Korean Wars Casualties
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 Gregg County Korean War Casualties

U. S. military personnel from Gregg County, Texas who died from hostile action (including missing and captured) in the Korean War, 1950-1957.

        NAME      Rank & Military       How Died        Date Died
ABNEY, Jack W.   Army Sgt.   Killed in Action   Oct. 20, 1952
BARNETT, Richard C.   Army Pvt.   Killed in Action   Apr. 25, 1951
BROWN, Kenneth E.   Army Capt.   Killed in Action   Jun. 02, 1951
BRYANT, Joe H.   Army Cpl.   Killed in Action   Mar. 07, 1951
FRYE, James H.   Army Pfc.   Killed in Action   May 08, 1951
GRACE, Robert M.   Army Sgt.   Killed in Action   Feb. 12, 1951
HANNAH, William H.   Army Sfc.   Killed in Action   Jul.  18, 1953
RODRIGUEZ, Henry   Army Pfc.   Killed in Action   Oct. 24, 1951
SETTLE, Alain L.   Army 1st Lt.   Died While Captured   Nov. 25, 1950
SHEFFIELD, Robert E.   Army Sgt.   Killed in Action   Sep. 11, 1950
SOUTHERLAND, Lyndel   Army Capt.   Killed in Action   Jul.  14, 1950
STEPHENS, James M.   Army Pfc.   Died While Missing   Nov. 29, 1950
STEVENS, James   Army Pfc.   Killed in Action   Mar. 23, 1951
WATKINS, Travis E.   Army Msgt.   Killed in Action   Sep. 03, 1950
WHEELER, Harry F.   Army Pfc.   Killed in Action   Aug. 01, 1950
WHITE, William Jr.   Army Pvt.   Killed in Action    Sep. 04, 1950
WILLIAMS, Ray G.   Army Pvt.   Killed in Action   May 18, 1951
WOODS, Jacob   Army Pvt.   Killed in Action   Aug. 08, 1950



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