Men & Women In WWII
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The Men & Women In WW II From Gregg County

This project has been in the working stage for several months. It has been a large undertaking, and was only accomplished because of the wonderful help of Kay Cunningham. We must also say a special thank you to Dr Norman Black for loaning us his book and making this project possible. You will find over 2,100 pictures and short military bios of Gregg County men & women, as well as a cover to cover picture of all the other pages.

This book has no copyright or date, nor does it give credit to any person or organization for compiling all the information & pictures. It is nicely bound, like a school annual, and gives a credit on the outside of the back cover to American Beauty Cover Co., Dallas, and to Taylor Eng. Co., Dallas. It is presumed that these credits are for the binding and cover of the annual. From the contents, we are assuming that the American Legion played a big part in putting this information together. Whoever was responsible for this monumental undertaking, we give our thanks.

  Title Page
  In Memoriam
  Gregg County Court House; Gladewater Post Office; Kilgore Oil Wells
  American Legion Letter
  Red Cross In Gregg County; Gladewater's War Activities
  Schools At War of Gregg County; Longview Public Schools
  War Activities In Gladewater High School
  Color Title Page
  Disclaimer Page
  Pictures & Individual Information - White
  Address Pages (blank pages for autographs & addresses)
  Negro Dedication
  Pictures & Individual Information - Negro

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