Longview Cannibals Semi-Pro Baseball Team
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The Longview Cannibals Semi-Pro Baseball
Team - 1903-1912



John C. Brown & Robert Brown Jr. - Managers & Owners 1910
J. J. Hudson - Manager & Owner 1912

The Cannibals were the pride of Longview. Members of the team are as shown in the above picture:

Top Row:
Sol Fisher - 2nd Base
Lee Merrill (May? One place says May and one place does not), manager
Shannon "Shank" Victory - Pitcher
Dr. J. E. Frances - Right Field
John Henry Richardson - Catcher
Bill W. Crain Sr. - Center Field
"Scissor Bill" Lawrence - 1st Base
Will Gilreath - Pitcher

Front Row:
Grady  "Bear" White - 3rd Base
Jack Johnson - Short Stop
Howell Foreman Sr. - Left Field
Jose Munden - Pitcher
Bob McLain (Not in picture. This name was found listed in a seperate article)

Players in 1910-1912 were:
Grady White
Henry Halliday
John Hoffman
Tully Spear
Clarence (Peck) Shaffer
Jack Johnson
Horace (Stopper) Witherspoon
John King (from Kilgore)
Willie Lee Crosby (from Gilmer)
Ed Appleton
Wingo Anderson
Aaron La Cosky
Sammie West
Hub Northern
Emmett E. Munsell - Pitcher
Randy Moore
Rabbit Flashkauper
Scissor Bill Lawrence - Umpire

Jack Johnson later went to the New York Yankees (1st Base)
Hub Horthern later went to Brooklyn Dodgers (Catcher) (he lead the National League in batting average that year)
Windo Anderson later went to Cincinatti (Pitcher)
Ed Appleton later went to Philadelphia Phillies (Pitcher)
Sammy West later went to Washington Senators (now the Texas Rangers)
Randy Moore later went to ?
Emmett Munsell pitched for the N.Y. Giants

This information & pictures was found among loose papers in the Family History Room of the Longview Library.


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