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Welcome to the Bear Creek Genealogical Society.  Our society meets on the second Thursday of each month at the Bear Creek Community Center, 3055 Bear Creek Drive.  We have approximately 40 members and hold our meeting from 1 to 2:30 PM.  All genealogical researchers, whether novice or expert, are welcome to attend.  Attire is casual.  We look forward to seeing you.  For further information, contact Gary Tober, President, 832-260-3635 or Tom Woltz, Vice-President, 832-754-2875.  Click here for a membership application.  Annual dues are $15.

Society Announcements

***NOTE: Bear Creek Community Center is closed due to flooding. Until further notice, we will meet at the Westlake Fire Department, 19636 Saums Road.  This is on the north side of Saums just east of Fry Road.***

On Thursday October 12, Irene Walters from Clayton Library, will present "Genealogy Tips and Tricks
."  This meeting is at 1 PM at the Westlake Fire Department.  See above.

On Thursday November 9, Tom Woltz, Vice President of the Bear Creek Genealogical Society will discuss the book "The Texas Railroad: Signs of Texas Migration" written by Wayne Cline.

Irene WaltersTom Woltz

Irene Walters                                                             Tom Woltz

The schedule for later months may be adjusted as we recover from Harvey. 

Other Announcements

October is national Family History Month.  Clayton Library has a large set of presentations scheduled.  On Saturday October 14, Moise Garza will give three talks on Mexican genealogy.  On Friday October 20, they celebrate Genealogy After Dark.  This program runs from 11 AM until 10 PM and features 8 talks.  At 10:30 the next day (Saturday October 21), Frank Smith will present "A Beginner's Guide to ."  While these events are free, reservations are essential.  Call the library at 832-393-2600.  As of today (October 10), space is available.
Frank Smith's talk will be followed by Mary Kircher Roddy with "Bagging a Live One--Reverse Genealogy in Action" and "A Nose for News--Sniffing Out Stories in Newspapers."  These two talks are sponsored by the Houston Genealogical Forum.  There is no fee for any of these talks, and reservations are not required for the Mary Roddy talks.
***The October 20-22 convention of the Texas State Genealogy Society has been canceled due to flooding damage.  However, several of these speakers will be presenting at Clayton Library instead.See above..***
Microfilm rental is no longer available through the Family History Library.  Existing films will remain at the local Family History Centers or at Clayton Library, but there will be no new distribution.  However, is rapidly putting its collection online, so you should check their website frequently.  
Fort Bend Friends & Neighbors has a genealogy group in Fort Bend County with meetings and field trips.  For more information, contact Sharon Miller at 281-796-8247.
On Saturday November 4, Annette Burke Lyttle will give an all day presentation to the Houston Genealogical Forum at Bayland Center.  Topics are "What Is Social History and Why Should a Genealogist Care," "A Path to Your Next Research Steps: Using Timelines to Organize Analyze an Evaluate Evidence," and "Reconstructing a Life: Chasing Uncle William through the Wilds of Cyberspace."  While these talks are free to forum members, there is a $20 charge for non-members.  Both members and non-members may order a lunch online.    
At 9 AM at the same location, the Forum will hold its third meeting of the DNA Interest Group, or "DIG."
Future conferences of the Federation of Genealogical Societies will be August 22-25, 2018 in Fort Wayne IN, August 21-24, 2019 in Washington DC, and September 2-5, 2020 in Kansas City, MO.  The National Genealogical Society will meet May 2-5, 2018 in Grand Rapids, MI.  The 2019 meeting will be May 8-11 in St. Charles, MO.

Dick Eastman has written "A Genealogy Intro."  This article is full of advice on how to get started in genealogy.




 For a list of books, click here.


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