1909 Longview Physicians Notice
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1909 Physicians Notice to the Public

The following is a notice posted in the Feb. 1909 Times-Clarion, a weekly newspaper:

 Physicians Notice to Patrons and the Public Generally:

 We, the undersigned physicians of Longview, take the liberty to address this letter to our patrons and to those who expect to patronize us in the future. There is no doubt of the fact that many people pay everybody else before they pay their doctor, and in many cases fail to pay him at all.   Some because they can't and some because they don't want to.  As a rule, the farmers who
do not pay us are men who give mortgages to the banks and merchants on everything they own and make no provisions for a probable doctor bill.  All we want is a square deal.  We are willing to to render our services for a reasonable price and have been doing so all along, but we want to have some assurance that we will be paid.  We suggest that every salaried man or wage worker save a portion of his wages each week or month to make a fund to meet a probable doctor's bill or pay one he already owes. We want every farmer who gives mortgages to remember this doctor when he goes to the banks or merchants to mortgage his crop and teams for money or supplies.  You will probably need the service of a physician some time during the year and request you to make provision for paying him. Every person who has ever employed a Longview physician is given a rating in a book we have for that purpose.  You are rated as either good pay, slow pay, or bad pay.  These ratings will be changed as often as circumstances require.  If you are good pay and later on fail to pay some one of us, your rating will be changed to bad pay and you will have to pay cash or give security. If you are now rated bad pay, you can by paying up in full have your name removed from the bad paying class and placed with the good paying classes.  But unless you pay up you can't expect a physician's services except for cash or good security. Those persons unable to pay their back accounts will be required to give security by mortgage or good personal security.  Some people have been settling their bill by changing doctors, we wish it understood that from now on this rule will not work.

  Town practice
  Day visits,     $2
  Night visits,   $2.50
 Obstetrics, $15 and $1 per hour for detention after six hours
 Complicated cases of obstetrics, $25 to $50.  All obstetrical work cash
 Consultations, $10

 Office practice
 Prescriptions, $1
 Office treatment, $1 to $5

 Country practice
 Day visits, $1 per mile, except for first two miles or less, which is $2.50 to $3 per visit.  Night visits are 50 cents per mile more than day visits. Consultation, $10 and $1 per mile.  All other practice same as town practice

 Old line insurance examinations $5 straight.

 L N Markham, W L Marshall, W D Northcutt, W M Cole, M B Feemster, F J Green, E E Terry, H M Lawrence, C W Lawrence, D C Bussey, L D Stansbury, A F O'Bryan, C M Mooring, D B McPherson

This information was found among loose papers in the vertical files of the Genealogy Dept. of the Longview Library.

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