1910 Gladewater Census A-L
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1910 Gladewater Census Head of Households
This is a listing of the heads of the households only.



Remember that this information is strictly the transcribers interpretation of the census taker's handwriting....you might interpret some of the names differently. Please check this information against the actual census to be sure it is correct. We thank L R Henderson for the use of this information.

Last Name
First Name
Alexandra F C 56 M W Al
Alexandra George 23 M B Tx
Allen Young J 48 M W Tx
Allison Bettie 18 F W Tx
Allison Oma 28 M W Tx
Allison Thomas J 59 M W Tx
Antingville Sue 29 F W Tx
Armstrong Belle 23 F W Tx
Aron Perry 23 M B Tx
Ashby William H 52 M W Tx
Atkins Nannie 23 F B Tx
Baker James F 57 M W Mo
Barker W E 41 M W Al
Beamer Dena 12 F W Tx
Beamer John C 53 M W WV
Beles Janniet 37 M W Tx
Bell Howard - M W Ga
Bell John 62 M B Ga
Boazeman J R 32 M W Tx
Boles John 43 M W Tx
Boyd George 31 M B Tx
Bradford Lugenie 6 F B Tx
Bradley William W 29 M W Ms
Bradshaw J W 58 M W Tx
Bray Cola L 47 M W NC
Bray Thornton 25 M W NC
Brazzil Roy G 28 M W Tx
Brewer Jim 36 M W Tx
Brewer Payne 7 M W Tn
Brody A M 33 F W Al
Brozell George 52 M W Al
Burnet Byron W 27 M W Tx
Burnett R C 57 M W Ms
Burros Rebecca A 64 F W Tx
Chatman Bert 27 M W Tx
Clark Earl 32 M W Tx
Clements Ed 41 M W Al
Cobb William 58 M B Tx
Cole P A 37 M W Ga
Conner William 21 M B Tx
Cotton Ed 30 M W Ms
Criss John 21 M B Tx
Crofford Will 62 M B Tx
Crone Aletha 36 F W Tx
Crow Ella 47 F W Tx
Curry Ed 75 M B Ms
Daniel Victory 31 M B Tx
Daugher Eliza 61 F W Ky
Davis Charles 62 M W La
Davis Pinkie 25 M W Ark
Demoss Eugene 36 M W Tx
Denson Bruce 36 M W Al
Donovan William 70 M W La
Easterling Mary 63 F W La
Elisha William 20 M B Tx
Engell Jeff 38 M W Tx
Engell Susan 59 F W Al
Engle John 34 M W Tx
Everitt Lafayette J 46 M W Al
Farr Thomas A 63 M W Va
Fasher Emmit W 55 M W Al
Flemmings J G 37 M W Tx
Flolclow Lanie 7 F B Tx
Ford George 81 M W NC
Fowler Abb 34 M W Tx
Gardner Jeff 54 M B Ms
Gary Mollie E 63 F W SC
Gilbert Leala 28 F W Tx
Glasco Will 50 M W Tx
Godlock George 28 M B Tx
Godlock Hattie 25 F B Tx
Graves W H 32 M W Ga
Green Ed 54 M W Ky
Green Nelson 58 M W Tx
Griffin Riley 29 M B Tx
Hallaway Walter 35 M W Tx
Hamilton Sheck 46 M B Tx
Heath L H 61 M B Al
Hendrix A A 24 M W Tx
Hendrix R A 48 M W Al
Hendrix Will F 43 M W Al
Hermmann W F 55 M W Germany
Hill Martha 49 F B Tx
Hoffman A T 71 M W Al
Hogkins Henry 55 M B Tx
Hollaway Lewis 57 M M SC
Hopkins Aron 71 M B Al
Hopkins Tom M 35 M W Ms
Hoys Eli 20 M W Tx
Hudson Manda 61 F B Al
Jackson Dallas 25 M B Tx
Jackson Few 30 F B Tx
Jackson Lucy 29 F B Tx
Jackson Margarutte J 53 F W Tx
Jackson Mary 56 F B Tx
Jackson Millie 73 F B SC
Jenkins Jannie 32 F B Tx
Jennings Phillip 32 M B Tx
Jeter Alvin 33 M W Tx
Jeter John T 39 M W Tx
Jeter Oscar M 32 M W Tx
Johnson Bore 57 M B Tx
Johnson Dutch 30 M B Tx
Johnson Eula 23 F M Tx
Johnson Jeff 36 M W Tx
Johnson John 24 M B Tx
Johnston D B 59 M W Tx
Johnston O G 51 M W Tx
Jones Lee 30 M W Tx
Jordan Ivy 19 F W Tx
Knighten Thomas 21 M B Tx
Knox Jay Ray 28 M W Tx
Lane Mary E 61 F W Al
Larrence Henry G 21 M W Al
Lawrence John 49 M W Ms
Locket Davis 14 M B Tx
Lockhart Harritt 23 F M Tx
Lockhart Thomas 21 M B Tx
Loyd Robert E Lee 34 M W Al


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