Gregg County Pension Applications
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Gregg County Civil War Pension Applications

After the Civil War, there were many applications sent in requesting pensions.  Most of these folks were in financial situations, where this pension was necessary.  A lot of these applications were submitted by widows, who had lost their husbands during the war.  The list below are all of the Gregg County applications received and documented by the state of Texas.  If
you find a family member here, you can order a copy of the application.  This web site will explain the process for ordering a pension application. Texas State Pension Archives

The information below contains the Claimant's name, Application Number,  Husband (for women applying for their husband's pension), and the Husband's Application Number.

Acuff, J M W         rejected
Adams, N N (Mrs.)   17722   Adams, William Russell

Adrian, D W    23409

Adrian, E V (Mrs)  37183   Adrian, D W 23409

Agnew, Elizabeth   05436     Agnew, Sam A

Akin, Elizabeth H   15297     Akin, Thomas Green  01663

Akin, Thomas Green    01663

Ansley, Eudora M   38301    Ansley, Wesley S     32291

Ansely, James Thomas      23172

Ansley, Wesley S    32291

Ardis, S J (Mrs)  17721       Ardis, Thomas Archibald

Baker, J S     01655

Barber, P B    29827

Barfield, A R M (Mrs)   05734    Barfield, Samuel P

Baxter, David H   18715

Baxter, Fannie   38466       Baxter, Richard H  15301

Baxter, Richard H   15301

Bivins, James K (Mrs)   46558    Bivins, James K

Blake, Elizabeth A     34807     Blake, Jesse Columbus  15296

Blake, Jesse Columbus   15296

Borders R D (Mrs)   38662    Borders, William Roberts   29027

Bowers, William A (Mrs)   rejected    Bowers, William A

Bradberry, J E     01658

Brown, I L    37629

Brown, I L ( Mrs)  40401   Brown, I L      37629

Bunt, Delana   23395

Bunt, Mary Arminda   38955   Bunt, Delana   23395

Burke, Bettie   17723   Burke, Archibald Turk

Burrows, Rebekiah Ann   17724    Burrows, Thomas Easton   07941

Bussey, John Lion   15293

Butts, Ida M   45722     Butts, Charles Montgomery

Butts, J T   43613

Cable, John Franklin   01666

Cable, Sarah Elizabeth   18983    Cable, John Franklin    01666

Callahan, James T     13328

Carlisle, Annie B   33932      Carlisle, William Beach

Carlton, N A (Mrs)  rejected    Carlton, Coleman Columbus

Carter, Robert Augustus   05295

Castleberry, James       rejected

Castleberry, Richard W   22485

Catterton, Benjamin Nicholson   33332

Catterton, Sarah S    33340    Catterton, Benjamin Nicholson   33332

Causey, W R   29162

Chrisman, James Riley     13827

Chrisman, Mary P   34901   Chrisman, James Riley   13827

Cochran, L D   01659

Cornelius, A F (Mrs)   15294    Cornelius, Preston Owen   07664

Covington, Emma McJimsey   35312    Covington, William Jasper

Crain, Mattie P   11925      Crain, Dr John R

Crane, James Madison   33202

Crane, M A (Mrs)  33371     Crane, James Madison   33202

Culver, I T   08875

Davis, Emma Rachel    21054      Davis, Samuel Houston

Derryberry, Mary A    15295   Derryberry, Samuel Whitfield   01661

Derryberry, Samuel Whitfield    01661     (Note:  this application is in the genconnect file)

Dobbins, Thomas M   01656

Donovan, Elmina    35020    Donovan, William A    04039

Duckett, Mary E   05293    Duckett, W J

Dudley, Ann    11298      Dudley. W C    03305

Dunning, Roanzy      rejected

Durkee, A G     01660

Echols, Alabama       33881        Echols, Robert Finis

Farrell, Gussie     49405         Farrell, James Monroe      25877

Farrell, James Monroe      25877

Fenton, Dorah Belle      39776          Fenton, Russell    37141

Fenton, Russell        37141

Flatt, Robert Samuel       37362

Flatt, Robert Samuel (Mrs)   40891       Flatt, Robert Samuel    37362

Ford, Elizabeth C       rejected         Ford, George Berryman

Ford, George B       15299

Fortson, J M      15298

Garner, R C (Mrs)   34808        Garner, William Jackson    26160

Garner, William Jackson    26160

Gary, Mollie E   32231        Gary, Jesse Battle

Graham, J M     01665

Graybill, M A      01662

Griffin, Georgia      rejected        Griffin, Jonas

Grimes, George Green        rejected

Gwin, Laura Carolina         52066      Gwin, Joseph Camillus

Harper, Eliza Ann    14242          Harper, G F   12376

Harper, G F         12376

Harris, Ellen      42893        Harris, John Franklin

Harris, J F      rejected

Harris, John F (Mrs)     rejected

Hays, M V     18981

Hearne, James Ewing       23766

Hill, Emma Sophronia      15291       Hill, William Henry

Holbrook, M F      20034

Holbrook, Mary I     rejected

Holbrook, Milo Franklin (Mrs)   45456        Holbrook, Milo Franklin   20034

Hooks, Fannie      rejected        Hooks, John Wesly   24270

Hooks, John Wesley       24270

Hoskins, Joseph Martin (Mrs)    41436       Hoskins, Joseph Martin

Howard, Jackson C  (Mrs)    46672    Howard, Jackson C

Hughey, S P (Mrs)    39762      Hughey, Josephus Block

Jernigan, Sidney B (Mrs)   39762      Jernigan, Stephen Decatur    28780

jernigan, Stephen Decatur    28780

Jeter, Ann E      24190

Johnson, Isaac Willis     10667

Johnson, R B     01669

Keener, A B (Mrs)    20035     Keener, Lawson Jefferson

Kellam, S D (Mrs)     05294

Kelley, Tyra Alexander    31889

Kelley, Tyra Alexander (Mrs)    rejected      Kelley, Tyra Alexander 31889

Kelly, L S     rejected

Kennard, Taylor E     28800

Key, Kate    35494      Key, William Harbert

Key, William H    27296

Kirby, Sophia E    01657      Kirby, James A

Laird, Aurelia    28320      Laird, Robert Houston

Laird, Dacon Carroll (Mrs)   37178       Laird, Dacon Carroll

Lane, James A     08704

Lawrence, J W     rejected

Long, James A S      rejected

Looney, Tennie     21880        Loone, Albert Columbus

Love, M C (Mrs)      rejected       Love, Francis Marion   27491

Lummus, Robert T     01664

Magrill, E A (Mrs)   05292      Magrill, John R

Marshall, Henrietta W      01672      Marshall, Daniel W

Marshall, Minnie E     34294          Marshall Walter Lawrence     30709

Marshall, Walter Lawrence    30709

Matthews, N A     08702

Matthews, N A (Mrs)   10955        Matthews, N A    08702

Mayfield, William Sidney     25841

McAnally, Annie Jane       18982         McAnally, Willis Winston

McAnally, Tabbie Jane     46007     McAnally, John Ryan

McComic, Cinthia E     38645      McComic, James Washington   34963

McComic, James Washington     34963

McDuffie, Florence D     43729      McDuffie, Moses Daniel     15292

McDuffie, Moses Daniel    15292

McKinley, Sarah J     17719         McKinley, Thomas Robertson    04067

McKnight, C F       rejected

McLain, John M     23751

McVay, Amos Harvey     32688

McWhorter, Alice     29467     McWhorter, Warren Osborne

Meadows, Eliza Ann       rejected         Meadows, James Kenchion

Mercer, Joe Ann       rejected        Mercer, Marion

Mitchell, John     08703

Mitchell, Susan J    13327         Mitchell, John    08703

Moore, G W    15289

Moore, Melissa     41756      Moore, Tom

Moore, Sarah E    21888      Moore, William   15288

Moore, William     15288

Morgan, Lacy     39167        Morgan, A H    29226

Moughon, L Jane       31148      Moughon, Sydney Pittman

Murrell, Nancy Elizabeth       15290       Murrell, George Whitfield

Oden, Julia A       17718        Oden, John Newton

Orr, A J       27703

Palmer, C Alice     27022         Palmer, Theophilus Elisha     15300

Palmer, Theophilus Elisha      15300

Pegues, Mary Eliza      31524       Pegues, Philip Alston

Pegues, P A      28319

Penny, Mary J     26502      Penny, Job

Ponder, Mary     42391         Ponder, James      19994

Powell, S H      32808

Pridgeon, J P     25340

Ray, T J      30054

Reddick, William         rejected

Reed, Sue     20689      Reed, Sumpter Hill

Reese, Joe T    40178

Renfroe, Anne E   15287      Renfroe, Green Campbell

Rhodes, Newton H      12377

Richardson, G B    31164

Roe, J G       07217

Rosson, Thomas J     21407

Scarborough, T C (Mrs)    22082      Scarborough, J L

Scott, J M   08705

Scott, S E (Mrs)    22082       Scott, John Adam

Shaddock, S E (Mrs)    24519     Shaddock, William Henry     01855

Shaddock, W H     rejected

Sheilds, S T     01668

Shipp, Thomas Jefferson    12863

Shoopman, M A (Mrs)     28084      Shoopman, John

Simmons, Julia Ann     32753     Simmons, James Hardeman

Skipper, Sarah A     19826        Skipper, William

Small, John Keen (Mrs)     37413        Small, John Keen

Smallwood, Larkin F     11722

Smith, Jehu      13324

Smith, Joel     01654

Smith, Joshua L    13325

Smith, M E (Mrs)   26903       Smith, Jehu     13324

Smith, R D     40396

Spears, Martha J      26413       Spears, Redwood Henry

Spinks, James Monroe     20045

Spinks, James Monroe (Mrs)   45455       Spinks, James Monroe    20045

Stansberry, Elizabeth     37112      Stansberry, Leander Dixter

Steen, George N      07689

Still, Elizabeth T     22105      Still, Anderson Legrond

Stroud, James Scott     17717

Sullivan, W J     25198

Swann, Sally    43343        Swann, William Heard (henry)   30303

Tate, T M   05291

Taylor, Josie     42616     Taylor, Andrew S

Teel, Levi      21499

Thomas, Ezekiel     15304

Thompson, Louisa      15303     Thompson, Mathew

Todd, Williamson T    38816

Tubbs, J S      01670

Turner, T J     20988

Tutt, Mary A    07218      Tutt, Thomas N

Utzman, Jacob     rejected

Utzman, Jane   30817      Utzman, Jacob Monroe    rejected

Ward, H P     29654

Welch, J A     28729

Whisenant, Margaret Martin    rejected      Whisenant, Christopher Columbus

Whitehurst, Francis Marion     21563

Whitehurst, Minerva Ellen     45462       Whitehurst, Francis Marion   21563

Wilkins, Mortimer     15302

Willoughby, M L (Mrs)      17720      Willoughby, Michael Andrew

Wood, Kate P      33327          Wood, James Edwin

Woolley, L         24601

Wooten, B D       05290

Wooten, M J (Mrs)    13326       Wooten, B D     05290

Wright, J F       rejected

Wright, James Franklin        13329

Wright, M A (Mrs)         32854         Wright, James Franklin        13329

Young, W F          37439

Zuber, Daniel H        14105



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