1910 Kilgore Census M-Z
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1910 Kilgore Census Head of Households
This is a listing of the heads of the households only.



Remember that this information is strictly the transcribers interpretation of the census taker's handwriting....you might interpret some of the names differently. Please check this information against the actual census to be sure it is correct. We thank L R Henderson for the use of this information.

Last Name First Name Age Sex Race Birthplace
Marsh Hill 59 M B Tx
Martin Mary 27 F B Tx
Mayfield John 32 M B Tx
Mayfield Katie 24 F B Tx
Mayfield Newton 37 M B Tx
McAnally Willis W 73 M W Tn
McCamel Addie May 23 F B Tx
McVay William 17 M W Tx
Mercer Jake C 31 M W Tx
Mitchel Isaac 50 M B Tx
Moore Elija E 28 M W Tx
Moore John A 50 M W Tx
Moores John Thomas 51 M W Tx
Morris Jesse 8 M W Tx
Neal Romie V E 14 F B Tx
Neals Houston T 36 M W Tx
Nicholson John B 54 M W Tx
Oberthier Ferdinand D 30 M W Tx
Osborne Richard F 36 M W Tx
Patterson Sam 53 M M Tx
Patterson Sam L 22 M M Tx
Pearl Anderson 21 M B Tx
Penny Job 65 M W NC
Penticost Angie 60 F B Va
Penticost Moses 26 M B Tx
Peugh Charles H 27 M B Tx
Pickering Oscar W 31 M W Mo
Pierce Alice 42 F M Tx
Poodle Mary 63 F B Al
Prothe Albert 49 M B Tx
Pruitt Robert 38 M M Tx
Rassow Henry H 38 M W Tx
Ray Tullis 39 M W Tx
Reese Ethel 19 F B Tx
Reynolds John F 64 M W Al
Reynolds Levi Denis 36 M W Tx
Reynolds Lynch 26 M W Tx
Reynolds Thos J 42 M W Tx
Reynolds Walter H 55 M W Al
Rice Austin 28 M W Tx
Rice John Perryman 62 M W Al
Rice Willis W 38 M W Al
Richards Robert C 52 M W Ms
Roberson Evelyn 2 F M Tx
Roberson Lucy C 6 F B Tx
Robertson Abram 64 M B Al
Robertson Joseph 44 M B Tx
Robertson Lola B 17 F B Tx
Robertson William 40 M B Tx
Robinson Jesse May 12 F B Tx
Rowland Robert H 54 M W Ms
Russel Lee 48 M B Tx
Russel Walter B 24 M W Tx
Sanford Mollie 27 F B Tx
Scott Mattie 23 F B Tx
Shaw Thomas 53 M B Tx
Skipper Eugene D 31 M W Tx
Skipper William 71 M W Al
Smith Cornelius 30 M B Tx
Smith July 48 M B Tx
Smith Mattie B 53 F W Va
Snyder Jefferson D 46 M W Ga
Sparks Joseph W 62 M W Al
Spear Angus B 23 M W Tx
Spears Martha 78 F W Tn
Stebbins Chas F 38 M W NY
Still Claud L 32 M W Tx
Still Elizabeth 58 F W Tx
Still Joseph C 27 M W Tx
Taylor Joe D 61 M M Al
Thompson Alexander 55 M B Ark
Thompson Cye 48 M B Tx
Thompson Johnnie 65 M B Tx
Thompson Laura 22 F B Tx
Thompson Mary 14 F B Tx
Thompson William D 55 M W Tx
Thompson William T 60 M W Ga
Turner Tom 60 M B Tx
Walker Angus 23 M B Tx
Walker Willis L 39 M B Tx
Wallace Lula A 50 F W Tx
Warlick Thomas H 31 M W Tx
Watson James B 31 M W Tx
Webb Jim 24 M B Tx
Williams Harvey 21 M B Tx
Williams John H 23 M B Tx
Williams Josephine 27 F M Tx
Williams Josie 2 F B Tx
Williams Norman 22 M B Tx
Willoughby Edgar W 33 M W Tx
Wood Sam T 27 M W Tx
Woodard Sandy 45 M B Tx
Woods Sylvia 37 F B Tx
Wyatt Wylie 31 M M Tx
Zuber Daniel H 86 M W Ga
Zuber James W 48 M W Ga

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