1931 Land Owners Assoc.
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East Texas Landowners Association

Submitted by Kathy Lorenz

Longview Morning Journal
, Fri.., July 10, 1931:

East Texas Landowners Protective association was organized at a meeting held in Kilgore.

                                                Place of                        Yrs residing in             # Generations   County

Attendants                                Residence                    East Texas                   to live here       settled              When

D. R. Harris                             Henderson                   59                                4                      Rusk                1885
Joe M. Weaver                        Longview                    6 months
Tom J. Cunningham                  Eastland                      Longview 5 weeks
Roy H. Laird                                                               42                                5                      Rusk                1849
W. H. Kittrell Jr.                       Dallas                                                              4                     Walker             1840-51
Cliford Mooers                         Longview                    7 mos., from CA
E. V. Foran                               Ft. Worth                    5 months
E. H. Hamilton                          Longview                    55                                5                      Rusk                1847
Crown Dickson                         Kilgore                       37                                3                      Gregg              1889
M. H. Bivins                             Longview                    43                                4                      Camp               1850
John R. Alford                          Henderson                  45                                3                      Rusk                1875
P. E. Barton                             Kilgore                        52                                3                      Rusk                1845
Hoxie H. Thompson                  Houston                      50                                4                      Rusk                1840
George I. McGee                      Kilgore                        5                                 2                      ---                    1855
Ben Laird                                  Kilgore                        46                               4                      Rusk                1840
G. R. Farmer                             Henderson                   11                               4                      Hopkins           ----
J. B. Cash                                 Kilgore News              2 weeks                       ---                    Lamar              1875
L. W. Turner                              ---                               42                               3                      Smith               1868
J. C. Barton                              Longview                      38                               3                      Gregg & Rusk 1850
J. Lewis Thompson                   Kilgore                        native, 57 yrs old           5                      Rusk                1840
Margie E. Neal                         Carthage                      native                            5                      Panola             1856
   (State representative from Carthage, first female state representative)
W. E. Thomason                     Nacogdoches                 59                                5                      Nacogdoches  1838
   (State senator)
Walter C. Holloway                Longview                        56                                3                      Rusk                1852
   (State representative)
Charles L. Brachfield              Henderson                       52                                3                      McLennon       1877
J. Malcom Crim                      Kilgore                           native, 42 yrs old           3                      Rusk                1850


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