Mrs Florence Foster

This estimable lady passed peacefully away at her home near Waelder Monday morning, June 9, 1902 at 7 o'clock. She was the wife of Mr. Fenso Foster, one of the Waelder communities best citizens, and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.. N. F. Miller. Her brothers are Messrs. Ross, Lee, Austin and Cliff Miller and her sisters are Mrs. A.F. Gunn of Thompsonville and Mrs. McCraw of Dallas. She leaves a husband and three or four small children, a large number of relatives and a large number of friends to mourn her untimely death. Mrs. Foster was an amiable lady, unostentatious, and true to all the gifts of womanhood. She was a true neighbor in all the high offices that belong to the word, neighbor. She was a loving daughter and sister. She loved her parents and brothers and sisters. She was a consistent member of the church, a tender, loving, solicitous mother, and a most dutiful and affectionate wife. Mrs. Foster was a long and patient sufferer. She was afflicted with some sort of slow wasting disease, possibly consumption. Her physicians and husband tried every remedy and expedient to arrest the disease, but all to no avail. Her health had been giving way for two or more years, but for only the past eight or ten months had her friends become very apprehensive of serious results, while for the last two or three weeks the worst was expected at any moment, so it seemed very fitting that such a sunny spirit as hers, should, just as the night of nature was giving place to the brightness and the glories of day, take its flight from a world of suffering and sorrow into light of eternal day. Bereaved ones, weep not as those who have not hope. We will cherish her memory, we will regard the highest choice of her life, we will sympathize with the deep grief of her husband, we will hold the trembling hand of her motherless children, and, through divine mercy, we will see her again. her friend and pastor, J.W. SIMS.

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