Andrews Wesley Chapel Cemetery

Gonzales County, Texas

Andrew Chapel Cemetery located on FM 1680, Just Southeast of Waelder and just past the railroad crossing, South of IH 10.

This cemetery was inventoried by South Texas
Genealogical & Historical Society, Gonzales, TX.
It was printed in the quarterly of that society.

Bauer, Nannie
Clark, Margaret
Flint, Martha T., dau of T.L. and F.M.
Flynt, T.L.
Gibson, Baby
Gibson, Elizabeth
Hale, Geneva
Halliburton Elam P., son of John L. And Minerva Jane
Halliburton, Farrilla
Halliburton, John Lloyd
Halliburton, Tinsley B.
Halliburton, Minerva Jane McGinty
Halliburton, Mrs. M.M.
Halliburton, Meldrum M., Pvt, CSA
Halliburton, Rebecca
Halliburton, William Plesant
Jackson, Willie, inf. Son of J.R. and M.V.
Kindred, E.P.
Lacy, Mary H.
Modill (?)>, Verne
Moore, Barbara
Oliver, Walter
Schultz, Chr.
Whitehead, S.C.
Wilson, Narcissa
Buried, but no markers (other sources): Halliburton, Frances Brooks
Halliburton, Elam Plez
Halliburton, Frances Foster
Halliburton, Minna, father of Meldrum
McGinty, Elizabeth Ann Wright
Meneley, Eliza S. (Nee Davis)
Meneley, George C.
Information supplied by Shannon Clyde, 1997:
In the Gibson family plot:
"Our Baby", [Ivey] Nixon Gibson, born July 2, 1911 [identified only as baby]
Bruce L. (Lee) Gibson, 1869-1959
[Penelope] Elizabeth [Garner] Gibson, 1879-1944, "Resting"
S.C. Whitehead, Born 1826, Died Jan 19, 1919
Among 7 unmarked graves are
Ella Gibson [1906-1936]
Evie Essie Gibson [1908-1908]
Additional information provided Jan. 2002 by: James Walsh

Thomas Anthony Walsh
b. 16 Aug. 1878, Waelder, Gonzales, Texas
d. Oct. 3, 1914, Waelder, Gonzales, Texas
This grave has a marker that was placed there on the 28th of Feb., 1988

Anthony Walsh
b. 1 Jan. 1887, We Think - Waelder, Gonzales, Texas
d. aft 1900, Waelder, Gonzales, Texas
There is no marker on this grave, however, he is buried next to Thomas who was his older brother.
Both were sons of Anthony Walsh and Mary Margaret Allen Walsh.

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