Gregg County Precinct Six
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Petition To Create Justice Precinct
6 (Kilgore) Gregg County

Petition submitted to Gregg County Commissioners' Court, 14 November 1876

"We would respectfully submit, that, we are now very inconveniently situated.  Kilgore is a RR station,
and the only trading point in Gregg County south of the river, yet the Magistrate resides at least eight miles from us; and parties in this end of the precinct, (said precinct being about 20 miles long), having business in the Justice's Court are compelled to go from four to ten miles to attend to it.  The present arrangement is liable to work hardships in this; that parties disposed to avoid the payment of their debts, or fleeing from justice, will come to the station to dispose of their property, or go aboard a train and make their escape before an officer can be reached, and the papers necessary for their detention procured.  We would also ask that John T Kilgore be appointed magistrate, and J T Lantrip constable of the new precinct."

C J Angell
James Wood
J W Stone
C G Hudson
P A Pegues
T J Joyner
H F Thurmond
Jno G Randle
Maurice Lines
G H Lanier
J M Bussey
A B Hudson
I Alexander
R H Tutt
W D Thompson
J T Lantrip
W Skipper
W Fambrough
W B Smith
G C Buffum
R E Yantis
Joe Davenport
J P Stone
P O Erwin
G A Erwin
W H Leach
A R Hamilton
John G Harnage
S G Dean
W Bussey
W C Nicholson
Dan Lines
J C Nielson
J M Dickson
D H Chapman
W R Story
J V Kilgore
R W Wynn
J A Chandler
J A Thompson
Henry Walker
Sidney Thurmond
George Jacobs
J W Binyon
John B McNeely
Reuben Goforth
W H H Barnett
C B Kilgore
W C Dudley

The petition was granted.  Formed from part of Precints 4 and 5.  John T Kilgore was appointed Justice of
the Peace for Precinct 6 and the Commissioners' Court ordered Justice Court on fourth Monday at Kilgore.  James T Lantrip appointed constable.

Source: Gregg County Commissioners' Court Minutes, Book A, pp 81-83


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