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Augustine    Elvis     Udene          30-Nov-1968 F       SINGLE
Ault         Benjamin  Barlow         30-Jun-1968 M       SINGLE
Baker        Ruth                     28-May-1968 F       SINGLE
Basinger     Melvin    Alfred         5-Sep-1968  M       SINGLE
Bright       James     A              23-Oct-1968 M       WIDOWED
Cervantes    Felix     Cuevas         14-Jul-1968 M       WIDOWED
Cooke        Eleanor   Boyd           9-Dec-1968  F       WIDOWED
Cooper       Calvin    Lee            29-Jun-1968 M       SINGLE
Davis        Guy       Elmer          20-Dec-1968 M       SINGLE
Dickinson    Dezzie    Power          20-Jul-1968 F       WIDOWED
Eastman      Ollie     Pearl          27-Nov-1968 F       WIDOWED
Fluitt       Claudie   Elizabeth      5-Apr-1968  F       WIDOWED
Ford         Homer     Milton         17-Feb-1968 M       SINGLE
Greer        Alton     Fannin         9-Oct-1968  M       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Jinkins      John      Quincy         9-Nov-1968  M       SINGLE
Johnson      Clint     Leroy          24-Jul-1968 M       MARRIED
Jones        Tillman   Lowel          29-Aug-1968 M       SINGLE
King         Ethel     B              23-Oct-1968 F       SEPAR/DIVORCED
Kirkendoll   Sarah     Jane           5-Dec-1968  F       WIDOWED
Mcpherson    Alice     Viola          15-Jun-1968 F       WIDOWED
Owings       James     Baxter         11-Jan-1968 M       WIDOWED
Payton       Carl      Fredrick       7-Dec-1968  M       SINGLE
Pennell      Otis      Franklin       2-Dec-1968  M       SINGLE
Pine         Mildred   Lea            6-Jul-1968  F       SINGLE
Presson      Lester    Allen          17-Jun-1968 M       SINGLE
Robinson     Fannie    Isabell        09-Jun-1968 F       WIDOWED
Robinson     Willie    Mae M          18-Sep-1968 F       SINGLE
Salinas      Richard                  02-Jun-1968 M       SINGLE
Smith        C         A              02-Oct-1968 M       SINGLE
Sparks       Inez                     20-Oct-1968 F       WIDOWED