1903 Women's Prohibition Petition
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1903 Women's Prohibition Petition

The ladies of Longview Appeal to the voters...

We the undersigned ladies of Longview, desire to speak a word to the voters of Gregg County before the pending question is settled at the polls. Of course we are aware that the men must do the voting to make the laws, but we believe we have a right to be heard on the question, because the women must live under the laws that are made by the men. It is an admitted fact that the women and children re the chief sufferers from the saloon business, and this being true it sees only fair that their interests should be consulted in this election. We live day by day in sight and within sound of the Longview saloons, and we see the evils that they do. We see young men continually tempted to drink and older men going to ruin. We have seen troubles and heartaches heaped upon our sisters because men wanted to make money selling whiskey. Happy homes in Longview and Gregg County have been blighted and broken up because of the whiskey traffic, and it seems to grow worse and worse. You may say it is not a woman's business, but they never ask if it is going to bring trouble upon the women when they go to sell it. We have to hear the oaths and blasphemies of drunken men when we go upon the streets of our town. The law of the land considers the business so bad that a woman cannot visit one of these places. There is not a saloon man who will suffer his wife or his daughter to enter his own place of business. If it is this bad we believe it wrong to license it by law. We know that the saloons are the deadly enemies of our homes and our loved ones. We ask the voters of Gregg County to consider us when they come to vote, and we believe they will. We know that there are men who always curse when a woman says anything about the whiskey traffic, and from such as these we ask no favors and expect none, but we appeal to high minded and honerable men to think of us and the homes we represent when they go to cast their votes. Believing you will do this and praying God's blessing on you all, we leave the matter for you to decide.

Some of the signers of this petition are as follows:

Huffington, Mrs
Moore, Mrs A J
Melton, Mrs K
Christie, Mrs E C
Overton, Mrs
Pegues, Mrs O H
Harlan, Mrs M L
Poe, Mrs C H
Kirby, Mrs S E
Cole, Mrs W M
Welborne, Mrs
Sparkman, Mrs
Smith, Mrs Ida
Merrill, Mrs R W
Buchanan, Mrs
Northcutt, Mrs W D
Mauthe, Mrs
Fisher, Mrs E M
Meredith, Mrs
Perry, Mrs Algie
Crain, Mrs E E
Carroll, Mrs M
Huckabay, Mrs
Harper, Mrs
Dickard, Mrs D A
Smith, Mrs W F
Morgan, Mrs C C
Morgan, Mrs T C
Massie, Mrs S J
Butts, Mrs M H
Scott, Mrs E C
Womack, Mrs A A
Moore, Mrs M J
Forman, Mrs S C
McWhorter, Mrs W O
McWhorter, Mrs W A
Chaney, Mrs
Hill, Mrs Jesse
Thurman, Mrs J H
McHaney, Mrs W E
Kennard, Mrs H G
Oliver, Mrs J J
Dean, Mrs T J
Stotts, Mrs Emma
Plier, Mrs Kate
Plier, Mrs Anice
Hedge, Mrs E J
Morrow, Mrs J A
Richardson, Mrs M J
Morris, Mrs John
Sheftall, Mrs, A G
Birdsong, Mrs S
Mobberly, Mrs S
Hillier, Mrs N O
Petty, Mrs
Henderson, Mrs
Wilson, Mrs
Cunningham, Mrs
Merrill, Mrs G T
Gray, Mrs L H
Kenner, Mrs L R
Krech, Mrs
Burr, Mrs
Brown, Mrs R G
Oden, Mrs A N
Alexander, Mrs I
Munden, Mrs A J
Brinson, Mrs
Jarrett, Mrs
Crain, Mrs J L
Tillery, Mrs
Booth, Mrs W E
Roe, Mrs J G
Little, Mrs G W
Plummer, Mrs
Atkins, Mrs
Maddox, Mrs
Carswell, Mrs
Wooten, Mrs
Ward, Mrs N S
Methvin, Mrs B
Alexander, Mrs Annie
Buttrill, Mrs R E
Johnson, Mrs E A
Johnson, Mrs Alice
Dobbs, Mrs Lizzie
Chambers, Mrs
Newton, Mrs Mattie
Cubberly, Mrs
Ward, Mrs C H
Morrison, Mrs E J
Reed, Mrs Sue
Lacy, Mrs J C
Lewis, Mrs B F
Perry, Mrs G P
Prothro, Mrs A E
Brown, Mrs B B
Flewellen, Mrs J J
Smith, Mrs C D
Norbert, Mrs
Boring, Mrs ? R
Harrison, Mrs M E
Harrison, Mrs Margaret
Butler, Mrs M H
Wigington, Mrs A A
Saylor, Mrs
Zeigler, Mrs Jno
McWhorter, Mrs E O
Carlisle, Mrs
Johnson, Mrs J W
Cunyus, Mrs
Pegues, Mrs P A
Pegues, Mrs P T
Marshall, Mrs B D
Jacobs, Mrs
Northcutt, Mrs M
Taylor, Mrs C L
Prothro, Mrs E B
Stewart, Mrs C L
Stewart, Mrs F A
Schmidt, Mrs W
Williams, Mrs W A
Kelly, Mrs R M
Reynolds, Mrs J H

Reynolds, Mrs H L
Kenner, Mrs A B
Cook, Mrs S F
King, Mrs D
Sims, Mrs H U
Binford, Mrs
Thrasher, Mrs S R
Cheek, Mrs
Dodd, Mrs
Baker, Mrs J S
Lawrence, Mrs H M
LaDuke, Mrs
Foster, Mrs C A
Yates, Mrs J W
Finley, Mrs G S
Pinkham, Mrs
McRanie, Mrs
Williams, Mrs J A
Stout, Mrs
Oden, Mrs J A
Stelson, Mrs
Camp, Mrs
Hicks, Mrs
Howard, Mrs J C
Battle, Mrs Joe
Latham, Mrs
Murphy, Mrs W L
Mc Curdy, Mrs
Curtis, Mrs
Melson, Mrs C M
Catterton, Mrs
Horton, Mrs J M
Doan, Mrs
Johnson, Mrs A H
Johnson, Mrs W E
Johnson, Mrs J J
Patterson, Mrs
Dawson, Mrs
Steadman, Mrs
Reed, Mrs Hick
Perry, Mrs R L
Clark, Mrs ? B
Rowland, Mrs S E
Tardy, Mrs W T
Mobberly, Mrs J M
Justice, Mrs E A
Justice, Mrs Ora
Davis, Mrs J C
Cox, Mrs Burt
Young, Mrs Frank
Waugh, Mrs B J
Atkinson, Mrs W R
Ansley, Mrs E M
Davis, Mrs G
Morrison, Mrs M D
Buckingham, Mrs
Boyce, Mrs
McBride, Mrs
Costello, Mrs
Cronghan, Mrs
Reese, Mrs J D
Grimes, Mrs Ella
Grimes, Mrs D A
Stewart, Mrs W P
Frederick, Mrs
Murrell, Mrs
Long, Mrs J S
Mosley, Mrs W M
Duncan, Mrs M L
Ryan, Mrs M A
Sartarn, Mrs
Adams, Mrs E
Holder, Mrs
Liar, Mrs
Childress, Mrs
VanOrden, Mrs
Jeter, Mrs
Atkin, Mrs
Butts, Mrs Ida
Brookshire, Mrs
Harrison, Mrs J V
Beall, Mrs W E
Osborn, Mrs
Killingsworth, Mrs
Scott, Mrs
Tanksly, Mrs
Calvin, Mrs
Lawrence, Mrs C W
Hill, Mrs R C
Luckett, Mrs M J
Northcutt, Mrs Zula
Eckman, Mrs W K
Laird, Mrs Joe
Rogers, Mrs Geo
McVay, Mrs
Campbell, Mrs L L
Butts, Mrs M H
Flanders, Mrs
Frizzell, Mrs
Padon, Mrs
Ealer, Mrs
Rogers, Mrs
Hurst, Mrs
Hargon, Mrs
Henry, Mrs
Neel, Mrs
Nelson, Mrs
Simmons, Mrs
Fisher, Mrs Joe
Lane, Mrs Georgie
Wommack, Mrs J F
Nicholson, Mrs
Lane, Mrs J A
Falcone, Mrs J
Brown, Mrs F N
Taylor, Mrs E C
Echols, Mrs B F
Bramlett, Mrs A E
Shaw, Mrs D
Watson, Mrs E A
Brown, Mrs J K
Kennedy, Mrs E J
Harrison, Mrs M D
Brown, Mrs F B
Echols, Mrs Geo
Turner, Mrs G B
Levy, Mrs E P
Magrill, Mrs Y
Fisher, Mrs J H
Capps, Mrs
McLain, Mrs Bob
McDonald, Mrs
Dickard, Mrs
Rucker, Mrs J H
Ward, Mrs D
James, Mrs N J
Bussey, Mrs Ed
Carter, Mrs Hattie
Finley, Mrs Irvin
White, Mrs J F
Kelly, Mrs T A
Foster, Mrs E A
Kelly, Mrs G A
McCutchan, Mrs
Prothro, Miss Georgia
Brown, Miss Ida
Brown, Miss Ada
Whaley, Miss Frankie
Bailey, Miss Ethel
Flewellen, Miss Nettie
Boring, Miss Jessie
Chaney, Miss Mollie
Chaney, Miss Ada
Chaney, Miss Nina
Rutler, Miss Beulah
Jete, Miss Florence
Mooney, Miss Bernice
Baker, Miss Sallie
Fuller, Miss Mary
Camp, Miss Anna
Camp, Miss Eula
Williams, Miss Mary
Kelly, Miss Lizzie
Carlisle, Miss Essie
Carlisle, Miss Mary
Carlisle, Miss Lily
Cook, Miss Hattie
Poe, Miss M
Calvin, Miss Bettie
King, Miss Pearle
King, Miss Daisy
Birdsong, Miss Cornie
Mobberly, Miss Jessie
Mobberly, Miss Ida
McHaney, Miss Valley
Oliver, Miss Bettie Mae
McHaney, Miss Annie Belle
Lewis, Miss Nellie
Ansley, Miss Annie
Bunt, Miss Dollie
Bunt, Miss Ada
Johnson, Miss May
Catterton, Miss
Dawson, Miss Mollie
Ringer, Miss Pearle
Wommack, Miss Kate
Crockett, Miss Hallie
Eckman, Miss Verta
Eckman, Miss Viola
Lacy, Miss Louie
Lacy, Miss Bettye
Scott, Miss Mollie
Alton, Miss Ella
Simmons, Miss Dora
Simmons, Miss Fannie
Morrison, Miss Mollie
Thomas, Miss
Whitehad, Miss
Kenner, Miss Hellen
Bur, Miss Gussie
Terry, Miss Ada
Melson, Miss
Sutton, Miss
Pegues, Miss N B
Brown, Miss Della
Brown, Miss C F
Hanson, Miss Emma
Echols, Miss Annie
Mc Cullough, Miss Cacy
Lawrence, Miss Mae
Needham, Miss Trixie
Bramlette, Miss Flo
Bramlette, Miss Anna
Echols, Miss Fannie
Zeigler, Miss
Wagner, Miss Minnie
Schellman, Miss Minnie
Ross, Miss Alice
Finley, Miss Exa
Allen, Miss Eliza
Allen, Miss Nella
Northcutt, Miss Ruth
Ward, Miss Annie


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