Rosedale Cemetery Confederate Soldiers
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Civil War Soldiers Buried in Rosedale Cemetery
Gladewater, TX

Confederate Soldiers

Martin Armstrong Co. C, 22nd Inf. TX
11 Jul 1845 – 9 Feb 1899

Samuel P. Barfield Co. G, Phillips Legion, CSA GA
Buried in Rosedale Cemetery – unmarked grave
Widow Mrs. A.R.M. Barfield
4/29/1831 – 2/16/1905
(Buried in Rosedale Cemetery)

Benjamin M. Bozman Co. G, Col. D. S. Terry’s TX
5 Jun 1822 – 15 Nov 1888 8th Cav. Reg.

Thomas E. Burrows Co. G, Col. James McCord’s TX
23 Feb 1840 – 10 Jan 1910 Frontier Cav. Reg.

William A. Donovan Co. C, 16th Inf. LA
10 Sep 1840 – 4 Mar 1918

Edmond W. Jeter Co. B, Hampton Legion Inf. SC
16 Feb 1833 – 16 Feb 1904

Henry Kellam Co. I, 18th Inf. TX
10 May 1832 – 26 Dec 1898

James W. McComic Co. B, 14th Cav. TX
2 Dec 1833 – 20 Oct 1922

George Over Co. D, 1st Inf. TX
1840 – 1912

Newton H. Rhodes Co. E, 11th Inf. TX
No Dates

George F. Shepperd (Gemett) Co. A, 20th Inf. TX
22 Dec 1847 – 19 Sep 1909

J. H. Simmons Co. D, 28th Cav. TX
31 Dec 1833 – 29 Apr 1907
Civil War Soldiers Buried in Rosedale Cemetery
Gladewater, TX____________________________

Veteran Military Unit State

John S. Tubbs Co. D, 22nd Inf. TX
1838 – 1910 and Co. G, 10th Cav. TX

W. H. Victory Co. G, Col. James McCord’s TX
14 Nov 1846 – 9 Jul 1908 Frontier Cav.

James F. Wright Co. A, 4th Cav. TX
14 Aug 1839 – 30 Jul 1910

Additional Information

Manoah F. Stone Co. G, 10th Cav. TX
He was K.I.A.
(First husband of Mary T. Johnson)

Mary T. Johnson Stone Walters
1836 – 1906 (buried in Rosedale Cemetery)

(Second husband of Mary T. Johnson)
William W. Walters (b. 1806; d. 1885 – buried
in Moseley Cemetery, Gladewater, TX)

* * *

Union Soldier

Moore, Jr., James Sgt., Co. A, 21 PA Cav. PA
12 Nov 1841– 28 Aug 1916

Compiled by: E. W. (Eddy) Phillips
Transcribed by: Etta Withers
Date: 1/12/2004

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