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New Queries

Hello my name is Estella and I am searching for my grandmothers grave.  I am trying to locate the cemetery she was buried in Fredericksburg.  Her name was Josephine Aguilar born in 1902 and died in 1951. I am also looking to see if she had family as I am also trying to find out their names.  Any information would be greatly appreciated. Today is Aug. 10, 2009

Thanks in advance.

Joyce Mull researching, Itz, Arhelger, in Gillespie County.  My great-great grandfather, Peter Itz and family lived in the Palo Alto Creek area.  I would like to know where that is located.  I have been unable to locate the graves of Peter and his wife Marie Christine Pape Itz.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.  You have done a wonderful job on your county sites=wish all were done as well.  My email address:  Thank you J Mull  today’s date 7/6/07

Since I have a little more time on my hands I am working on the Leyendecker family genealogy again.  Hope to start writing a book soon.  Something I have not been able to find is a picture of  Professor Johann Leyendecker and most of his children.  I do have one of two of his sons, John Z and Franz Joseph.  If you come across any let me know.
You can e-mail me at this address or my home address 
John S. Leyendecker

Wanda, I was reviewing the Kirchen book from Fredericksburg and Jost Stahl,
deceased in 1861, “murdered by Indians” grave is located on our farm in
stonewall or above stonewall.  His birth date year noted on the tombstone is
1841.  I thought that this may help anyone searching for information on him.
  If you can locate any relatives of Otto Lindig, they may have a copy of
his little book on the Lindig family in Stonewall area.  In that book, is
the story of Jost Stahl.  He died searching for his milk cow, at Rocky
Branch, which is on the Richard Henry Immel family farm.  He was scalped by
the Commanches living on the upper ridge of the farm.  Just thought you
might find this of interest.

Becky (Rebecca) lynn Morris Hornyak
Researching:  Immel, McIntyre, Meier (Albert,SR). from Switzerland), Lindig.

Hello Wanda,
I noticed a lot of the researchers only have German information.  Do any of them do any research on the hispanics of that area?  My mother in law was born there and was told several family members were from there.  Their last name was Collazo.
I live in Cisco (Eastland County) and won't be there any time soon.  I would like to hear from you as to the hispanics of Fredricksburg.
Carrie Ramirez

NOTE:  If anyone is doing research on a Hispanic name and would like to share that information please contact me and I will put it online.    Donna Schulte Loth

Hello Wanda
I have been doing family research on the Frederick Wilhelm Lange, and Carl Frederick William Lange (C.F.W. Lange) and down the line.
I was wondering if you know of anyone who is doing research on the same family. I've written to a Shirley Lange in Doss,Texas approx. three weeks ago and haven't heard from her. The address I have for Shirley Lange is Shirley Lange, Doss, Texas 78618. Was told she would get the letter addressed this way as the post office knew who she was.
If you are able to guide me to who know is researching on this family it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You
Margherita Itz (California)

I am a family researcher from Germany.
One of my direct ancestors is Johann Nicolaus ULLRICH from Lindenau / Meiningen born ab.1810
According to the fact that Lindenau was quite small village with approx. 150 inhabitants at that time it looks quite probable that he is direct relative (brother) to your George ULLRICH born 1813
I did not start to research on Johann Nicolaus ULRRICH yet. He was NOT married to Marthe Jacobine MAHR - but they had child Karl Friedrich MAHR born 1838, my greatgrandfather. Maybe this fact looks quite unbelievable.
But in fact my greatgrandfather was born 115 years before my birth :-)
I will start to research on Johann Nicolaus ULLRICH maybe in October and I would be glad to send to you any results if I would have success in it.
Best regards
Viktor Steinfeldt
Neuss / Germany
Viktor Steinfeldt <>

I am looking for information on my family.    In particular I am looking for infomation on William Wallace Watkins Jr. And wife Sarah J.    They had a daughter named Laura Elena.   She was married to W.M."Bill" Smith.    I would really like to find anything on them and possibly Bills parents.    My Grandfather is the son of Bill and Laura Elena       He is 93 and doing fine. Sarah J.  was W.W's second wife (1st wife Lucinda), said to be full blood indian.    I know that Laura is buried in Gooch Cemetery with Bill.     Is W.W there too? or  Sarah? Would a death record have Bill's parents listed on it? I don't know where to start!!! Help!!!! Any info would be awesome.
Amy Verlander 

Kay Knopp Huffman
Lindig, Bock, Hahne, Haun, Church, Scharnhorst, Morris  -  Knopp, Immel, Petsch, Weber
Heinrich and Johanna Lindig and their descendants, as well as Johann Joseph Knopp and Anna Margareta Knopp or his second wife, Catharine Petsch and their descendants.
Am interested in sharing information with other descendants of the above families.   or

I have a family bible with info on the Robert Saenger b1865. am looking for descendants

Gillespie County,  The couple that owned the Bible originally were Married on May 17, 1892
they were Robert Saenger, and Anna Herbort

The Robt that I have was born Jan 18, 1865, and the Anna Herbort was born Dec 28, 1871.  This could be the Anna
that you have who was born in 1872, as it is written in pencil, and so close to the end of '71.
If you would like, I could make copies of these pages and send them to you.  Let me know your address, and I will
do that.  Sincerely, Alice Grassl

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