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Bear Creek Genealogical Society

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Bear Creek Genealogical Society Library Rules and Procedures

All books are at the home of Cherry Wong, Library Chair.  She will present a few books at each meeting for check out.  You may also contact her at 713-562-8153 to either bring a specific book to the next meeting or discuss a meeting place if you need it sooner.


1.    Books can be checked out by members only.

2.    Please keep the books for one month only or tell Cherry if you still need to use it.

3.    Fill out the card from the pocket with your name and date.  Make sure to give it to Cherry before leaving the meeting.

Periodicals (Magazines, Quarterlies, etc.)

These are still at Bear Creek Community Center.  When we are allowed to return to that facility, the check out procedures will be updated.

We have some wonderful resources.  Please use them and be courteous to others that would like to use them by returning them in a timely manner.

Click here for a list of our library books.


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