1947 Longview Clubs & Businesses
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1947 Officials, Civic Clubs & Businesses

Hotel Longview - "East Texas' Finest Hotel" - 150 Rooms - 75 Air Conditioned - Mural and Dining Rooms Also Air Conditioned - T.A. Young, Vice-President and Manager - 215 East Methvin, Longview, Texas

Longview Business And Professional Women's Club
President - Mrs. Sally Whitley
1st Vice-President - Miss Onie Cain
2nd Vice-President - Mrs. Nell Toler
Treasurer - Mrs. Emogene Nabors
Corresponding Secretary - Miss Marguerite Hill
Recording Secretary - Mrs. Anna Mae Hollandworth

McIntosh Corner Drug - Only the Best - Phones: 667 & 668 - Longview, Texas

Grapette Bottling Company - "Try a Refreshing Grapette"    Phone 758 - Longview, Texas

Gregg County Officials
County Auditor - R.S. Wyche
County Clerk - Lewis H. Richardson
Treasurer - Leon Jones
County Judge - Earl Sharp
District Judge - Earl Roberts
District Attorney - R. L. Whitehead
District Clerk - Bessie Stewart
Sheriff - Noble Crawford
Tax Assessor & Collector - J.O. Mann Fuller

Precinct #1 - Fred Pliler
Precinct #2 - H.E. Bingham
Precinct #3 - Hugh Camp
Precinct #4 - Jack Bean, Jr.

Pegues-Hurst Motor Company - Ford Sales & Service    Phone 638 - Longview, Texas

Longview Chamber of Commerce
President - C.E. Barbee
1st Vice-President - F.C. Person
2nd Vice-President - V.A. Clements
Treasurer - C.A. Loftis
Manager - Hugh A. Sawyer

Herman Whitehurst
Oliver Daniel
B.W. Crain
W.O. Avery
Claude Barbee
Lawrence Birdsong
M.H. Bivins
Paul Bramlett
D.D. Budd
V.A. Clements
Dr. Hardy Cook
Morris Sosland
Tom Young
Martin Garrison
Rogers Lacy
R.L. LeTourneau
C.A. Loftis
Frank McNally
Ralph Parker
S.A. Parker
F.C. Person
W.C. Pool
Lawrence Skipper
Turpie Slade

Dr. James C. Edwards - Chiropractor - Naturopathic Physician
X-Ray, Flouroscope, Colonics - Specializing in Non-Surgical Relief of Hay Fever, Hemorrhoids & Sinusitis        206 East Whaley Street - Phone 2288 - Longview, Texas

C.R. Anthony Company - Serving Gregg County for 10 years - Dry Goods
Clothing - Shoes - Furnishings - Phone 31 - Longview, Texas

Longview Junior Chamber of Commerce
President - A. James Henry
1st Vice-President - Bill Beasley
2nd Vice-President - Rob Cobb
Secretary - Frank Slade
Treasurer - Dean Hallum

Dr. Floyd E. Childress
E.C. Johnston Jr.
Dr. Wade H. Clendenen (Orthodontist)
H.C. Bennett
Louie B. Green
Guy Harrison
Buster Hale

Kennedy Chiropractic Clinic - Phone 1430 - 410 Fredonia Street    Longview, Texas

Hollywood Cafe - Properly Seasoned Food - Open All Night - Air Conditioned - Quick Service and Reasonable Prices - Phone 2357 - Longview, Texas

Longview Optimist Club
President - Clarence Richardson
1st Vice-President - Perry Barber
2nd Vice-President - Earl Calk
Secretary-Treasurer - Glen Cragin
Chairman of Board - J.D. Holley

Dr. Floyd Childress
Dick Glasgow
Douglass Reed
J.D. Hallum
Oscar Jones

Longview Lumber Company - Building Materials - Warren F. Keys & Dee Plyer, Owners - Phone: 1100 & 1101 - 412 East Cotton Street      Longview, Texas

Dunn Jewelry Company - Fine Diamonds, Jewelry, and Watches
Personal Loans - Easy Terms On All Purchases - 109 South Fredonia    Longview, Texas

City Of Longview, Texas
City Manager - W. Morgan Works
Secretary - H.G. Mosley
Assessor & Collector - Cecil C. Reese
Chief of Police - E.S. Scott
City Attorney - R.O. Kenley, Jr.

G.A. McCreight, Chairman
J.C. Tomlinson
Paul Painter
F.C. Person
M.D. Rodden

Gregg Steak House - "East Texas' Most Exclusive Steak House"
Chicken, Sea Foods, Steaks - Phone 2200 - 102 North Green      Longview, Texas

Longview Retail Merchants Association
President - Clarence Richardson
Vice-President - Claude F. Malone
Secetary - Carl Erman

Earl Herrin
Mrs. Hazel Bramlett
Leslie Prothro
Dave Bergman
Chas. E. Hamner
Carroll Graves
Lee Norton
Morris Sosland
Drew Wilson
Leeton Hillis
Turpie Slade
Herman Reese

Grimes Electric Company - Residential, Commercial & Industrial Wiring - Phone 742 - 104 East Tyler Longview, Texas

The American Legion Post #140, Longview Texas
Commander - Walter Horner
Senior Vice-Commander - V.M. Smith
Junior Vice-Commander - Fritz Snygg
Third Vice-Commander - Frank Martin
Adjutant - George Sides
Chaplain - Lawrence Brown
Finance Officer - Robt. V. Haggard
Service Officer - Wayne Finley
Historian - J.H. O'Toole

President - Mrs. Sam Khoury
1st Vice-President - Mrs. E. L. Sims
2nd Vice-President - Mrs. E. A. Martin
Secretary-Treasurer - Mrs. Lorene Coss
Sergeant-At-Arms - Mrs. James Brown
Assistant Sergeant-At-Arms - Mrs. Tony Zoppi
Historian - Mrs. J. G. Shaw
Chaplain - Mrs. P.B. Stamper

P.E. Fielder Manufacturing Company - High-Class Tailored Seat Covers
Installed While You Wait! "We have a set priced to suit your purse" - DeLuxe Art-Craft Tailored Seat Covers & Cloth Specialties - Phone 332 - 405 East Whaley Street Longview, Texas

The Coca-Cola Company - Phone 54 - Longview, Texas

Veterans Of Foreign Wars, Post #4002, Longview, Texas
Commander - Samuel . Wade
Senior Vice-Commander - Dr. E.H. Buell
Junior Vice-Commander - Jesse E. Bower
Quartermaster - O.M. Levert
Adjutant - Wilbur Meyer
Chaplain - Wm. K. Shelton
Officer of Day - Thomas Shireman

J.T. Jundey
Wm. G. Conn

Leon Southall Plumbing - Plumbing & Heating - Phone 2885   311 West Tyler   Longview, Texas

Welch Funeral Home - Appropriate Funerals - Burial Insurance    Phone 126 - Longview, Texas

Longview Rotary Club
President - Steve Topp
Vice-President - Guy Sterling
Secretary - R.S. McGowen

Dr. Garland Rushing
Bob Flanagan
D.D. Budd

T.E. Booth, Realtor - Real Estate Loans & Business Properties     Phone 230   Longview, Texas

Fredonia Hardware & Furniture Co., Inc. - Complete Line of Hardware, Furniture & Appliances - "Name your own terms" - Phone 899      109-11 South Fredonia    Longview, Texas

Longview Lions Club
President - Martin Garrison
1st Vice-President - J.M. Thompson
2nd Vice-President - Fred Erisman
3rd Vice-President - Earl Sample
Tail-Twister - Walter Cunningham
Lion Tamer - Ed Stewart
Secretary-Treasurer - M.A. Reinberger

Randle Price
Clyde H. Hall
O.B. Cannon
W.B. Mason
Lawrence Brown

McWilliams Hardware & Furniture Company - "Complete Home Furnishings"
Wholesale & Retail - Phone 2150 - Longview, Texas

Kiwanis Club of Longview, Texas
President - W.C. Todd
1st Vice-President - Herman Alders
2nd Vice-President - Les Sigmund
Secretary-Treasurer - A.R. McLauchlin

Sloan Gentry
Tom Frick
Mark Rodden
W.A. Goodnight
Ralph Prine
Dick Hartman
Mark Bolls

Civitan Club of Longview, Texas
President - Joe Black
Vice-President - Emil Weiss
Secretary - Dr. Paul Turlington
Treasurer - Lloyd Schultz

Wayne Haverfield
Bowman Snyder
Carey Webb
Joe Black

This information was found among loose papers donated to the Gladewater Library by John Ben Shepperd, Jr.

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