Brig George Dilius
Brig Georg Dilius
Captain Hendricksen
Sailed from Bremen
Arrived Galveston, December 30, 1845
Source: Pioneers in God's Hills Vol 1 pg 246
Gillespie County Historical Society
Library of Congress Catalogue Card Num. 83-082580

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Scholl, Elisa
         , Wilhelm - son
Allendorf, Nassau
Schnautz, Johannes
              , Elisa nee Bernard
              , Philippine
              , Philip
              , Andreas
              , Carl
Fellingshausen, Nassau
Weber, Johann Conrad Fellingshausen, Nassau
Schnautz, Johan Wilhelm Fellingshausen, Nassau
Wehde, George Bissendorf, Nassau
Philippus, Jost Heinr
              , Cath. nee Peter
              , Ferdinand
              , Juliana
              , Justine
Rabenschied, Nassau
Hoffmann, Jacob Heinr. Rabenschied, Nassau
Schmidt, Johann Jost
            , Elisa nee Schmidt
            , Maria
            , Rosina
            , Heinrich
            , Lisette
Langen, Nassau
Schmidt, Jacob Breitschied, Nassau
Grun, Jost Heinrich
        , Katarina nee Theiss
        , Friedrich
Rabenschied, Nassau
Kuhn, Carl Reh, Nassau
George, John
            , Christina nee Hoffmann
            , August
            , Ferdiand
Breitscheid, Nassau
Braun, Joh. Heinrich
         , Anna nee Petri
Breitscheid, Nassau
Hass, Jacob no given
Donop, Rudolph von Detmold
Jung, Johann Martin Jr.
       , Maria nee Betz
       , Heinrich
       , August
       , Sophie
       , Ludwig
       , Caroline
       , Franz
       , Elonore
       , Emilie
Niederosbach, Nassau
Simon, Henry not given
Jung, Henry
       , wife and three children
not given

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