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            Name                Date        Sex    Marital Status
Ainsworth, Edward Collins       1-6-1966     M    Single
Altman, James Richard         11-13-1966     M    Single
Bouchier, Laura Stonemets      7-25-1966     F    Widowed
Caylor, Mattie Catherine       5-16-1966     F    Widowed
Cooke, Adam Carl                7-5-1966     M    Single
Cox, Robert Ernest             3-27-1966     M    Single
Davis, Nancy Catherine          1-6-1966     F    Widowed
Donham, Mason Stenit           9-23-1966     M    Widowed
Evans, Mattie Florence          6-8-1966     F    Widowed
Gordon, Fannie Belle            6-1-1966     F    Separ/Divorced
Gossett, Lucy Wilburn          1-31-1966     F    Widowed
Guthrie, William Wesley        3-30-1966     M    Widowed
Haynes, Ervin King              2-7-1966     M    Single
Haynie, Walter Henry            4-6-1966     M    Widowed
Hays, James Monroe              7-3-1966     M    Single
Hudman, John B                 1-14-1966     M    Widowed
Hyde, Gladys S                 4-23-1966     F    Widowed
Jackson, Mandy                  5-8-1966     F    Widowed
James, Jasper Leland           3-12-1966     M    Married
Johnson, Orange               11-10-1966     M    Single
Jones, William S                8-4-1966     M    Single
Kennedy, Bennie Ward            2-4-1966     M    Single
Kirkendoll, Alton Lee         12-29-1966     M    Single
Kuhn, Willie Ann               4-19-1966     F    Widowed
Lee, Samuel M                  3-26-1966     M    Single
Lynn, Ruth Christine           8-12-1966     F    Single
Madera, Ida                   12-28-1966     F    Widowed
Mason, Grover T               10-10-1966     M    Single
Mathis, Ben Franklin           8-13-1966     M    Single
Mcabee, James Edward           5-20-1966     M    Widowed
Meek, Ida Maud                12-25-1966     F    Widowed
Mindieta, Manuel               6-11-1966     M    Married
Mitchell, Ruth Teague          3-29-1966     F    Separ/Divorced
Owens, Alvin Vernon            11-9-1966     M    Widowed
Pricer, Willie Ira              8-3-1966     M    Widowed
Shackles, Hettie Ollie        10-21-1966     F    Widowed
Stewart, Virgil Nolan           2-8-1966     M    Separ/Divorced
Stivers, Elnora Pearl          3-24-1966     F    Single
Stoker, Lottie M                2-6-1966     F    Widowed
Thaxton, William Oran           3-5-1966     M    Widowed
Ussery, Harvey William          2-3-1966     M    Single