CSA Vets Buried in Gregg County
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CSA Veterans Buried in Gregg and Other East Texas Counties

This information was found among loose papers in the vertical files of the Genealogy Department of the Longview Library. It is not known who compiled this information or how accurate it may/may not be. Please use it as reference material only and look up actual records to verify its accuracy.

Name                    Unit                    Notes
Adrian, D.W.            Co.G, 5th Miss
Ansley, W.S.            Co.F, 5th Ga
Baker, J.S.             Co.H, 39th Ga
Barber, P.B.            Co.G, 10th Tx           1843-1926
Bivins, James Knox      Co.B, 7th Tx            Apr 13 1845 - Mar 23 1921
Bond, J.M.              Co.E, 1st Missouri
Bradburn, C.C.          Co.K, (? AR)
Brown, Buford W.        Co.G, 44th Ala          Born Bibb Co, Ala
Bunt, Delona            Capt. 3rd Ga            1839 - Mar 19 1923
Castleberry, A.T.       Co.C, 22nd Tx           Jan 15 1842 - Dec 26 1905
Castleberry, R.W.       Co.C, 22nd Tx           Feb 12 1844 - Mar 3, 1935
Catterton, Ben          Co.B, 19th Va           Sep 18, 1845 - Sep 17, 1916
Coble, J.F.             Co.C, 18th Tx
Coleman, Paul E.        Co.A, 3rd Tx            Sep 5, 1843 - Oct 25, 1910
Culpepper, Elbert
Culver, I.T.            Co.E, 15th Ala          Also Co.G, 57th Ala
Dickson, J.M.           Co.I, 9th Tx
Dollahite, J.W.         Co.F, 17th Tx
Echols, F.R.            Co.I, 36th Tx           Jul 31, 1846 - Nov 9, 1916
Echols, George          Co.B, 7th Tx
Fenton, R.              Co.A, 20th Tx
Finch, J.L.             Co.E, 2nd SC Cav
Fisher, G.A.            Co.C, 10th Tx
Flewellen, Thomas A                             Born Ga 1829
Fortson, J.M.           Co.D, 8th La Cav
Garner, William J.      Co.E, 53rd Ala
Goodwin, S.             Co.A, Stubbs Battery    Miss Cav
Hall, J.W.              Co.K, 17th Tx
Harper, G.F.            Co.K, SC Vols
Harris, John F.         Co.A, 26th Miss         1842-1918
Howard, Jackson Conner  Co.A, 3rd Tx            Ala Aug 11 1847
Ingram, Dick            Co.D, 2nd Miss
Johnson, R.B.           Co.C, 22nd Tx
Kelley, T.A.            Co.F, 8th Ala           Apr 15, 1836 - Feb 14, 1921
Kilgore, John T.                                May 6, 1841 - Sep 12, 1885
Kuykendall, J.P.        Co.D, 19th Tx
Lawrence, J.W.          Co.G, 44th Ala
Levy, Richard B.                                Oct 12, 1835 - Nov 6, 1918
May, Steven Capt.       Co.A, Morgans Command   1928 - Feb 11, 1906
McDuffie, M.D.          Co.H, 10th Ga Cav       Jul 6, 1843 - Apr 1, 1928
McLain, John M.         Co.A, 18th Ga
McPherson, B.           Co.I, 37th Ala
McVay, A.H.             Capt. 28th Ga           Physician
Merrill, George W.      Co.D, 4th SC
Merritt, G.T.                                   Sep 4, 1843 - Sep 18, 1923
Mitchell, A.S. Capt     Quarels Reg 42nd Tn
Mobberly, James M.      Co.A, 1st Ky            1841 - 1917
Mobberly, Samuel H.     1st Ky Infantry         Sep 8, 1842 - Dec 15, 1910
Morgan, R.W.            Whetstone's Co. Rusk Tx 1833 - 1914 Ruck Co, Tx
Morrow, J.W.            Co.D, 2nd Miss Cav
Morton, William         Co.F, 17th Tx Cav
Northcutt, William G.   Co.K, 60th Ga           Sep 17, 1837 - Jun 9, 1909
O'Bryan, Andrew F.      CSA Physician SC        Jun 4, 1836 - Jun 7, 1916
Ogilvie, N.C.           Shreveport Sharps 1st La
Page, S.B.
Pegues, Philip Alston   Co.I, 19th Tx Infantry  Oct 25, 1835 - Jan 25, 1915
Perry, Green P.         Co.D, 9th Tx Cav        Nov 16, 1921
Phillips, A.M.          Co.G, 35th Tx
Phillips, B.F.          Co.B, 35th Tx Cav
Poe, John T.            Co.F, 4th Tx Cav        Aug 30, 1836 - Dec 22, 1917
Porter, G.W.            Co.E, 11th Fl
Powell, S.              Co.I, 3rd Tx Vols
Powell, S.H.            Co.A, W.P. Lane's Tx    Buried Harrison County
Pridgeon, J.P.          Co.M, 1st Ga
Rain, Benjamin C.       Co.G, 14th Tx Infantry  Jul 31, 1832 - Feb 11, 1883
Reddick, William                                Sparkman Cemetery
Reynolds, John F.       Co.B, 14th Tx           Ector's Brigade
Roe, John G.            Co.F, 11th Tx Infantry
Rossen, Thomas J.       Co.G, 10th Tx           Aug 17, 1842 - Oct 31, 1928
Rucker, James Howard    Co.C                    1822 - Feb 27, 1888
Ryan, A.M.              Co.A, 27th Tx Cav
Scott, James M.         Randall's Regiment      May 29, 1835 - Nov 22, 1924
Shaw, Dan MD            Physician 3rd Tx
Simmons, J.H.
Smith, A.W.             Co.C, 28th Tx           Randall's Brigade
Smith, Fances Marion                            Nov 14, 1825 - Nov 12, 1907
Smith, John Tyson       Co.F, 28th Tx           Oct 29, 1846 - May 15, 1916
Smitherman, Newton H.   Co.F, 11th Tx Infantry  Aug 1, 1840 - Jan 17, 1927
Spinks, James Monroe    Co.G, 10th Tx Cavalry
Stansbury, L.D.         Co.E, 4th Ky            Physician
Stevens, John B.        Co.A, 27th Tx Cavalry
Tankersly, A.B.         Major - Ga              Mar 17, 1833 - Jun 8, 1887
Tarkington, Booker      Co.H, 3rd Tx Cavalry
Tate, Thomas Marvin     Detail Service          Mar 1830 - Jun 1911
Taylor, Calvin          Forage Master           Co. Martin's ?
Teel, L.                Beckman's Ala Regiment
Templeton, J.A.         Co.I, 10th Tx
Thomas, H.J.            Co.L, 3rd Ga
Tutt, R.H.              Co.I, 19th Tx           Aug 8, 1842 - Jan 14, 1911
Tyson, W.L.             Co.B, 15th Miss
Victory, James T.       Co.D, 1st Tx            Mar 18, 1845 - Sep 22, 1923
Ward, H.P.              Co.D, 20th Ala          Jun 14, 1842 - Feb 16, 1917
Wardlow, J.A.           Co.N, 27th Tx
Weir, Richard N.        Co.C, 5th Tc Cavalry    Mar 13, 1826 - Sep 28, 1889
Whatley, Hiram          Ala                     Feb 27, 1841 - Sep 13, 1911
Whitehead, James M.                             Mar 10, 1815 - Feb 17, 1882
Whitehurst, Frances M.  Co.K, 10th Al Cavalry
Whitley, S.R.           Co.F, 7th Tx
Wilkins, M. Mortimer    Co.F, 17th Tx Cavalry   Feb 2, 1844 - Sep 7, 1925
Wolley, Lorenzo         Co.B, 20th Ala
Womack, Albert Alonzo   Co.A, 3rd Tx            1844 - Dec 14, 1910
Wooley, L.              Co.B, 20th Al Inf
Young, William F.       Capt. Co.F, 10th Tx     Mar 17, 1841 - Jun 20, 1925


Many Early Residents in the War Between the States
Longview Morning Journal Sunday, May 3, 1970

This information was taken from the Longview Morning Journal microfilm in the Longview Library. Thanks go to Linda Laminak for looking this up and contributing it for our use.

Service records of Confederate veterans who lived in the Longview area or moved here shortly after the War Betweet the States reveal the cross section of the South which provided some of the city's early residents. This list was provided through the courtesy of Miss Dolly Northcutt.

Allison, Dr. Johathan Nicholas - Rank Unknown - born 1828 in Virginia; died Nov 11, 1884. Buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx. CSA marker on grave.

Allison, Thomas Jefferson Sr. - Enlisted in Confederate Army in Upshur County, Co. C, 10th Texas Calvary - killed in battle. Family resided in Gladewater

Ansley, Wesley Sole - Pvt. Co. F, 5th Regiment from Ga. Born 1844 in Ga. - Died 1922 - Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.

Adrian, D.W. - Enlisted July 16, 1861 - Third Lt. Co. G, 5th Regiment Miss. Resident of Chicasaw Co., Miss. Discharged by order of Commander-in-Chief at Macon, Ga., 1865. Died in Gregg County, Tx.

Baker, J.S. - From Chattonooga Co., Ga.; Enlisted Mar. 4, 1862; Pvt in Co. H, 39th Ga. Vol. Inf.; Wounded and discharged May 8, 1865. Died in Gregg County, Tx.

Barber, P.B. - from Rusk Co., Tx.; Enlisted Sept 10, 1861; Pvt in Co. E, 10th Cav Reg.; Discharged Apr 20, 1865 at Meridian, Miss; Died Kilgore, Tx.

Baxter, D.H. - From Rusk Co., Tx; Enlisted in 1863; Pvt in Co. F, 17th Tx. Cav.; Discharged May 20, 1865. Died in Gregg County, Tx.

Bivins, James Knox Sr. - Born Apr. 13, 1845 Henry Co., Ga.; died Jun 23, 1921; buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.; CSA marder on grave. Volunteered when he was 16 years old, mustered in at Marshall, Tx. Pvt in Co. B, Tx Infantry, Granbury's Brigade. Participated in the battles of Chickamuga, Missionary Ridge, Ringold, Resaca, New Hope Church, Kinesaw Mt., Atlanta, Jonesboro and Franklin, Tn. and Ft. Donaldson. Captured and sent to prison camp in Chicago where he had pheumonia. In a POW exchange he was sent to Gen. Joseph E. Johnson at Greensboro, NC where he was mustered out April 26, 1865. Mr. Bivins was Commander of Camp No. 587, United Confederate Veterans from 1907 to about 1918.

Blake, J.C. - From Denton Co., Tx; Enlisted May 1, 1863; Pvt in Co. H, 3rd Arizona Vol. Madison's Reg.; Discharged with the rank of Brevet Capt. May 21, 1865 by J.C. Carter, Lt. Commander. Died in Gregg County, Tx.

Bradburn, C.C. - From Madison County, Ark. He entered the Confederate service April 3, 1861; Pvt Co. K, Hill's Regiment Inf. Div; changed to Cavalry. He had attained rand of Maj. by the end of the war. Died in Gregg County, Tx.

Bradburn, C.C. - From Noxibee Co., Miss; enlisted May 15, 1863; Pvt Co.A of Blank's Reg of Miss.; Discharged May 15, 1865 by a Federal officer. Died in Gregg County, Tx.

Broughton, Capt. E.T. - In a "Granbury" letter, dated Jan 3, 1863, Capt. E.T. Broughton was addressed as follows: c-o Col. Gregg's Reg., Tx Volunteers at Clarksville, Tn. Letter was dated Dec 30, 1861. the Tyler Daily Courier Times of 1925 carried the following: E.T. Broughton - enlisted 1861 - Capt. of Co. C., 7th Tx. Inf., CSA - Promoted to Lt. Col. of the Regiment which was under the command of Col. John W. Brown of Rusk County. Also joined John B. Hood's Regiment. Died in Gregg County, Tx.

Brown, A.J. - Resident of Talladega Co., Ala. Enlisted Jun 4, 1863. Pvt Co. B, Lockhart's Battery, Ala. Paroled in fall of 1865. Died in Gregg County, Tx.

Brown, Bluford Washington - Born Jan 31, 1831 Bibb Co., Ala; died Feb 5, 1897; buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.; CAS marker on grave. Enlisted in 1862, Co. F, 44th Ala. Inf. Div. Returned home to raise a company of cavalrymen. Was Lt. of the company under Capt. Willis Cleveland, Livingston's Regiment, Clanton's Cavalry Brigade.

Brown, John William - Resident of Rusk Co., Tx.; Born Nov 4, 1836 in Albermarie Co., Va.; died July 9, 1905; buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.; CSA marker at grave. Organized a company of soldiers in Rusk and other counties. Was Colonel of the 7th Tx. Inf. Division.

Bruner, William Isaac - Born Mar 17, 1830 Vicksburg, Miss; died July 26, 1895; buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.; CSA marker at grave. Lt. to the Capt. 1861 to 1865, Co. C, 3rd Reg. of Miss Inf Div.

Burke, Archibald T. - Born Apr 15, 1829 in Ga.; died Jan 23, 1882; buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.; CSA marker on grave. He was a member of Co.F, 7th Div of Ga. Regiment; served on Governor's staff; wounded in the leg at first battle of Manassas; promoted to Colonel and served for the duration.

Bussey, J.L. - From Harrison Co., Tx; July 1862 was a Pvt in Co. A of Lane Tx. Reg.; Discharged May 15, 1865. Died in Gregg County, Tx.

Butts, Charles M. - Born July 25, 1847; died July 10, 1895; buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.; CSA marker at grave. Enlisted in Co.B, 3rd Tx Cav.

Campbell, Thomas Duncan - Born 1831; Died 1909; Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.; Pvt with Capt. Sutton Co., Tx Cav. Unit of Graham's Texas Rangers.

Catterton, Benjamin N. - From Albermarl Co., Va.; Born Sept 19, 1846 near Charlottesville, Va.; died Sept 17, 1916 and buried in Greenwood Cem. in Longview, Tx.; Enlisted Apr 1, 1863, Pvt in Co. B, 39th Bat. from Va.; Paroled Apr 9, 1865; CSA marker at grave.

Chilcoat, J.E. - From Lawrence Co., Ala; Enlisted Apr 15, 1861; Pvt Co. F, 16th Ala Inf. Reg.; Discharged by Gen. Joseph E. Johnson on April 28, 1865 at Charlotte, NC. Died in Gregg County, Tx.

Coble, John Franklin - From Smith Co., Tx; Enlisted Mar. 5, 1862, Co. C, 17th Tx. Cav.; Was not discharged due to his being on furlough when the surrender came through. Died in Gregg County, Tx.

Cochran, P.V. - From Miss.; Enlisted Apr 29, 1861; Pvt in Co. D, 3rd Miss Reg.; Was in prison at time of surrender. Died in Gregg County, Tx.

Cochran, W.J. - From Lauderdale Co., Miss.; Enlisted Jan., 1, 1864; Pvt in Co. D, 3rd Miss Inf. Div.; Wounded in action and was at home when the war ended. Died in Gregg County, Tx.

Crook, Joseph L. - Resident of Shelby Co., Tn.; Enlisted Sept 9, 1861 at Iuka, Miss; Pvt in Co. A, 1st Miss Reg.; In prison at time of surrender. Died in Gregg County, Tx.

Crane, Dr. J.M. - From Dallas Co., Mo.; Enlisted Feb 1862; Pvt in Co. 1, 4th Miss. Inf. Reg.; Discharged in Marshall Tx. in 1865; Died in Kilgore, Tx.

Culver, I.T. - Henry County, Ala; Enlisted July 1, 1861; Was 1st Lt., Co. G, 15th Ala Inf. Reg.; discharged May 2, 1865 at Eufaula, Ala with rank of Capt in Co. E, 57th Ala. Reg.; Died in Longview, Tx.

DeLoach, Alfred Burton MD - Born SC; Died Texarkana, Tx; Enlisted May 11, 1861; Pvt in Capt. Ramey's Co., Tx Vol. (Anderson's Invincibles); Was ordered as Asst. Surgeon from Tx, Dec 3, 1862, to report to Gen. Braxton Bragg; Built his home in Longview where the First Baptist Church now stands.

Duke, W.N. - Member of Co. K, 3rd Reg.; died in Longview, Tx. 1907.

Durham, D.D. - From Kemper Co. Miss; Enlisted June 1861; Pvt in independent Co., 59th Reg., from Va.; Served through the entire war; Discharged in 1865 with rank of 2nd Lt. of Co. K, 46th Miss Reg., Sear's Brigade; Died in Longview, Tx.

Echols, George - Born July 31, 1846 Shelby Co., Tx.; Enlisted Aug. 27, 1861; Pvt Co. B, 7th Tx. Inf. in Col. Gregg's Regiment; Discharged Apr. 26, 1865; died Ft. Worth, Tx.

Echols, Robert Finis - Born July 31, 1846, Shelby Co., Tx.; Died Nov 9, 1916.; Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.; Corp. in Co. I, 35th Reg., Dist of Tx. Cav.; Was at the battle of Mansfield, La. and at Galveston when it was taken.

Finch, John Landrum - From Spartenburg, SC; Enlisted in 1862, Pvt. in Co. E, 2nd SC Cav.; Discharged in April 1865. Died in Longview.

Findley, Richard James - From Columbia, Ala.; Enlisted in Auburn, Ala.; Pvt Co. D, 14th Ala Inf.; Recieved slight wound at Salem Church, Va. on May 3, 1863; Admitted to Chimborazo Hospital unit #4, Richmond, Va. on June 14, 1863; Transferred to Howard Grove Hospital; Captured at Hanover Junction June 24, 1864 and imprisoned at Elmire, NY. After taking an oath of allegiance to the Northern States, the prisoners were released June 19, 1865. Then, in rags, were marched through the streets of Elmira and were booed and stoned. Died in Gregg County, Tx.

Flanagan, Webster - Enlisted as a scout with Maxey, Nunn & Boggess; Transferred later to Morgan's Battery; later to Henry McCullock's Brigade and finally to Parson's Brigade; Died in Henderson, Tx.

Flewellen, Thomas Archeleus - Born Feb 27, 1829; Died Jun 17, 1893; Buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.; Enlisted in Civil Deptl, Tyler, Tx.; Rank of Captain.

Florence, Sim - Enlisted 1861; Pvt in Co. K, 3rd Tx. Cav.; Died in Rusk Co., Tx.

Fowler, Littleton Morris - Methodist Minister; Enlisted in Clarksville, Tx while a student at McKenzie College; Attached to Hood's Brigade; Born Oct 15, 1844 in San Augustine, Tx.; Enlisted in 1862; John L. Camp's 14th Cav. Div.; Engaged in 13 battles including Chickmauga, under Generals Johnson, Bragg & Hood; Died 1919 & buried Henderson Cemetery.

Goforth, Reuben - Born Aug 5, 1841; Died Jan 25, 1882; Attached to Co. G, 10th Tx Cav; Buried Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Gregg County.

Grimes, G.G. - From Rusk County, Tx; Enlisted Feb 1, 1863; Pvt in Co. D, 28th Tx. Regiment; Discharged May 1865. Died in Gregg County, Tx.

Harrison, M.A. - Born Apr. 10, 1828; Died Oct. 28, 1905; buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx; CSA marker at grave.

Haskine, Joe M. - Resident of Panola County, Tx.; Enlisted Apr. 3, 1862; Pvt in Co. 3, 28th Tx. Cav.; Discharged Apr. 5, 1865 with rank of Sgt. in 3rd Ordinance Brigade; Died Longview, Tx.

Henderson, Charles Newton - Pvt in Co. H, 3rd Ga. Reg.-Cavalry Div.; Attained rank of 2nd Lt. 1864, attained Captain in 1865. Died Gregg County, Tx.

Hill, O.P. - Resident of Ky.; Enlisted Sept 20, 1861; Pvt in Co. C, 9th Ky Reg; Discharged May 1865. Died Gregg County, Tx.

Hill Richard Cabell (Dick) - Rank unknown; Born Jan 23, 1823; Died Aug 16, 1901; Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.; CSA marker at grave.

Holloway, W.C. - Pvt in Capt. Boggess' Co in Sept of 1862, then attached to Co. B, Morgan's Battery, Parson's Brigade; Other information not known. Died Gregg County, Tx.

Howard, Jackson Conner - Born Aug 11, 1847 Harrison County; died Oct 2, 1922; Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.; Enlisted Aug 12, 1862 at Gilmer and attached to Co. A, 3rd Tx. Reg. as a Courier.

Howard, L.L. (Luke) - Resident of Harrison Co.; Enlisted Jun 6, 1861; Co. A, 3rd Tx. Cav. commanded by Col. Greer; At battle of Oak Hill & served under Gen. Ben McCollugh at Elkhorn; Later served under Gen. Ross in Miss.; Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.

Johnson, J.W. - From Smith Co., Tx.; Enlisted Jun 13, 1861; Pvt in Co. I, 3rd Tx. Cav.; Discharged May 13, 1865 at Meridian, Miss. Died Gregg County, Tx.

Johnson, R.B. - Resident of Upshur Co, Tx.; Enlisted Mar 2, 1862; Sgt in Co. C, 22nd Tx. Inf. Div; Paroled by surrender of Gen. E. Kirby Smith at Shreveport, La. on May 5, 1865.

Keener, Lawson Jefferson - From Rusk Co., Tx.; Born in Union Spring, Ala; Date of death unknown; Buried in Kilgore Cemetery, Kilgore, Tx.; Enlisted Sept 1, 1861; Attached to Co. I, 7th Tx. Inf Div.;Pvt in W.P. Lanes Rangers of Marshall, Tx.; Promoted Oct 1, 1861 to Sgt., promoted to Lt. Feb 2, 1862; Was Courier and Scout and the last service guard at Camp Ford, Tyler, Tx; Was in Federal prison camp; Paroled July 18, 1865 at Marshall, Tx.

Kelly, T.A. - Resident at Greenville, Ala; Enlisted May 29, 1861; Pvt in Co. f, Ala. Vol.; Discharged Apr 9, 1865 with rank of Orderly Sgt; Died in Longview, Tx.

Kennard, T.E. - Attached to Co. K, 34th Tx. Cavalry; Born in 1848 in Ala.; Date of death unknown; Buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.

Key, W.H. - From Boosier Parish, La.; Enlisted Sept 13, 1861; Pvt in Co. B, 19th La. Inf. Reg.; Discharged May 10, 1865; Died Longview, Tx.

Kilgore, "Buck" - (For whom Kilgore, Tx. was named) Pvt in 10th Tx. Cav; Adjutant Ector;s Brigade; Wounded at battle of Chickamauga; Taken prisoner at Ft. Delaware 1864 and shipped out to Michigan in 1865.

Kilgore, Judge John T. - (Gregg County Judge) Born May 6, 1841; died Sept 12, 1885; Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx; CSA marker at grave.

Kuykendoll, J.P. - Resident of Rusk County, Tx.; Enlisted Feb of 1863; Pvt. in Co. D, 19th Tx. Cav.; Discharged May 22, 1865. Died Gregg County, Tx.

Laird, Dickson Henderson - From Rusk County, Tx.; Born Dec. 15, 1833 in Maury Co, Tn.; Enlisted Jun 14, 1861; Pvt Co. B, 3rd Tx. Cav.; Granted furlough by Gen. Sul Ross near Vicksburg, Miss on Mar. 12, 1865. Died April 15, 1917 in Kilgore, Tx.

Lane, J.A. - From Bainbridge, Ga.; Enlisted May 2, 1862; Attached to Co. A, Milton's Light Artillery of Fl.; Broke camp and went home after the surrender of Gen. Lee in 1865. Died in Longview, Tx.

Levy, Richard B. Sr. - Resident of Portsmouth, Va.; Date of birth unknown; Date of death unknown; Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.; CSA marker at grave; Enlisted Apr. 1862; Pvt in the Independent Signal Corps, 1st Co.; Paroled by the surrender of the army of Northern Va. under Gen. Robert E. Lee at Appomattox, Apr. 9, 1865.

Lewis, Bennett F. - Resident of Decatur, Ga.; Born 1847; Died 1926; Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.; Enlisted July 1, 1864; Pvt in Col. Sim's Regiment under Capt. Coachman.

Little, S. Miles - Born Nov. 7, 1823, Tn.; Died Mar 15, 1905; Buried White Cemetery, Gregg Co., Tx.; Enlisted 1862 in Columbia, Tn. in Co. G, 23rd Tn. Reg.

Luckett, Charles Joseph - Resident of San Antonio, Tx.; Born 1836; Died 1908; Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.; Enlisted Aug 1861; Pvt. Co. C, 2nd Tx. Cav.; Discharged in May of 1865 with rank of Major in the Quartermaster Dept.

Magrill, John R. - Early resident of Gregg Co.; Served as a courier in the CS Army; Died in Longview, Tx.; Donated land for the First Methodist Church of Longview, Tx.

Marshall, Dr. W.G. - Resident of Van Buren, Ark; Enlisted May 15, 1861; Pvt in Co. F, Van Buren's Guards, 3rd Ark. Reg.; Reportedly never discharged as he was in the hospital at Jefferson, Tx. until about a month and half after close of the war, when, "I turned the hospital over to the Federals and stepped aside."; Attained rank of Capt. and Asst. Surgeon and  practiced medicine in Longview for many years; Died in Longview, Tx.

Mayfield, W.S. - Resident of Nacogdoches, Tx.; Enlisted 1863; Pvt in Co. H, 4th Tx. Cav. Reg; Discharged in 1865; Died Longview, Tx.

McDuffie, M.D. - Resident of Abhbeville, Ga.; Enlisted June 10, 1861; Pvt in Co. H of Wilcox's Rifle Corp., 10th Ga. Reg.; Discharged April 20, 1865 at Appomattox Court House in Va. with rank of musician; Died Longview, Tx.

McLain, John - Resident of Raleigh, NC; Died Dec 1918 in Acworth, Ga.; Buried in Mars Hill Cemetery; Enlisted Sept 18, 1861; 1st Ga. Cav.; Later transferred to Co. A, 18th Ga. Reg; Fought in the battle of Bull Run; Wounded at Seven Pines; Captured at Gettysburg and sent to Hog Island Prison near NY City; Discharged by Gen. Wheeler May 7, 1865; Was a resident of Longview, Tx. for many years.

Merrill OR Murrell, George W. - Attached to Co. D, 4th SC Inf. Div; CSA dates of birth and death not known; Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.

Mitchell, A.S. (Capt) - Enlisted in Capt. Ike Henry's Co.- Quarles Reg., 42nd Div. from Tn., made up of Ala & Tn companies; Fought in battles of Murfreesboro and Fort Donaldson; Wounded at Franklin, Tn. and taken prisoner; After surrender at Fort Donaldson he escaped and went to Nashville and joined the 4th Ala. Battery, J.D. Breckenridge's Div. in the battle of Shiloh. This was near where Gen. Albert Sidney Johnson was killed. A new regiment was made up of 4th and 5th Ala. batteries under the command of Col. Snodgrass, Lt. J.R. Norwood. It was at this time that Mitchell was made Capt. He saw artillery duty at Port Hudson, La., Baer's Creek, Miss., New Hope Church, Resaca, Peach Tree Creek, Jonesboro, and Kennasaw Mountain, Ga.; Died at Longview, Tx.; Was father of Mrs. Ida (Mitchell) Butts.

Mobberly, Samuel H. - Born Sept 8, 1842, Ky.; Died Dec 15, 1910; Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.; CSA marker at grave; Enlisted in 1862 at Russellville, Ky. in the 1st Ky. Inf. Div. under Col. Ben Hardin Helms.

Moore, G.W. - Resident of Rusk Co, Tx.; Enlisted Sept 1861; Pvt in Co. G, 10th Tx. Cav. Div.; Discharged 1865 in Ark. Died Gregg County, Tx.

Morgan, R.W. - Resident of Rusk, Co, Tx.; Enlisted in Perry Whetstone's Co. from Rusk Co.; wounded and given furlough. When he returned to his company in Shreveport, La., he had been dropped from the roll as dead. He lived to be 81 years old and died in 1914 in Rusk Co.

Northcutt, William George - Resident of Cobb Co, Ga.; Born Sept 17, 1837 in Cobb Co., Ga.; Died June 9, 1909; Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.; Enlisted May 22, 1862 in Co. K, 60th Fa. Reg.; Made 1st Sgt. under Gen Lawton, Col. Stiles, and Capt. Howell; Stationed for a time at Savannah, Ga., then transfered to Va. to serve under Gen. Stonewall Jackson.; Fought in battle of Seven Pines and the "Seven Day" Battle at Richmond; Discharged in Va. due to an attack of cholera. When he regained his health, he went on to serve again, this time under Gen. Joseph E. Johnston; During seige of Atlanta, he served under Gen. Hood in battles near New Hope Church; Served as a scout from Cartersville to Atlanta under Gen. Johnston during his retreat before Gen. Sherman.

O'Bryan, Dr. Andrew Franklin - Resident of SC; Born June 4, 1836 in SC; Died June 7, 1916; Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.; CSA marker at grave; Served as physician and surgeon in CS Army; Came to Longview in the late 1880's from Bethany, La.; Practiced medicine in Longview for many years.

Perry, Green P. - Resident of Ft. Worth, Tx.; Died Nov 16, 1921; Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.; Enlisted May 1861; Pvt in Co.D, 9th Tx. Cav.; Was severely wounded at Corinth, Miss.; Discharged by Capt. Murdock in 1865.

Phillips, B.F. - Enlisted in Co. B, 35th Tx. Cav.; Dates of birth & death unknown; Died at Gladewater, Tx.

Poe, John T. - Resident of Huntsville, Tx.; Born Aug 30, 1836; died Dec 22, 1917; Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.; CSA marker at grave; Enlisted May of 1861; 4th Corporal of Co. F, 4th Tx. Cav.; Discharged May 1, 1865 at Houston, Tx. with rank of 1st Sgt.; Letter from his granddaughter, and we quote: "He was wounded near Santa Fe, New Mexico and taken prisoner. When well enough, he was exchanged for a northern prisoner. He then WALKED to San Antonio, Tx. to join what was left of his regiment." Granddaughter is Mrs. Dorothy (Haliburton) Sents of St. Louis, Mo.

Powell, S.H. - Enlisted Jun 1861; Pvt in Co. A of W.P. Lane's Rangers, known as the Texas Partisans; discharged Apr. 26, 1865. Died Gregg County, Tx.

Rain, Benjamin C. - Enlisted 1862 in Co. G, 14th Inf. as a 2nd Lt.; Served through the entire war; Born July 31, 1832; Died Feb 11, 1883 Gregg County, Tx.; Buried at Web Cemetery at Marshall, Tx.

Reddick, William - Of Ga.; enlisted in CSA Army in Upshur Co.; Came to Gregg County with the Sparkman family about 1854; Buried in private cemetery known as the Sparkman Reddick Cemetery.

Reynolds, John Franklin - Resident Smith Co., Tx; Enlisted Dec. 19, 1861; Pvt in Co. B, 14th Tx. Reg. (Tx. Cav.), Ector's Brigade; Discharged as under age; Joined Sutton's Tx. Cav. Div. as McGruder's body guard; Group disbanded at time of surrender at Houston, Tx.; died at Kilgore, Tx.

Roe, John G. - Resident Shelby Co., Tx.; Enlisted Dec 1861; Pvt in Co. F, 11th Inf Reg; Discharged in April 1865; Died at Longview, Tx.

Rossou, T.J. - Resident of Smith Co., Tx.; Enlisted Sept 25, 1861; Pvt in Co. G, 10th Tx. Cav.; Discharged by G.E. Gordon and S.A. Hold on April 25, 1865. Died Gregg County, Tx.

Rucker, James Howard - Resident of Upshur Co., Tx.; Born 1822 Tn.; Died Feb 27, 1888; Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.; Enlisted Sept. 1, 1861; Attached to Co. C, made Capt. of the company on Sept. 10, 1861.

Rule, Charles C. - Enlisted July 1861 in Ky; Capt. Harry Bedford's Company under Gen. John H. Morgan's command. Fought battles in Ky, Tn and Miss.; Wounded in the hand near Coosa River, Ga.; Captured and confined to Rock Island Prison, escaped in a Yankee uniform just before the surrender and proceeded to Toronto, Canada in citizens clothes furnished by some Chicago friends.; Was an early Gregg County resident; 3rd Lt. of his company; Died at Dallas, Tx.

Ryan, A.M. - Resident of Titus Co., Tx.; Enlisted Feb. 1, 1862; Pvt in Co. A of Whittfield's Legion, 27th Tx. Cav.; Discharged Apr. 30, 1865 with rank of Corp.; Died Gregg County, Tx.

Shaw, Dr. Dan - Resident of Rusk Co., Tx.; Enlisted May 1861; Co. B, 3rd Tx. Reg. as physician; Promoted to Regimental Surgeon; Born in Rusk County, Tx.; Died Gregg County, Tx.

Simmons, J.H. - Enlisted with the Minnie Rangers under Capt. J.A. Webb in Mar. 1862 as Orderly Sgt.; At time of surrender, was with Jackson's Provost Guards; Paroled at Gainsville, Ala. June 11, 1865; Died Gregg County, Tx.

Smith, F.M. - Pvt. detailed to hospital service at Tyler, Tx. and Rusk Co., Tx. in 1863-1865; Died Gregg County, Tx.

Smith, John Tyson - Born Oct 29, 1846 at anniston, Ala; Died Jun 15, 1916; Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.; Enlisted in Rx. under McGruder and Gen. Kirby Smith.; Was on way to battle of Mansfield but arrived too late. Mustered out at Hempstead, Tx. 1865.

Smitherman, Newton - Born 1840 near Randolph, Ala; Enlisted June 1861 at Randolph; Pvt. in Co. F, 11th Inf. Div from Ala. under Capt. James Davidson & 1st Co. A.B. Moore.

*Sparkman, Joseph Marcus - Because of a leg injury, was not able to serve in the war, but with the aid of the women, older men, and an elderly Negro known as "Uncle Ben", he formed a home industry which made shoes for the Confederate soldiers; See Historical Marker near Hwy. 80 W. of Longview.

Spinks, James Monroe - Resident of Rusk County, Tx.; Enlisted Sept 25, 1861 as Pvt in Co. G, 10th Cav. of Ector's Brigade Tx. Army; In battles of Richmond, Murfreesboro Tn, Chicamauga Ga., and with Gen. Hood at Franklin, Tn.; Was guide that lead Ector's brigade from the top of Kennesaw Mt. and carried the last Confederate dispatch at Atlanta. Was with Forest at Sugar Creek where so many horses of the enemy were killed.; Surrendered June 11, 1865 at Citronelle, Ala; Paroled at Meridian, Miss; Died in Gregg County, Tx.

Standsbury, L.D. (MD) - Resident of Trimble County, Ky; Enlisted Sept. 10, 1861; Quote: "I connected myself to Breckenridge's Orphan Brigade, was sent back to Kentucky border to recruite a regiment of cavalry. Organized Co. E, 4th Kentucky Cavalry to which I was transferred Sept. 10, 1862. Promoted to acting Asst. Field Surgeon on detached service. I was in 42 regular engagements - in the battles of Pleasant Hill, Mansfield, Shilo, and Fredricksburg, Richmond, and Gettysburg. Was with Lee and Jackson on the field when Stonewall Jackson was killed. Never saw greater grief than Lee expressed over Jackson's death. Was taken prisoner again at close of war."; Proof of service file in Gregg County courthouse, Longview, Texas. Died at Longview, Tx.

Stevens, John R. - Resident of Daingerfield, Tx.; Enlisted Feb 7, 1862; Pvt in Co. A, 27th Tx. Cav. under command of Gen. Ross Mose in Miss, Tn. and Ga.

Tankersley, A.B. (Baptist Minister) - Born Mar. 17, 1833 in Ga.; Died June 8, 1887; Confederate emblem on tombstone where buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.; Served in CS Army as rank of Major.

Tate, Thomas Marvin - Resident of Harrison County, Tx.; Born Mar 1830; Died June 1911; Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.; Enlisted 1861 and detailed as a gunsmith; Worker for the Confederate Government until 1865.

Taylor, Andrew S. - Attorney and Surveyor; Born Dec 12, 1844 in Amite Co., Miss; died Feb 21, 1890; Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.; CSA marker on grave; Enlisted in Co. A, 3rd Tx. Reg.; Served 1861-1865; Surveyed the boundry lines for Gregg County, Tx. in 1873.

Teel, L. - Resident of Ala.; Enlisted April 1861 as Pvt in Beckom's Reg., Robertson's Battery, Cotney's Battery; Discharged April 1, 1862.

Thomas, Ezekial - Resident of Franklin Co., Ga.; Enlisted May 6, 1862; Pvt. in Co. G, 34th Ga. Reg.; Discharged by Capt. Mason, May 2, 1865 as Capt.; died Gregg County, Tx.

Thomas, H.J. - Resident of Clark Co., Ga.; Enlisted May 20, 1862; Pvt in Co. L, 3rd Ga. Reg.; Discharged by Gen. A.P. Hill April 9, 1865; Died Gregg County, Tx.

Tutt, R.H. - Resident of Rusk County, Tx.; Enlisted Sept. 1, 1861; Pvt. in Co. I, 19th Tx. Reg. Inf. Div.; Discharged by Gen. John G. Walker at Hempstead; Died Gregg County, Tx.

Tyson, W.L. - Resident of Miss; Enlisted Mar. 1861; Lt. in Co. B, 15th Reg. from Miss.; Resigned Dec. 1861 and appointed to Lt. Harvey's Scouts; discharged in Apr of 1865 with rank of Lt.; Died Gregg County, Tx.

Victory, J.I. (James) - Born Mar 18, 1845; Died Sept. 22, 1923; Buried Gladewater, Tx.; Resident of Rusk County; Enlisted June 2, 1862; Pvt in Co. D, 1st Tx. Reg. of W.P. Lane (Partisan's Rangers); Discharged May 15, 1865; Died Gladewater, Tx.

Wardlow, J.W. - Enlisted Mar 2, 1862; Pvt Co. N, 27th Tx. Div. of Whitfield's Legion; discharged May of 1865 at Jefferson, Tx.; Died Gregg County, Tx.

Weir, Richard N. - Resident Harmony Hill, Rusk County, Tx.; Enlisted Dec. 23, 1861; Pvt in Co. C, 14th Tx. Cav. and Dept of 5th Cav.; Never discharged but was serving at time of surrender; Born Mar. 13, 1826; Died Sept 28, 1889; Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.

Whitehead, James M. - Died Feb 17, 1882; Buried Greenwood Cemetery Longview, Tx.; Served in Walker's Division; CSA marker at grave.

Whitehurst, Francis M. - Enlisted as Pvt in Co. K, 19th Ala. Cav. June 1862; Discharged May 1865; Died Gregg County, Tx.

Whitley, S.R. - Enlisted in New Salem, Rusk County, Tx. Aug. 1861 in Co. F, 7th Tx. Reg; Mustered out in La.; Died Gregg County, Tx.

Wilkins, Mortimer - Resident Rusk County, Tx.; Born Feb 2, 1844; Died Aug. 7, 1925; Buried Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Gregg County, Tx.; Enlisted April 1862; Pvt Co. F, 17th Tx. Cav.; Discharged May 25, 1865.

Womack, Albert Alonzo - Resident of Marshall, Tx.; Born 1844; died 1910; Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.; Enlisted May 1861; Pvt in Co. A, 3rd Tx. Reg. of Lane's Rangers; Discharged by Gen. Lane, Apr. 1865; CSA marker at grave.

Wooley, L. - Resident of Bibb County, Ala; Enlisted Sept 20, 1863; Pvt Co. B, 20th Ala. Reg.; Paroled April of 1865; Died Gregg County, Tx.

Young, W. Francis - Resident of Henderson, Tx.; Born Mar 17, 1841; Died June 20, 1925; Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Longview, Tx.; CSA marker at grave; Enlisted Jan 7, 1862; Pvt. in Co. E, 10th Tx. Cav.; Made Lt. in May 1862 and Capt. in Aug. 1862; Served under Capt. Ras Redwine and Col. M.F. Locke; Married Harriett B. Sparkman. The Sparkman family is reported to have a muzzle loader gun and powder horn which belonged to Young, but it was destroyed when their home burned in 1953; Died Gregg County, Tx.

Other Gregg County Confederate veterans are listed as follows:

Bond, J.M. - Co. E, 1st & 4th Missouri Inf.
Coleman, Paul E.
Culpepper, Elbert
Merrill, G.T.
Page, S.B.
Pegues, P.A. (Phillip) - Pvt Co. I, 19th Tx. Inf; Promoted to rank of
                         Orderly Sgt.
Powell, Suby - Co. K, 3rd Tx. Vol.
Scott, J.M.
Scruggs, W.S.
Tarkington, Booker - Co. H, 3rd Tx. Cal.
Templeton, J.A. - Co. I, 10th Tx. Reg.
Whatley, Hiram


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