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            Name                Date        Sex    Marital Status
Bailey, Eva Lincoln            7-12-1967     F    Widowed
Baker, Bernice N               11-9-1967     F    Single
Bausman, Charles Henry Jr       6-3-1967     M    Single
Brooks, Tillman                 8-8-1967     M    Single
Callis, Joe Henry              8-11-1967     M    Single
Campbell, Marton Henry        11-15-1967     M    Single
Clark, Walter William          2-28-1967     M    Single
Cockrell, Fred Donald          3-10-1967     M    Single
Cole, Noah Britton             9-23-1967     M    Widowed
Drake, Sallie                  4-16-1967     F    Widowed
Eckert, Robert Daniel          6-17-1967     M    Single
Floyd, Arthur Edward          11-24-1967     M    Single
Greer, Carl Moses               4-2-1967     M    Single
Harp, Martha Jane             11-21-1967     F    Widowed
Keene, Oren Elvin              12-9-1967     M    Single
Mcclure, Thomas W              1-15-1967     M    Single
Mcdonald, Julia Louise         12-5-1967     F    Single
Reed, William Lee              7-25-1967     M    Single
Robinson, Edith Enola          4-10-1967     F    Separ/Divorced
Rogers, Jesse Arvol            4-11-1967     M    Single
Sanchez, Andrew                9-12-1967     M    Single
Smith, Lula Estelle             1-4-1967     F    Widowed
Stevens, Nora Elizabeth        1-31-1967     F    Married
Storie, Marion Marshall        12-7-1967     M    Widowed
Stout, Maude Marie              5-2-1967     F    Widowed
Thompson, Claude               6-14-1967     M    Single
Wallace, John L                9-21-1967     M    Single
Wells, Plumer Loraine           6-6-1967     F    Widowed
White, Laura Angeline           5-7-1967     F    Widowed
Whittenton, Calvin Robert       8-8-1967     M    Single