1905 Confederate Soldiers Picnic
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1905 Confederates Picnic

UPDATE: A note from Craig Harris Kisabeth of Dandridge, Jefferson Co., TN, tells us that his great grand Uncle John G. Rowe is the 5th from the left on the front row. He served in the 11th Texas Infantry, Co. F and he was a private. Craig has his confederate pension application that was approved on July 9, 1900 in Longview, Gregg Co., TX. According to census records, he was a grocer in Longview before his death on December 16, 1922. He died at the home of his son Eddie L. Rowe in McLennan Co., TX and was buried in Gregg Co., TX. If you know where he was buried, please contact Craig, Sharon or Elaine.

Confederate Veterans, left to right, front row: J.K. Bivins, Mr. Lane, Emory Prothro, Unknown, G. Rowe, Unknown, Mr. Tyson, Mr. Tutt, Robert F. Echols, Unknown
Back row: John McClain, Brad Johnson, J.M. Rosson, J.L. Finch, Frank Young, T.E. Kennard, J.M. Spinks. The child at the top right of the photo is Ben Spinks.

The Times Clarion, Longview, dated Sept. 21, 1905 reported a Confederate Veterans picnic sponsored by the John B Gregg Confederate Veteran Camp held on Gregg County Court House Grounds. Veterans who attended were:

Culver, I.T. Co E 15th Ala. (later Co G 57th Ala.)
Thomas, H.J. Co L 3rd Ga.
Moore, G.W. Go G 10th Tx Cav
Fisher, G.A. Co C 10th Tx Cav
Barber, P.B. Co G 10th Tx Cav
Rosson, T.J. Co G 10th Tx Cav
Powell, S.H. Co A Partisan Rangers Cav, Valter Lane Regt
Ingram, Dick Co D 2nd Miss. Cav
Castleberry, R.W. Co C 22nd Tx Inf
Johnson, R.B. Co C 22nd Tx Inf
Mobberly, J.M. Co A 1st Ky Cav
Bunt, D. Cobb's Co Legion's (later 3rd Ga. Bat SS)
Bivins, J.K. Co B 7th Tx Inf
Dickson, J.M. Co I 9th Tx Inf
McVay, Dr A.H. Capt 28th Ga Inf
Harris, J.F. Co A 26th Miss Inf
Ward, H.P. Co D 20th Ala
Kuykendall, J.P. Co D 19th Tx Cav
Scott, J.M. Co A 28th Tx Cav
Taylor Calvin Forage Master, Col Martin in charge
Harper, G.F. Co K SC Volunteers
Tutt, R.H. Co I 19th Tx
Smith, A.W. Co C 28th Tx Randall's Brigade
Catterton, B.N. Co B 19th Va Courier for Gen. Lee
Hall, J.W. Co K 17th Tx
Coble, J.F. Co C 18th Tx
McPherson, B Co I 37th Ala
Teel, L. Robinson's Battery
Wilkins, M. Co F 17th Tx Cav
Dollahite, J.W. Co F 17th Tx Cav
Ogilvie, Dr. N.C. Shreveport Grays 1st La Batt
Pridgeon, J.P. Co M 1st Ga Inf
May, Capt S Co A Morgan's command
Coleman, P.E. Co A 3rd Tx Cav
Adrain, D.W. Co G 5th Miss
Ansley, W.S. Co F 5th Ga
Young, Capt. W.F. Co F 10th Tx Cav
Stansbury, Dr. L.D. Co E 4th Ky
Bradburn, C.C. Co K Ark Regt
Echols, R.F.  Co I 36th Tx Cav
Echols, George Co B 7th Tx Inf
Tate, T.M. Detail Service in Tyler Agency
Lawrence, J.W.  Go G 44th Ala
McLain, John M. Co A 18th Ga
Kelly, T.A. Co F 8th Ala Inf
Woolley, L. Co B 20th Ala Inf
Castleberry, A.T. Co C 22nd Tx
Fortson, J.M. Co D 8th La Cav
Morton, William Co F 17th Tx Cav
Garner, W.J. Co E 53rd Ala
Finch, J.L. Co E 2nd SC Cav
Phillips, A.M. Co G 35th Tx
Baker, J.S. Co H 39th Ga
Fenton, R. Co A 20th Tx Cav
Porter, G.W. Co E 11th Fla.
Goodwin, S. Co A Stubbs Battery Wet Adams Miss. Cav
Morrow, J.A. Co D 2nd Miss. Cav
Smith, Judge J.T. Co F 28th Tx


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