1910 Kilgore Census A-L
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1910 Kilgore Census Head of Households
This is a listing of the heads of the households only.



Remember that this information is strictly the transcribers interpretation of the census taker's handwriting....you might interpret some of the names differently. Please check this information against the actual census to be sure it is correct. We thank L R Henderson for the use of this information.

Last Name First Name Age Sex Race Birthplace
Acuff M W 66 M W Ky
Adams Frank 27 M W Tx
Alexander Bide - M M Tx
Alexander Harvey C 47 M M Tx
Alexander Lewis 37 M B Tx
Anderson Mattie E 39 F W Tx
Anderson William H 30 M W Ms
Angell Evans H 26 M W Tx
Bailey Homer 30 M B Tx
Ballard Texana 72 F B La
Barnette Adella R 52 F W Al
Barnette Josie H 51 F W Tx
Barton Andrew 28 M W Tx
Barton Bailey A 27 M W Tx
Barton Bryan M 52 F W Tx
Barton Phillip E 30 M W Tx
Bates George William 60 M B SC
Beall John R 45 M W Tx
Bealle Gus 26 M B Tx
Bealle Savannah 61 F B Tx
Bean Benjamin 34 M B Tx
Becter William 22 M B Tx
Bell Junius 21 M B Tx
Bonnie Nathan 54 M B Ms
Booth Henry L 32 M W Tx
Bower Leroy 13 M B Tx
Briggs Martha W 72 F W Tn
Brown Louis 23 M B Tx
Brown Malvina K 65 F W Tx
Brozier Ben 21 M B Tx
Brozier Noah 26 M B Tx
Buffunn Gordon C 58 M W Tn
Burks George C 38 M W Ga
Butts James T 63 M W Ga
Butts Levy L 44 M B Tx
Campton Anabel 33 F W Tx
Carne James M 64 M W Ill
Chamblers Edwin J 52 M W Ga
Cheesboro William 26 M W Tx
Cherow Thoridy 18 M W Tx
Choice Isaih 65 M B Ga
Choice Jesse E 52 M W Tx
Choice John I 46 M W Tx
Choice Nelson 49 M W Tx
Choice Virginia 50 F W Tx
Clary John Lee 35 M W Al
Collier Belle 68 F B Al
Coxson Carter 46 M B Tx
Crews Mary Lee 12 F W Tx
Crim William R 50 M W Al
Crim Wylie N 44 M W Al
Culp John F 38 M W Tx
Culver Ella 48 F W Ga
Culver George W 26 M W Ga
Cumby Annie 36 F W Tx
Curby Archie 21 M M Tx
Daniels Lilly 13 F B Tx
Daniels Mack 18 M B Tx
Daniels Matte Belle 2 F B Tx
Darby Robert J 53 M W Ga
Davis Wylie 30 M M Tx
Deaveron Eliza 38 F B Tx
Douglass Jesse M 26 M B Tx
Dunn Steve 63 M B Al
Ector Hubbard 20 M B Tx
Elder Doctor F 36 M W Ga
Elder Henry Trip 59 M W Ga
Elder James Z 28 M W Ga
Elder John S 38 M W Ga
Elder William W 32 M W Ga
Ephram George 44 M B Tx
Erwin George A 56 M W Tx
Flanrey Charles R 42 M W La
Flewellen Jesse 21 F B Tx
Florence John T 38 M W Tx
Florence Wilson 79 M W Ga
Fowler Ruth L 4 F W Tx
Fanklin John 18 M B Tx
Friar George C 49 M W Ga
George Miles 47 M W Tx
Goodwin Joeday W 37 M W Tx
Grant John Theo 9 M M Tx
Griffin Charity 12 F B Tx
Griffin Larkin P 51 M W SC
Griffin Larkin Porter Jr 25 M W La
Griffin William C 23 M W La
Gunter Cyntha 10 F B Tx
Hadnett Henry 26 M W Ms
Hall James M Jr 39 M W Tx
Hamilton Earnest H 35 M W Tx
Hamilton Lee 29 M W Tx
Harris Elizabeth 84 F W Al
Harris Jack 22 M B La
Harris John F 68 M W Al
Harris Marion F 60 M W Tn
Hearne James E 72 M W Tn
Henry George 39 M M Tx
Herrel Sarah 21 F B Tx
Hill John 84 M B Ms
Hill Patsy 54 F B Ok
Howard Tom R 42 M W Tx
Hughes Robert 39 M B Tx
Hughey JosephB 28 M W Tx
Hughey William W 62 M W Al
Hunter Tabitha Ann 55 F B Tx
Jackson John 46 M M SC
Jackson Nancy 21 F M Tx
Johnson Becky 61 F B Ms
Johnson Charles 33 M B Tx
Johnson General 20 M W Al
Johnson George 40 M B Tx
Johnson Henry 13 M B Tx
Johnson Jessee M 28 M W Tx
Johnson Joe Ana 41 F B Tx
Jordan Sally 32 F B Tx
Julius Henry 30 M B Tx
Julius James 62 M B La
Kay Lemuel A 27 M W Tx
Kennedy John W 28 M W Tx
King Asbury A 26 M W Tx
King John S 60 M W Tx
Kinney Henry 49 M B Al
Knowles James A 41 M W Tx
Lawrence Dan W 55 M W Ms
Leach Emma E 44 F W Al
Leach Jesse 45 M B Tx
Leath Frank 59 M B Tx
Lenny Tennessee 66 F W Tn
Lokey William 49 M W Ms
Loyd John 23 M B Tx


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