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Funeral Programs from McCauley & Sons Funeral Home
(Black Burials)

504 Willow Street - Gladewater, Texas - 903-845-5538 

These are scans of the actual funeral home programs so it will take longer
for the pages to load. The information on the living has been deleted so

that their privacy can be preserved.


Acles, Adell
Acles, Mattie
Alexander, Willie
Bean, James
Bell, Robert L
Booty, Lillian Othello
Boyd, Rev. George
Boyd, "Mother" Safronia
Brooks, Jasper E
Brown, Rev. Edwin
Brown, Gladys Boyd
Brown, Mary Lee
Brown, O.Z.
Brown, Porter L.V.
Butler, Mary Ann
Caldwell, Annie Lou
Choice, Lee Earnest Sr.
Clayborn, Rev Jeremiah
Cross, Pearlie Mae
Daniels, Abron
Daniels, Jessie E
Daniels, Molly
Daniels, Will
Davis, Audrea Fae
Dearion, Fay Turner
Dedman, Darl Glenn
Dedman, Esther W
Elder, Ruzel
Ennis, Leroy
Floyd, Ethel Reeves
Fortson, George Robert
Fortson, Matthew (Dude) Sr.  
Gipson, Glenda Beth
Gordon, Annie Beatrice "Big Annie"
Greenwell, Henry Phillip
Greenwell, Rilla Williams
Griffin, George
Gunter, Mary Dee
Hall, Kizell
Harley, Fannie
Harper, Bernice
Harper, Daisy Lee
Head, Roger "Lulu"
Helen, LeRoy (Skillet) Sr. 
Helen, LeRoy (Junior Boy) Jr.  
Helen, Tommie Lee
Henry, Earl Lee
Henry, Jimmie (Jim) Austin
Holmes, Grady H 
Holmes, Sarah Aneva
Howard, Frankie Mae
Howard, Luella
Howard, Sadie
Jackson, Donnie
Jackson, Jessroe Jr.
Jackson, Loyce C
Jackson, Zelma
Jimison, Mary Bell 
Johnson, Elmo
Johnson, Ida Mae
Johnson, Rev James Ervin
Johnson, James Humphrey
Johnson, Jimmy J.
Johnson, Luther
Jones, Rittie
Lee, Clarence
Lilly, Cliffie
Malone, Ada
Malone, Robert
McCauley, Owens Wendell
McNeely, Haywood
Menefee, Rev W.I.
Merrill, Eula Mae
Milton, Willie
Molen, Elma
Moore, Mack Charles Sr.
Moore, Sallie Davis
Murphy, Jo Ann
Neal, Cleo
Owens, Mary Alice Rymes
Pearson, Joe A.
Perry, Ozay
Perry-Turner, Elnora
Powell, Laura Leann
Randle, Bertha
Randle, Rev Jessie E.
Ransom, L.A.  
Reece, Artensie
Reece, Ben Albert
Reece, James Curtis
Reece, R.C.
Robinson, Marie Babe
Roberts, Beulah
Roberts, Raddie
Roberts, Ulice C.
Rockwell, Bobby Ray
Rockwell, Lorine
Scott, Ethel
Simmons, Laydell
Simmons, Lossie B.
Smith-Ellis, Alice Faye
Smith, Beatrice Turner
Smith, Ennis  
Smith, James Lee
Smith, Leslie L.
Smith, Lucille
Smith, R.T.
Smith, Thelma
Smith, Willie Harold
Square, Johnny Haywood
Steed, Lila Mae
Steward, Frankie Delano Sr.
Stuphen, Mother Hazel Artencie Lincoln
Taylor, Mozelle
Thomas, Celia
Thomas, Georgia
Thompson, Cecil Leon
Thompson, Minnie Bell
Tillman, Rufus
Tipps, Marie
Towns, Dorothy
Towns, George
Truesdell, Ann Anderson
Turner, Birdie Mae
Turner, Glover Cleveland
Turner, Luther (Nan)
Turner, Naomi Jones
VanZandt, Reba Turner
Wady, Anna Lee
Wady, Rosie
Wady, Ruby
Wady, Viola
Warren, Calvin
Webb, Bernetta Vaults
Wedgeworth, Harry Joe
Weeks, Quida
Wells, Beatrice
Wells, Jodie
Whitaker, Tommie Jake
White, Leavie
Wilhite, King Charles "K.C."
Wilhite, Walter D.
Williams, Bettie
Williams, Doris (Smith)
Williams, Eula Mae
Williams, J. Weldon
Williams, Margaret
Williams, Rodrick Cornel
Williams, Rudy V.
Williams, Willie Lee
Wilson, J.D.
Wilson, Tennie Mae
Wyatt, William Billy

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