1910 Gregg County Businesses
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Various Gregg County Businesses
Ca 1910 - Taken from various advertisements.
L=Longview, G=Gladewater, K=Kilgore

(L)  Wendell's Uptown Jewelry Store

(L)  Gregg County News

(L)  Industrial Publishing Co.
      Officers: W.E. Beall, Pres
      Carlos Campana, Sec.-Editor
      W.R. Beall, Treas.

(L)  Van Allen Hardware & Furniture

(L)  Wilson McLain & Co. - Haberdashery

(L)  Algie Perry Drug Co.

(L)  Castleberry Flewellen Co. - General Merchandise

(L)  B.W. Van Allen - Hardware, Furniture, Misc.

(L)  Perkins Bros. Co. - Clothing

(L)  Longview Cotton Compress Co.
      H. Loch, Pres,  E.P. Allison, Mgr
      G.A. Bodenheim, Sec.-Treas.

(L)  Balfour Flagle - Optrician

(L)  J.F. Doyle - Tailor

(L)  Northcutt Hardware & Furniture Co.
      Also Undertaker, Embalmer & sells monuments

(L)  Longview C & C
      T.C. Morgan, Pres.
      E.H. Bussey, Treas
      Carlos E. Campana, Sec.

(L)  T.D. Coupland - Dry Goods & Gents Furnishings

(L)  Gates & Spaulding - Real Estate
       F.M. Gates & H.E. Spaulding

(L)  Longview Iron Works
      Mr. McDonald

(L)  Longview Pantatoriom - Laundry
      A.W. Christian Proprietor

(L)  McWhorter Bros. - Real Estate

(L)  Peoples State Bank
      W.K. Eckman, Pres
       R.G. Brown, VP
       J.K. Bivins, VP
       E.A. Morgan, Cashier
       R.G. Brown Sr.
       Mrs. J.W. Yates
       A.A. Womack
       R.M. Kelly
       J.K. Bivins
       J.N. Campbell
       R.G. Brown Jr.
       G.A. Bodenheim
       Leroy Trice
       W.D. Sessum
       C.F. Miles
       W.K. Eckman

(L)  First National Bank
       T.C. Morgan, Pres
       A.A. Womack, VP
       L. Trice, VP
       J.R. Rainey, Asst. Cashier
       Presidents from 1889-1910:
       J.R. Clemmons
       J.W. Yates
       R.M. Kelly
       L. Trice
       T.C. Morgan

(L)  Citizens National Bank
       Presidents 1902-1910:
       H.H. Howell
       J.C. Turner
       1910 Officers:
       T.J. Everett, Pres.
       J.K. Bivins, VP
       E.H. Bussey, Cashier
       J.R. Sparkman, Asst. Cashier
       T.J. Everett
       J.K. Bivins
       George T. Reynolds
       Hallie M. Lawrence
       S.H. Mobberly
       J.R. Castleberry

(K)  Kilgore State Bank
       L.P. Griffin, Pres.
       P.E. Barton, VP
       F.D. O'Berthier, Cashier
       L.P. Griffin
       P.E. Barton
       J.M. Mays
       J.C. Hickey
       F.D. O'Berthier

(L)  Gregg County Abstract Co.

(G)  Ashford A. Henrix Insurance Co.

(L)  Riddle Exchange Bank
      George W. Riddle, Pres
       J. Rox Knox, Cashier

(L)  Kelly Plow Co.
      R.M. Kelly, Pres.-Mgr.
      L.C. Kelly, Sec.-Treas.

(L)  Longview Cotton Oil Co. - Cotton Seed Factory

(L)  Graham Mfg. Co. - Box & Crate Factory

(L)  Longview Mattress & Bedding Factory

(L)  R.G. Brown & Sons Mill

(L)  Castleberry & Flewellen Planing Mill

(L)  W.E. McHaney Saw & Planing Mill

(L)  Longview Ice, Light & Power Co.

(L)  Lawrence Gin Co.

(L)  Lawrence Shingle Mill

(G)  W.H. York Gin Co.

(K)  Wiley Crim Gin Co.

(L)  Longview City Bakery
       Max Friedlander

(L)  J.M. Mottley Drug Co.

(K)  P.E. Barton - Buyer of Fruits & Potatoes

This information was taken from advertisements from various loose papers found in the Genealogy Dept. of the Longview Library.

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