1880 Gregg County Mortality schedule
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Gregg County Mortality Schedule
Transcribed and submitted by Sharon Pierce March 28, 2000

May 31, 1880

Age Sex Color


Cause of
Jones, Melvina  15 f b s Tx Va Ga - Dec Rheumatism
Griffin, Henrietta  2  f w s Tx Il Il - Aug Bronchitis
Conley, George 18 m w s Il Ire Ire Laborer Jan Killed on RR
Matthews, Robert E  2 m w s Tx Al Ms - Jan Pneumonia
________, Annie E 2/12 f w s Tx Al Al - Jan Encarpolia (?)
Inge, Elizabeth 30 f w m Tx Al Al Keeping House Dec Child birth
Holloway, Lizzy  2 f w s Tx Ga Al - Sept Congestion of the brain
Pitman, Alice 29 f b m Tx Va Va Farmer Feb Paralysis
Ellis, Hilary 76 f b w Va Va Va Farm laborer Oct Fever
Orr,____________ 32 f w m Ga NC Ga Keeping House Oct Abortion
Moults, Margaret 5/12 f w - Tx Al Al - Nov Hives
Woodward, Ann 40 f - m Ms Ga Ms Keeping House Mar Disease of
Moberly, Louise  1 f w s Tx Ky Ky - Sept -
Magrill, L D 36 m w m SC SC SC Farmer Jun -
Hughes, Albert  2 m w s Tx Al Ga - Jan -
Davis,Millie 36 f b s Tx Ar Ga Laborer Sept Heart Problem
Jordan, Rickman 46 m b m Tx Ga Ga Sawmill worker Jul Pneumonia
Brush, Francis 45 f w m SC Ger SC Housekeeper May Meningitis
Booth, Ella  1 f b s La Tx Tx - May Meningitis
Wright, Lou  3 f w s Tx Oh Il - Oct Inflamation of bowel
Knott, Mrs 42 f w m Unk Unk Unk Keeping House May -
Bailey, baby 1/12 f w - Tx Ga Al - Jan Whooping Cough
_______, Mary 22 f w m Tx Tn Tn Keeping House Dec Entinitis (?)
_______, Fannie 7/12 f b s Tx Al Tx - Jul Hives
Carlin, James 24 m w s Unk Unk Unk Brakeman May Killed by RR car
Moberlie, Mary  1 f w s Tx Tx Tx - Oct ?
McHenry, Jos 13 m b s Tx Tx Tx - Jun Diptheria
Hall, James  4 m w s Tx Tx Tx - Sept Diptheria
Davis, Susanna 78 f w w Ms Ms Ms Housekeeper Jun Mal fever
Hall, Nellie 9/12 f w s Tx Tx Tx - Dec Acute Bronchitis
Brown, ________ 30 f w m Tx Ms Ms Cook June Mal fever
Murphy, Wm 24 m w s Tx Tx Tx Tramp Oct RR accident
Woodman, Sa? 23 f b s Tx NC Ms Laborer Feb Inflamation of Liver
Bass, Mary 29 f w s Ms NC Al - Feb Pneumonia
Richardson, Frank 18 m w s Ms NC NC Farm Laborer Nov Pneumonia
Hunter, Nelson 45 m b m NC NC NC Farmer Jan Consumption
Jimmerson, John 10 m b s Tx Tx Tx Farm worker May Dropsy
Brown, Medora 3 f b s Tx Ga Ga - Jan Meningitis
Williams, Burt 6/12 m b s Tx Ga La - Jun Croup
Brown, Millie 1 f b s Tx Ga Tx - Oct Croup
George, Silva 78 f b w Ga Ga Ga - Mar Fever
Phelps, Nancy 28 f w m Ga Ga Ga Keeping House Jan Septicemia
________, Eliza 16 f b s SC SC SC - Feb Convulsion
Council, John 2 m b s Tx Tx Tx - Oct Scrofila (?)
Ellis, George 21 m b s Tx Tx Tx Farm Laborer Sept Malaria
Harris, _______ 3 f w s Tx Ga Ga - Dec Scalded
Meadows, ______ 8 m b s La La La - Jul Meningitis
Meadows,_______ 4 m b s La La La - July Meningitis
Zuk, ________ 50 m b m Ga Ga Ga Laborer Mar Pneumonia
Wooten, Marshall 44 m b m Al Unk Unk Laborer Jul Pneumonia
Johnson, James 4 m b s Tx Tx SC - Jan Diptheria
Hunter, Willie 1 m b s Tx Al Ms - Oct Meningitis
Montgomery, Celia 22 f b m Tx Al Al Keeping House Nov Congestion of Brain
Rucker, Millie 75 f b w Al Unk Unk - Oct Intermittent fever
Mossley, ______ 12 m b s Tx Va Al - Nov Intermittent fever
Freeman, Benj 53 m w m Ga Ga Ga Farmer Aug Congestion
Wright, Ann 67 f w w SC Md Md Keeping House Oct Dysentery
Turner, Eliza 16 f b s Tx Unk Unk at home Jul Pneumonia
Rucker, Mary E 26 f w m Tx Tn Tn Keeping House Jul Measles
Jefferies, Eliza 27 f b m NC NC NC Keeping House Mar Hemorage of Uterus
Cannon, Mrs 25 f w m - - - - - Consumption
_________,Charles  1 m w s Tx Mi Mi - Jun Dysentery
Strong, Jeff 26 m b s Ga Ga Va Farmer Jun Consumption
Claborne, Richmond 19 m b s Tx Ms Al Farm Laborer Jun Heart Disease
Causey, W W 22 m w s Tn Tn Tn Farmer Sept Typhoid
Mosley, Hernando 16/30 m w s Tx Al Ms - Oct Bola Hives
Causey, Minnie E E 12 f w s Tx Tn Ar - Sept Consumption of Brain
Russell, baby f w s Tx Al Tx - Aug Stillbirth
Jackson, ________ 8/12 m b s Tx NC NC - Sept Unknown
Patrick, Celia 21 f b - Tx Tx Ga Farm Laborer Jul Inflamation of the Brain
Holt, J A 5 m w m La La La - Oct Pistol Wound
Stanberry, John 35 m w m In In In - Sept Congestion of  bowels
Smith, Belton 1 m w s Ga Ga Ga - Apr Consumption
Weims, Jno 34 m w m Ms Ms Ms Farmer Feb Pneumonia
Wilkins, Anna 71 f w w Ms Ms Ms Farmer Jun Apoplexy
Brown, Julias 23 m b s Tx Tx Tx Farmer Jun Rheumatism
Hollain, ________ 6/12 f b s Tx Tx Tx - May ?
Hamilton, Estlane 9 f w s Tx Tn Tn - Aug Malaise Fever
Utzman (?), G V 56 m w - Tn NC Tn Farmer Oct Congestive fever 
Richmond, Sidney 3 m b s Tx Al Tx - Aug ?
no name 1/30 f w - Tx Ga Ga - Jan Convulsions
Simpson, Lindy 3/12 f b s Tx Ga Ga - Mar Cough
Flagg, William 80 m b m Va Va Va Farmer Jan ?
Lee, Earl 3/12 m b s Tx Ga Ga - Jan Unknown
Berry, Ola 1/12 f b - Tx Tn Tx - Apr Whooping cough
Thomas, Thomas 42 m b m Ga Ga Ga Farmer Oct Measles
Mixon, William 1 m b s Tx La Tx - Apr Whooping cough
no name 4/30 m b - Tx Tx La - Sept Unknown
Mapes, J W 73 m w m Va Va Va Farmer Feb Old Age
Mckenny, Mary 2 f b - Tx Va La - Feb Whooping cough
Johnson, Nancy 6/12 f b - Tx Al Al - Apr Whooping cough
Irving, Emma 7/12 f b - Tx Ms Ga - May Unknown
Gibson, baby m b - Tx - - - May Stillborn
Peterson, Wilbur 24 m w m Il - Ms Farmer Mar Congestion
Ricks, Rachiel 33 f w m Oh Oh Oh Housekeeping Aug Consumption
Shambra, Ela 3 f b - Tx NC Va - Jul Bilious Fever
Birdsong, Tho J 2 m w - Tx Ga Al - Nov Congestion
Birdsong, Samuel 7/12 m w - Tx Ga Al - Dec Congestion of brain
Walker, Henry 2 m b - Tx Al Ga - Mar Dropsy of Brain
Alexander, ? 3 m w - Tx Tx Tx - Oct Membrane
Jackson, Ada 2/12 m b - Tx Tx Tx - Mar Smothered
Gledden, L 26 f w m In In In - Jul Congestion of stomach
Harris, Martha 2 f w - Ga Ga Ga - Jul Flux
Cannon, S S 38 f w m Ga Ga Ga - Mar Consumption
Meadow, Mary 2 f b - Tx Tx Tx - Aug Brain fever
Magrill, Agatha 22 f w m Ms Ms Ms - Sept Malaria
Jones, Eda 23 f b - Tx Tx Tx - Jul Child Birth
Rucker,Eugene  2 m w - Tx Tx Tx  - Oct Diptheria
Bozeman, Zeke 55 m b - Tx Ms Ms Farmer Feb Rheumatism
Sherwood, Mrs 25 f w - Tx Ms Ms - May Convulsion
Alton, Marshall 45 m b - Tx Ms Ms Farmer Jul Pneumonia



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