1854 Danville Masonic Female Academy
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After incorporating in 1854, this institution continued as a school until after the CW, and
until the establishment of the townsite of Kilgore in Gregg Co in 1873.  The school was
then moved to Kilgore, and became Alexander Institute, named for it's founder Isaac

The school accomodated pupil from beginners through college classes.  A Professor Ramsey
taught with Mr. Alexander, Miss Ronda Tatum (Mrs. Joe Gladney) was a music teacher, as
was Professsor R C GeWalt.  Miss Fannie Elliott (Mrs. Claude Lacy) was elocution teacher.

Mr Alexander served as president of the institution until 1890 or 1892.  After he resigned,
Professor G J Nunn was named as president.  ( In 1894, the school was moved to Jacksonville
and the name was changed to Lon Morris College.)

The next superintendent was a Mr Steel who brought with him some boys from Rockport to
attend school:  Sam Smith, Jim Smith, John Sorenson, and Fred Stevens, among others.

In 1897, Professor H G Abernathy was superintendent.  The music teacher was Miss Willie
Eddins.  Her sister, Miss Blanche Eddins, taught calisthenics.  At this time Mr & Mrs Jim
Rosson from Danville community were in charge of the dormitory.

Some of the students names around this time were:  Bean, Bacon, Skipper, Laird, Week,
Strong, Black, and Knight.  Mary Bell Fowler (Mrs J C Howard) received her degree in
1899.  Sally Fowler (Mrs Harry Loveless) received a degree in 1891.  Ethel Fowler (Mrs
Wm F Woodard) received A B degree in 1892.  Cannie Fowler (Mrs Tom Buttrill) received
degree in 1892.

Some other students were:  Lelia Keener, Kate Keener, Tenie Keener, Allie Keener, Reube
Keener, Lou Della Thompson, Daisy Nicholson, Zedith Langley, May Thurmond, John
Reynolds, Lucy Lacy, Eula, Trudy Gip, Mitty, & Lela Ezelle;  Allie and Willie Mackey;
Maggie and Mabel Kay, Oscar Marchman, Kitty Long, Millie and Mary Lou Tutt and
many more.

The "Annual Register" of 1893-1894 and 1894-1895 lists the following faculty members:
Professor G J Dunn was president and teacher of Greek, modern languages and moral
J C Hennon, B S D taught Latin, mathematics and natural sciences
Miss Page McClure had charge of the preparatory department
Mrs. Kathleen F Hennon was principal of the music department
Mrs G H Nunn was governess of the home department
J S Abbott professor of Latin and natural sciences
Miss Jennie Wylie primary department
J H McMahon librarian

Some of the institute's alumnae as listed:
 Fannie Alexander , Henderson
Josie Bond , Woodville
Mary (Fowler) Howard, Longview
Lena Harnage, Wagoner, Indian Territory

Fannie Alexander, Henderson
Alma Hatley, Hallsville
Ora (Howze) Guinn, Alto
Birdie (Noel) Matthews, Alto
Millie Tutt, Kilgore
Ruth Wynn, Kilgore

Mary B (Fowler) Howard, Longview
Ruth Wynn, Kilgore

Cannie (Fowler) Buttrell, Longview
Sallie Fowler, Palestine
Ethel Fowler, Palestine
Tenie Keener, Kilgore
Mollie Laird, Kilgore
Allie (Mackey) Huffington, Kilgore

Sallie Fowler, Palestine
Ethel Fowler, Palestine
Beulah Sheridan, Grapeland

Zillah Langley, Minden

This information was found in the vertical files of the genealogy department of the Longview Public Library.

New Danville Masonic Female

An act was passed by the Fifth Legislature of Texas, approved January 25, 1854 (Gammels Laws of Texas pgs. 27-29) incorporating the "New Danville Masonic Female Academy."

Section I of the Act reading:

"Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Texas, that Oliver H Pegues, Thomas
W Templeton, John A Smith, J N Pettis, Solon S Barnett, Benjamin H Wilson, F M
Stovall, W W Caulder, Elbert Dickson, Henry Tucker, J C Haynes and Joseph S Stuart
and their successors in office by and they are hereby constituted a body coporate and politic
by the name of the President and Trustees of New Danville Masonic Female Academy, in
which name it may sue and be sued,plead and be impleaded, buy and sell property, both
real, personal and mixed, hold and enjoy the same; the said institution may have a
common seal for the transaction of it's business."

The institute continued as a school until after the War between the States, in 1865,
and until the establishment of the twonsite of Kilgore in Gregg County in 1874.  The
institute was then moved to Kilgore and became, and was thereafter commonly known
as the Alexander Institute open alike to male and female students.  Danville, prior to 1874,
when the town of Kilgore was established, was quite a place of importance for church and
school assembly.

Source: Loose papers of the late John Ben Shepperd fround at the Gladewater Lee Public

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