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      Chuck H. Mahaffey -
      August 25th, 2001



Information in this database comes from the Texas Department of Health.
As of March 2000, Birth Indexes from 1926-1995 and Death Indexes from
1964-1998 are available on the Internet, microfiche or CD-ROM.

                                 Date of             Marital
    Name                          Death      Sex     Status

Boren, Jessie Mae             11-Aug-1988     F                        
Braddock, Robert Lee          29-Sep-1988     M                        
Brown, Beatrice M             28-Dec-1988     F                        
Cederholm, Ina Leatha         08-Feb-1988     F                        
Dillard, Ruby Lee             07-Aug-1988     F                        
Gallman, Bernice L            22-Dec-1988     F                        
Humphreys, Vera Frances       06-Sep-1988     F                        
Jones, Dovie L                08-Jan-1988     F                        
Lester, Gary Lynn             11-Aug-1988     M                        
Martin, Barney Raymond        06-Dec-1988     M                        
Massey, Curt Wilton           04-Oct-1988     M                        
Myers, Oscar Lucille          10-Jul-1988     F                        
Nichols, Milford Lester       16-Dec-1988     M                        
Norman, W H                   29-Dec-1988     M                        
Perez, Aurora Gutierrez       28-Jan-1988     F                        
Piland, Belle Marie           15-Nov-1988     F                        
Ray, Ted Neil                 02-Jan-1988     M                        
Sappington, R H               15-Jan-1988     M                        
Sappington, Johnnie Ollie     25-Aug-1988     F                        
Seals, Edna Marie             21-Apr-1988     F                        
Stanley, Floyd Anderson       22-Feb-1988     M                        
Stevens, Mary Gene            20-Apr-1988     F                        
Strong, Byra Vay              01-Jun-1988     F                        
Thorn, Orville Parish         15-Oct-1988     M                        
Trueblood, Harry              12-Apr-1988     M                        
Turbyfill, Shirley Charlene   06-Sep-1988     F                        
Ussery, Ezra Abbner           06-Nov-1988     M                        
Vandyke, Danny Lee            27-Aug-1988     M                        
White, James Charles          24-Oct-1988     M                        
Wills, Billy Noel             02-Jul-1988     M