-1964      M       SINGLE
Hinds           Isabel          Black                  01-25-1964      F       WIDOWED
Holcomb         Jack            Elisha                 05-24-1964      M       MARRIED
Holland         Mellon          Neal                   12-03-1964      M       SINGLE
Holland         Thomas          H                      07-19-1964      M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Holomon         Randel                                 09-27-1964      M       WIDOWED
Holt            Ada             Lee                    12-22-1964      F       WIDOWED
Honig           O               C                      08-27-1964      M       SINGLE
Hooper          Corean          Clayton                08-21-1964      F       WIDOWED
Hooper          Lizzie                                 01-16-1964      F       WIDOWED
Hopson          Lillie          Bell                   05-01-1964      F       WIDOWED
Horton          Dock                                   05-11-1964      M       SINGLE
Houston         Cynthia         Connally               11-18-1964      F       SINGLE
Howard          Byron           Laburt                 10-27-1964      M       SINGLE
Howard          Florence        Lewis                  06-16-1964      F       SINGLE
Howard          Lillian         Martin                 05-06-1964      F       WIDOWED
Howell          Mary            Mather                 07-27-1964      F       SINGLE
Hoyt            Charlie                                10-04-1964      M       SINGLE
Hubartt         Alonza          Firman                 11-01-1964      M       WIDOWED
Huckeba         James           Roland                 07-26-1964      M       SINGLE
Hughes          Jackie          Ann                    09-03-1964      F       MARRIED
Hughey          Thomas          Ace                    11-09-1964      M       WIDOWED
Humbird         Miranda         Francis                08-05-1964      F       WIDOWED
Hunt            Grover          Wesley                 02-22-1964      M       SINGLE
Hunter          Herbert                                05-02-1964      M       SINGLE
Hurd            Callie                                 09-13-1964      F       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Hutchison       Lawton          H                      10-29-1964      M       SINGLE
Hymer           Emily           Zelma                  11-25-1964      F       WIDOWED
Ingram          Jewel           Faye                   09-02-1964      F       SINGLE
Irwin           Addie           Marie                  12-05-1964      F       SINGLE
Ivan            Gustave         Ertle                  09-02-1964      M       SINGLE
Jackson         Alma            Lee                    12-28-1964      F       WIDOWED
Jackson         Cindy                                  08-19-1964      F       MARRIED
Jackson         Donnie                                 02-01-1964      F       WIDOWED
Jackson         Phillip         Owen                   05-21-1964      M       SINGLE
Jackson         Sarah                                  08-16-1964      F       WIDOWED
Jackson         Stacy                                  08-19-1964      F       MARRIED
James           Jenny           Zeffa                  08-25-1964      F       WIDOWED
Jenkins         Martha          Lee                    03-10-1964      F       WIDOWED
Jennings        Gene                                   09-22-1964      M       MARRIED
Jimerson        Mattie                                 02-27-1964      F       WIDOWED
Johns           Virgie                                 06-12-1964      F       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Johnson         Brady           Byron          JR      05-10-1964      M       SINGLE
Johnson         Emmitt          George                 10-28-1964      M       SINGLE
Johnson         Gilbert         Paul                   06-30-1964      M       SINGLE
Johnson         Hallie                                 08-24-1964      M       SINGLE
Johnson         Harold          Eugene                 07-06-1964      M       SINGLE
Johnson         Lettie          Leora                  12-10-1964      F       SINGLE
Johnson         Lula                                   10-18-1964      F       SINGLE
Johnson         Martha          Elizabeth              07-21-1964      F       WIDOWED
Johnson         Robert          Lee                    11-18-1964      M       SINGLE
Johnston        James           Luthur                 12-07-1964      M       SINGLE
Johnston        Wilbur                                 08-11-1964      M       SINGLE
Jolley          Harvey          Graham                 10-31-1964      M       SINGLE
Jones           Almarie                                09-06-1964      F       SINGLE
Jones           Earl            Coy                    10-18-1964      M       SINGLE
Jones           Ima             Elizabeth              06-17-1964      F       SINGLE
Jones           Jesse           Nolan                  11-08-1964      M       SINGLE
Jones           John            Williamson             11-08-1964      M       WIDOWED
Jones           Mary            Dee                    04-06-1964      F       WIDOWED
Jones           Orlo            Glenn                  02-02-1964      M       SINGLE
Jones           Robert          Monroe                 10-28-1964      M       SINGLE
Jones           Rosa            D                      02-04-1964      F       WIDOWED
Jones           Wilson          Bradley                11-10-1964      M       SINGLE
Jordan          Homer           Bryant                 03-06-1964      M       SINGLE
Joslin          James           Lloyd                  03-19-1964      M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Kates           Harry                                  11-26-1964      M       SINGLE
Kay             Mae             Agnes                  04-17-1964      F       WIDOWED
Keeling         Horace          W              III     09-15-1964      M       MARRIED
Kelley          John            Noble                  05-01-1964      M       SINGLE
Kelly           John            Davis                  09-28-1964      M       SINGLE
Kennedy         L               D                      05-25-1964      M       WIDOWED
Key             Amanda                                 12-24-1964      F       SINGLE
Killingsworth   Myrtle          K                      09-02-1964      F       SINGLE
Killingsworth   Viola                                  01-08-1964      F       WIDOWED
King            Asia            A                      02-18-1964      M       SINGLE
King            Bryant                                 01-05-1964      M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
King            Elvin                                  12-05-1964      M       SINGLE
King            Lee             Roy         Inf Of     03-16-1964      F       MARRIED
King            Lee             Roy         Inf Of     03-16-1964      F       MARRIED
King            Oce             K                      01-29-1964      M       SINGLE
Kopel           Philip                                 08-27-1964      M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Kraus           Susan           Rene                   03-03-1964      F       MARRIED
Kuykendall      Tom                                    02-11-1964      M       SINGLE
Lamb            Larry           Stevenson              09-09-1964      M       SINGLE
Laminack        Noah            F                      08-16-1964      M       SINGLE
Landrum         Ben             Ager                   07-02-1964      M       SINGLE
Landrum         Mary            Madge Lyne             10-03-1964      F       SINGLE
Landrum         William         Wade                   12-11-1964      M       WIDOWED
Langford        Katie           Florence               04-23-1964      F       WIDOWED
Larue           Ella            E                      01-01-1964      F       WIDOWED
Lassiter        Corinne         Bessie                 07-30-1964      F       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Lasyone         Curtis          Lee                    02-28-1964      M       MARRIED
Lawson          Earl            Edward                 12-26-1964      M       SINGLE
Leazar          John            Everette               10-12-1964      M       SINGLE
Lee             Claud           A Lee                  06-30-1964      M       SINGLE
Lee             Claude          Wayne                  02-14-1964      M       SINGLE
Leggett         Cora            Lee                    09-06-1964      F       WIDOWED
Leigh           Will                                   06-03-1964      M       WIDOWED
Lemicy          Mae             Alice                  11-23-1964      F       MARRIED
Liebholdt       Ethel                                  02-11-1964      F       SINGLE
Lillard         Nell                                   05-30-1964      F       SINGLE
Lipscomb        Laura           Manear                 06-30-1964      F       WIDOWED
Little          Judith          Arlyne                 05-04-1964      F       MARRIED
Locker          Monroe          Lewis                  03-28-1964      M       SINGLE
Logan           Kate                                   05-22-1964      F       SINGLE
London          Willie          Mae                    04-26-1964      F       SINGLE
Lyle            Donald                                 06-17-1964      M       MARRIED
Macklin         Ervin           Donald                 10-14-1964      M       SINGLE
Madding         Lula            May                    06-21-1964      F       WIDOWED
Mahon           Ada             Francis                11-27-1964      F       WIDOWED
Malone          Richard                                02-14-1964      M       SINGLE
Mandigo         Charles         J                      06-11-1964      M       SINGLE
Marks           Albert          Greer                  02-15-1964      M       SINGLE
Martin          Henry           Clay                   09-24-1964      M       SINGLE
Martin          John            Weldon                 10-08-1964      M       SINGLE
Matragas        John            Demetrius              01-13-1964      M       SINGLE
May             Mary            Elizabeth              01-12-1964      F       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Maye            Sam             Hiller                 06-13-1964      M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Mcafee          Nancy           Ann                    03-22-1964      F       SINGLE
Mcalexander     Etta            Eulala                 01-12-1964      F       SINGLE
Mccann          Emma            Elizabeth              01-12-1964      F       SINGLE
Mccann          George          E                      07-27-1964      M       WIDOWED
Mccanne         James           Fredrick               10-05-1964      M       SINGLE
Mccollum        Levonia         Roxy                   12-16-1964      F       WIDOWED
Mcduff          George          Woodston               09-09-1964      M       SINGLE
Mcentire        Dollie                                 06-17-1964      F       WIDOWED
Mcgee           Margaret        L                      04-24-1964      F       WIDOWED
Mcgee           Margaret        May                    05-14-1964      F       SINGLE
Mckeever        Jessie          James                  02-10-1964      M       WIDOWED
Mcpherson       Kittie          Lou                    04-05-1964      F       SINGLE
Mcpherson       Laura           Carroll                11-26-1964      F       WIDOWED
Mcqueen         Wilmer          Douglas                09-23-1964      M       SINGLE
Meadows         Virginia        Darie                  02-14-1964      M       SINGLE
Mears           Daisy           A                      08-11-1964      F       SINGLE
Medlock         Lula                                   09-14-1964      F       SINGLE
Melton          Lucille                                02-15-1964      F       SINGLE
Melvin          Robert          Odell                  02-29-1964      M       SINGLE
Milburn         Eleanor                                09-22-1964      F       WIDOWED
Miller          Albert          Francis                09-30-1964      M       SINGLE
Miller          King            Barton         JR      12-17-1964      M       MARRIED
Miller          Manuel          Guy                    09-21-1964      M       SINGLE
Miller          William                                07-09-1964      M       WIDOWED
Milton          Lee             A                      01-04-1964      M       SINGLE
Minter          Vernon          Pleas                  08-17-1964      M       SINGLE
Mitchell        Ruth            A                      07-24-1964      F       WIDOWED
Monday          Lucy            Clara                  11-14-1964      F       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Monday          Ray             Leon                   12-07-1964      M       SINGLE
Montgomery      Robert                                 12-11-1964      M       MARRIED
Moore           Charles         Calhoun                10-13-1964      M       SINGLE
Moore           Ida             Belle                  10-22-1964      F       SINGLE
Moore           Josephine       Lorraine               02-04-1964      F       SINGLE
Moore           Marcell         F                      06-16-1964      M       MARRIED
Moore           Sammie                                 04-01-1964      M       WIDOWED
Morris          Beulah          Lawrence               01-30-1964      F       WIDOWED
Morrow          Arch                                   07-14-1964      M       SINGLE
Moses           Jackson         Lee                    07-03-1964      M       SINGLE
Myers           Belva           Ann                    12-02-1964      F       SINGLE
Myers           Mable           H                      06-22-1964      F       SINGLE
Neal            Abe                                    01-04-1964      M       WIDOWED
Neals           Louisa          Johnson                08-03-1964      F       WIDOWED
Nelson          Mary            Agnes                  03-03-1964      F       WIDOWED
Newhouse        Zelma           Mae                    05-19-1964      F       WIDOWED
Newman          Johnnie         Ottie                  12-13-1964      M       SINGLE
Newsome         Oscar                                  02-07-1964      M       SINGLE
Nix             Deller          Virginia               08-23-1964      F       WIDOWED
Nix             Tony                                   06-08-1964      M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Nixon           Clay                                   02-27-1964      M       MARRIED
Nixon           Williams        Edward                 08-16-1964      M       SINGLE
Nobles          Jessica         W                      12-31-1964      F       MARRIED
Norris          Dorris          Mae                    08-14-1964      F       SINGLE
Norwood         William         G                      10-16-1964      M       SINGLE
Orange          Edward          C                      01-20-1964      M       MARRIED
Orange          John            R                      06-01-1964      M       SINGLE
Ormes           Joseph          William                12-27-1964      M       WIDOWED
Owens           Stellar                                12-15-1964      F       WIDOWED
Palmer          Susan           Arizona                02-27-1964      F       WIDOWED
Parker          Mary            Emma                   06-27-1964      F       WIDOWED
Parthemore      Martin          R                      04-16-1964      M       MARRIED
Patrick         Artincie                               05-05-1964      F       WIDOWED
Patrick         Benjamin        Linus                  02-08-1964      M       SINGLE
Patton          Thaddis         Louis                  03-05-1964      M       MARRIED
Penick          Thomas          Henry                  06-09-1964      M       WIDOWED
Penington       Minnie          Alice                  11-24-1964      F       SINGLE
Perkins         Deany           Wade                   12-09-1964      M       SINGLE
Perry           Carlton         Othell                 07-30-1964      M       SINGLE
Perry           Mildred         Jeney                  03-22-1964      F       WIDOWED
Peters          Mary            Jane                   04-18-1964      F       SINGLE
Peters          Minnie                                 11-14-1964      F       WIDOWED
Peterson        Jack                                   08-27-1964      M       SINGLE
Pettey          Laura           Alice                  06-26-1964      F       SINGLE
Petty           Mary            Catherine              10-27-1964      F       WIDOWED
Phillips        Hattie                                 09-23-1964      F       SINGLE
Pierce          Homer                          SR      03-20-1964      M       SINGLE
Pierson         Clarence        Henry                  11-29-1964      M       SINGLE
Poe             Jessie          Specks                 10-18-1964      F       SINGLE
Pollard         Ethel           Dow                    05-28-1964      F       MARRIED
Poole           William         David                  10-11-1964      M       SINGLE
Poston          Rubin           Rogers                 10-12-1964      M       SINGLE
Powe            William         Meador                 12-20-1964      M       MARRIED
Powell          Horace                                 08-20-1964      M       SINGLE
Powell          Joe                            JR      09-30-1964      M       SINGLE
Pratt           Carrie          Zachry                 05-02-1964      F       SINGLE
Pratt           Cecil           O                      10-23-1964      M       WIDOWED
Price           Richard         H                      02-03-1964      M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Pruitt          Jacqueline                             09-04-1964      F       MARRIED
Quick           Edith           Hyatt                  07-04-1964      F       WIDOWED
Ragan           Alice           Elaine                 05-17-1964      F       MARRIED
Ragle           Lurenah         Lee W                  08-02-1964      F       WIDOWED
Ramey           Bessie          Mae                    03-22-1964      F       MARRIED
Ramsey          James           Sydney                 01-10-1964      M       SINGLE
Randall         Robert                                 02-20-1964      M       SINGLE
Randolph        Kate            Elizabeth              09-21-1964      F       WIDOWED
Ray             Charles         Rolon                  08-24-1964      M       SINGLE
Ray             Ira             Noel                   11-25-1964      M       MARRIED
Ray             Myrtle          Effie                  02-04-1964      F       SINGLE
Ready           J               P                      11-07-1964      M       SINGLE
Reagans         Theopheous      H                      07-07-1964      M       SINGLE
Reed            Josie           Lorene                 12-17-1964      F       SINGLE
Reed            William         Rastus                 02-23-1964      M       SINGLE
Reel            Ivan            Kenneth                02-04-1964      M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Reel            Joseph          Alonza                 10-29-1964      M       SINGLE
Register        Beulah                                 11-24-1964      F       SINGLE
Reich           Mary            Alice                  07-09-1964      F       WIDOWED
Reid            Daniel          Earl                   08-01-1964      M       SINGLE
Reynolds        Donald          Lee                    10-25-1964      M       SINGLE
Rich            Annie           Mae                    03-25-1964      F       SINGLE
Richard         Johnnie         Mae                    04-02-1964      F       WIDOWED
Richkie         Louis                                  05-04-1964      M       WIDOWED
Riddle          Charles         Albert                 09-12-1964      M       SINGLE
Rider           Willie                                 06-30-1964      M       MARRIED
Roberson        Henry           Lee                    04-15-1964      F       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Roberts         Beverly         Diane                  11-12-1964      F       MARRIED
Robinson        Ruby            Mae                    08-08-1964      F       SINGLE
Rogers          Harle           Bennett                08-18-1964      M       SINGLE
Rogers          Samuel          Arthur                 03-08-1964      M       WIDOWED
Ross            Alton                                  09-23-1964      M       SINGLE
Ross            Herman          Everett                01-12-1964      M       SINGLE
Ross            Osia            Albert                 09-14-1964      M       SINGLE
Rowell          Joy             Nell                   09-21-1964      F       SINGLE
Rowland         Maude           Mae                    02-03-1964      F       WIDOWED
Russell         Allie           Mae                    03-27-1964      F       MARRIED
Salmon          James           William                06-14-1964      M       SINGLE
Sandall         Carl            Oscar                  07-17-1964      M       SINGLE
Sanders         James                         Inf Of   09-08-1964      M       MARRIED
Sanders         Mattie          M                      08-26-1964      F       WIDOWED
Sanders         Utee                                   02-24-1964      F       SINGLE
Scarborough     Samuel          Newt                   09-02-1964      M       WIDOWED
Schriver        Mary            Louise                 01-07-1964      F       SINGLE
Scott           Fleetwood                              02-17-1964      M       SINGLE
Scott           Grover          C                      04-19-1964      M       SINGLE
Scott           Martha          E                      01-19-1964      F       SINGLE
Scroggin        Richard         D                      02-07-1964      M       SINGLE
Searcy          James           Clearon                07-30-1964      M       SINGLE
Session         Kilpatrick                             08-12-1964      M       MARRIED
Shanks          Jean            B                      08-27-1964      F       SINGLE
Sharp           George          William                11-02-1964      M       SINGLE
Shaw            Julius          Graham                 07-03-1964      M       SINGLE
Shelton         Jack            Emson                  10-29-1964      M       MARRIED
Sheppard        Mildred         Delois                 07-18-1964      F       SINGLE
Sherron         Martha                                 10-15-1964      F       WIDOWED
Shields         Harvey          Anderson               06-25-1964      M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Shoults         Nannie          Hays                   10-17-1964      F       WIDOWED
Shuttlesworth   Lora            Lee                    08-07-1964      F       WIDOWED
Sikes           Charles         Cecil                  01-17-1964      M       WIDOWED
Sikes           Guynell         Standley               02-14-1964      F       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Simon           Curtis                                 03-28-1964      M       SINGLE
Sims            Annie           Laurie                 10-22-1964      F       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Singletary      Porter                                 01-06-1964      M       SINGLE
Skinner         Rochelle        Denise                 01-10-1964      F       MARRIED
Smith           Charles         Ferguson               04-08-1964      M       SINGLE
Smith           James           Seaton                 06-07-1964      M       SINGLE
Smith           Joel            Humphrey               06-16-1964      M       SINGLE
Smith           Julius                                 04-29-1964      M       SINGLE
Smith           Mackie                                 11-02-1964      F       WIDOWED
Smith           Maude           Lillus                 05-29-1964      F       SINGLE
Smith           Peter           Clark                  01-10-1964      M       SINGLE
Smith           Phillip         Byron                  04-09-1964      M       SINGLE
Smith           Richard                                02-29-1964      M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Smith           Robert          Raleigh W              10-11-1964      M       SINGLE
Smith           Rodney          E                      04-08-1964      M       SINGLE
Smith           Thear           Erma                   05-16-1964      F       SINGLE
Smith           Vard                                   08-20-1964      M       SINGLE
Sneller         Dollie                                 04-01-1964      F       WIDOWED
Sparks          John            W                      05-29-1964      M       MARRIED
Spear           Winnie          Mae Walker             12-19-1964      F       WIDOWED
Spindell        Florine         Cecil                  02-17-1964      F       SINGLE
Spraggins       William         I                      04-27-1964      M       SINGLE
Staerker        Bessie          Walker                 04-02-1964      F       WIDOWED
Starks          Florence                               11-02-1964      F       WIDOWED
Steger          Harry           Michael                01-03-1964      M       MARRIED
Stephens        Leo             Novelee                08-31-1964      F       WIDOWED
Stephens        Murry                                  05-17-1964      F       SINGLE
Stewart         Ida                                    04-27-1964      F       WIDOWED
Still           Daisy           G                      08-05-1964      F       WIDOWED
Still           Ella            Kate                   05-03-1964      F       WIDOWED
Stites          Patrick         Darrell                03-16-1964      M       MARRIED
Stocker         Lucy            Beatrice               06-17-1964      F       SINGLE
Stone           Clara           Lee                    06-14-1964      F       WIDOWED
Stovall         Irma            Ellie                  07-31-1964      F       WIDOWED
Stovall         John            Thomas                 08-22-1964      M       SINGLE
Strange         Bessie          Edna                   07-08-1964      F       WIDOWED
Strong          Thomas          B                      12-05-1964      M       SINGLE
Stubbs          Arthur          David                  01-08-1964      M       WIDOWED
Stuckey         Sarah           Emily                  02-18-1964      F       WIDOWED
Surginer        Harry           R                      09-18-1964      M       WIDOWED
Tate            Laura           Leola                  04-28-1964      F       WIDOWED
Taylor          Charles         Edwin                  09-04-1964      M       WIDOWED
Thacker         Carl            Everett                12-28-1964      M       SINGLE
Thomas          Johnnie                                02-20-1964      M       SINGLE
Thompson        Harry           E                      08-04-1964      M       WIDOWED
Thompson        Mary            Emma                   06-28-1964      F       SINGLE
Thompson        Tony                                   04-07-1964      M       MARRIED
Thompson        Willie          D                      03-18-1964      F       SINGLE
Thurmond        May                                    06-19-1964      F       MARRIED
Tincher         Lavinia         Jane                   12-28-1964      F       WIDOWED
Tisdale         Dovie           Idora                  10-30-1964      F       WIDOWED
Tramble         Della                                  01-10-1964      F       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Trice           Eddie                                  01-03-1964      M       SINGLE
Truitt          Jake            Austin                 11-07-1964      M       SINGLE
Turner          Ida             Frances                07-08-1964      F       SINGLE
Tuttle          Georgia         Alice                  12-25-1964      F       WIDOWED
Tyeskie         Buford                                 12-18-1964      M       SINGLE
Wacasey         Birdie          D                      04-17-1964      F       SINGLE
Wacasey         James           W                      04-27-1964      M       MARRIED
Walden          Sam                                    05-19-1964      M       SINGLE
Walker          Almeda          Viola                  09-13-1964      F       WIDOWED
Walker          George          Gould          SR      04-01-1964      M       SINGLE
Wallace         John            Guilford               10-05-1964      M       WIDOWED
Wallace         Paul                                   04-09-1964      M       SINGLE
Wamsley         Lorena          Ann                    10-31-1964      F       SINGLE
Ward            Ben                                    08-25-1964      M       SINGLE
Warr            Elisha          Christopher            10-04-1964      M       SINGLE
Warren          Roberta         Earlean                03-09-1964      F       MARRIED
Washington      Ed                                     02-24-1964      M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Watkins         Meldie                                 05-07-1964      F       WIDOWED
Watson          Edgar           Wesley                 04-08-1964      M       SINGLE
Watts           Tudie                                  08-11-1964      F       WIDOWED
Webb            Ernest                                 12-10-1964      M       MARRIED
Webb            Gus                                    06-21-1964      M       WIDOWED
Webb            Patrick                                10-06-1964      M       MARRIED
Wedgeworth      Christopher     B                      03-28-1964      M       MARRIED
Welborn         Alick           Arthur                 03-01-1964      M       SINGLE
Welch           Lois                                   10-06-1964      F       WIDOWED
Wesley          Willie          Mae                    08-15-1964      F       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Whatley         Etta            M                      05-16-1964      F       SINGLE
Wheeler         Laura           Rebecca                05-13-1964      F       WIDOWED
Whitaker        Francis                                11-06-1964      F       WIDOWED
White           William         Franklin               06-10-1964      M       SINGLE
Whitehurst      Hiram           Francis                06-03-1964      M       SINGLE
Whitehurst      Roy             Turner                 02-10-1964      M       SINGLE
Whitelock       Frank           G              JR      03-11-1964      M       MARRIED
Whitfield       Thomas          William                03-11-1964      M       SINGLE
Whittet         Flora           Dupuy                  01-12-1964      F       WIDOWED
Willard         Willie                                 07-09-1964      M       SINGLE
Williams        Alva            Thompson               09-21-1964      M       WIDOWED
Williams        Green           Smith                  03-20-1964      M       SINGLE
Williams        Hugh                                   07-08-1964      M       WIDOWED
Williams        Hurbert                                01-17-1964      M       SINGLE
Williams        Jiles                                  09-12-1964      M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Williams        Julia                                  07-19-1964      F       WIDOWED
Williams        Taylor         George                  08-05-1964      M       WIDOWED
Williams        Vera           Eliza                   02-27-1964      F       SINGLE
Williamson      Jessie         D                       07-23-1964      M       SINGLE
Willigan        Anna                                   02-13-1964      F       MARRIED
Wilson          Mary           Belle                   05-23-1964      F       WIDOWED
Wilson          Mary           Ellen                   10-08-1964      F       WIDOWED
Wilson          Mittie                                 02-08-1964      F       WIDOWED
Witherspoon     Francis        M                       05-12-1964      M       SINGLE
Wood            Joseph         Allen                   09-27-1964      M       WIDOWED
Wood            Richard        Van                     02-02-1964      M       SINGLE
Wood            Rosa           Belle                   01-25-1964      F       SINGLE
Woodley         William        Ray                     10-29-1964      M       SINGLE
Woods           James          Edward                  06-20-1964      M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Worthington     Leroy                                  12-13-1964      M       SINGLE
Wren            John           William                 02-16-1964      M       WIDOWED
Wright          Leon           Moody                   11-30-1964      M       SINGLE
Wright          Levy                                   08-13-1964      M       WIDOWED
Wright          Nelson                                 06-17-1964      M       WIDOWED
Wyche           Inez           Mary                    09-03-1964      F       WIDOWED
Wyman           Emily          Laurelda                08-28-1964      F       SINGLE
Yarborough      Jack           Allen                   03-21-1964      M       SINGLE
Yaw             Charles        David                   03-17-1964      M       MARRIED
Young           Thomas         Acton                   04-12-1964      M       SINGLE
Yount           Albert         Rufus                   10-05-1964      M       SINGLE


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