1889 Poll Tax Petition
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1889 Petition

Longview, Texas, Feb. 11th, 1889

To the Hon. Cone Johnson, Senate, and Hon. R.B. Levy, Jr., H. Rep.
Austin Texas

Your petitioners and constituents would respectfully request that you use your influence in the Senate and House of Representatives in securing the passage of a law requiring the payment of a Poll Tax to be necessary before any voter can exercise the right of sufferage in this state. In support of the justice of this request will state that over six hundred voters were returned delinquent on Poll Tax by our collector for the year 1887, about one third of the total vote. Should anything like this ratio exist all over the state, the loss to the school fund is simply enormous, and an army of able bodied men are permitted to choose our officers, and are protected by our laws who do not contribute one cent to the expense of state, county, and municipal government.

(These are the actual signatures, some faded and some written poorly, and are transcribed to the best of our ability)

T.E. Clemmons
W. L. Butt
J.R. Magrill
Ed or EJ S***is
G.W. Munden
*.M. M*ttl**
T.R. DeLoach
C.W. Lawrence, MD
A.F. O'Bryan, MD
N.C. Ogilvie, Dentist
Henry Simms
J.T. Buttrill
W.T. Cain
E.S. Terry
T.A. Flewellen
F. Mearschalk
R.T. Smith
*.A. Womack
W.G. Northcutt
C.B. Cunningham
L.*. Jarvis
J.P. Cl********
*.*. Yates
J.G. Nunnally
J.E. Prothro
Jno. S. Barr
O.H. Poynes
C.J. Luckett
Mayfield & Luckett
H.P. Carter
E.E. Crain
T.E. Durham
J.M. Curvis
B.*. Brown
L.G. Calvin
R.K. Walker
M.F. Capps
J.J. Flewellen
J.H. Smeley
*.*. Smith
R.*. Brown
John Harrison
C.C. Morgan
J.F. Christian
*.*. McKinney
W. Roe
L.D. Stansbury
*.*. Law
B.F. Lewis
B.L. Brown
J.A. Lane
Luther Davis
E.L. Morrison
G.J. Clark
W.A. Williams
T.C. Clark
M. Rosenfield
Isaac Gams
*.*. Graybill
J.C. Gurnet
F.T. Rembert
F.D. Cocke
Hatch May
A. Howard
R.C. Hill
*. Whatley
A.S. Taylor
R.A. ***tis
R.B. McKain
J.B. Whitney
Thos. H. Taylor
R.B. Ha**thon, MD
Jno. T. Poe
A.R. Ha**thon, MD
W.F. Poe
*.B. Hamilton
G.S. Briekelus
B.D. Marshall
Rogers Whaley
A.J. Robert
F.L. Whaley
M.M. Morris
J.C. Lacy
C.C. Hanks
J.C. Howard
W.F. Young
J.M. Magrill
F.B. Brown
Jno. P. Singl** Jr
S.C. Thomas
R.S. Harris
G.Z. Na**es

These pages are each stamped "Reproduced From The Holdings Of The Texas State Archives" and were found in loose papers in the Genealogy Dept. of the Longview Library.


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