Lamkin Cemetery

Gonzales County, Texas

This cemetery is on private property. The land is located on Salt Lake Road in Gonzales Co. ( It was also owned by my g.grandfather at one time. Jim Webb bought a large "block" of land in 1920's from the Martindale Land and Cattle Co. which was a land bank. It included the Lamkin plantation and this property is also part of that purchase. Dad said there were at one time, 26 cemeteries on the land. We don't know how many are left, but I hope to find and record them all. Our family doesn't own the land anymore, but the landowners have been good so far) This cemetery was once large- the area is very uneven. There are stones that are unmarked that we found still standing. Also, there are probably headstones under the ground. There are only four visible headstones left, and a portion of another one. I have located these families in the census in 1880- Gonzales Co., ED 70- pages 491B and 492A.

Lorena-Daughter of J.C and Fannie McGee Born May 23,1880-Died April 25, 1883

John H.-Infant son of DE & LE Buerose Aug. 4, 1888 Oct. 21, 1888

"In Memory of" Lydia Pierce Born March 10, 1810 Died March 18, 1885 Aged 75 years " The grave has no errors for those who have kept their faith"

Joseph Pearce Born 1812 Died 1883 (Large open Bible at top of headstone) Joseph is the husband of Lydia- I wonder why the last name was spelled differently on the tombstones?

? J. Pearce b. 1819 D. 1851 (His stone was right beside Joseph's)

"A wife's last token of Love" In memory of James F. Caldwell Born near Paris, Henry Co., Tenn. July 24, 1834 Died in Gonzales Co., Tx. Sept. 8, 1865 "After a short but severe attack of conjestive fever very calmly he bid adieu to Earth and all he held dear, saying he was trusting in God".

In Memory of Lewis A. Lamkin Born June 16, 1979 Died March 26, 1868
"Man that is born of Women is of just day and full of trouble. He cometh like a flower and is our (flourin?) to flesh, also as a shadow that countinuith not."
"As the water fail from the sea and the flodd decayeth and dryeth, the man laeth down and wilth, all the heroes be no more, they not wake, not be raised, out of their sleep". (These are both on the grave of Lewis Lamkin- I am typing them the spelling as it was written on the graves)

Sacred to the Memory of William R. Lamkin Born August 23, 1830 Died June 10, 1868 (Masonic Emblem) Honesty and Justice were his Moto "Depart ye in peace, no more to be Amen. "

There are two footmakers. One with the initials - M.M.L. the other with G.E.L. I remember that there were other headstones in this cemetery with several people that had died within a few days of each other of consumption.

The marker for James F. Caldwell is a large marble tier; the Lamkin markers are flat marble slabs; it once had a very ornate iron fence around it.

Robin Webb-Lucas offers this recent inventory of Lamkin Cemetery
"You have my persmission to put this on the web :-) Robin"

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