Gregg County Postmasters
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Postmasters Tracking System
Longview Post Office
Gregg County, Texas

Name Title Date Appointed
Oliver H. POGUE Postmaster 01/27/1871
J. Manning TAYLOR  Postmaster 08/21/1871
Thomas M. COLEMAN Postmaster 05/01/1872
John S. LACY Postmaster 03/09/1874
Floyd C. WOOD Postmaster 07/12/1875
Loring P. HARRIS Postmaster 10/18/1875
James W. FLANAGAN Postmaster 05/08/1882
John T. KILGORE Postmaster 07/06/1885
Fidelia KILGORE Postmaster 09/28/1885
Lincoln H. GRAY Postmaster 02/21/1890
Fidelia KILGORE Postmaster 03/19/1894
Taylor E. KENNARD Postmaster 03/01/1897
Samuel H. FLANAGAN Postmaster 6/14/1898
Joshua COOKE, Jr. Postmaster 12/20/1900
Thomas M. WELCH Postmaster 07/30/1909
Thomas E. DURHAM Postmaster 09/18/1913
Oscar L. GALLMAN Acting Postmaster 09/03/1914
Robert G. BROWN Postmaster 09/16/1914
Oscar W. GALLMAN Acting Postmaster 09/06/1917
Oscar W. GALLMAN Postmaster 03/18/1919
Evans H. ANGELI Acting Postmaster 09/01/1923
Evans H. ANGELI Postmaster 12/19/1923
Cooper SHEFTALL Acting Postmaster 09/24/1927
John T. HOPKINS Postmaster 03/29/1928
Roger H. HENDERSON Acting Postmaster 02/21/1935
Roger H. HENDERSON Postmaster 03/25/1935
James Knox BIVENS, Jr. Postmaster 01/20/1940
Mrs. Tom Hazle BIVINS Acting Postmaster 12/31/1943
Mrs. Tom Hazle BIVINS Postmaster 12/06/1944
Guy WETZEL Acting Postmaster 04/15/1953
Guy WETZEL Postmaster 03/01/1954
Charles D. PEARCE Officer-in-Charge 07/31/1966
Charles D. PERACE Acting Postmaster 02/17/1967
Daniel T. BAILEY, Jr. Acting Postmaster 03/29/1968
Daniel T. BAILEY, Jr. Postmaster 07/23/1968
Lonnie G. WHITEHURST Officer-in-Charge 04/01/1972
Jimmie D. GORDON Officier-in -Charge 04/19/1974
Patricia K. FISHER Postmaster 08/31/1974
John WHITE Officier-in-Charge 10/27/1986
Ken SIMS Officier-in-Charge 01/02/1987
John R. WHITE Postmaster 02/28/1987
Elmer Ken DRAIN Postmaster 04/16/1994
Ray HENSON Officier-in-Charge 05/20/1996
Bobby CARTLIDGE Officier-in-Charge no date
Kyle BROCKINGTON Officier-in-Charge 07/31/1997
Judy STREETMAN Officier-in-Charge 06/01/1998
T.W. FEW Officier-in-Charge 01/08/1999

(Originally established in UPSHUR COUNTY)
Changed to GREGG COUNTY (between 1872 & 1874)
Floyd C. WOOD and John T. KILGORE - May not have served.

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