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            Name                Date      Sex    Marital Status
Barker, Frederick Charles     7-26-1965    M    Single
Capps, Paul Everett            3-1-1965    M    Separ/Divorced
Cargile, Edith                1-28-1965    F    Single
Carpenter, Floyd Houston       3-9-1965    M    Single
Cash, William Allen           1-27-1965    M    Widowed
Claborn, Luther Earnest       5-17-1965    M    Single
Clark, Naomi Ann              9-28-1965    F    Widowed
Cockrell, Vera Etta           2-23-1965    F    Widowed
Copple, Vernon Lester         12-7-1965    M    Single
Cross, Edsel A                 8-8-1965    M    Single
Davis, Glenn Maxwell          4-23-1965    M    Single
Dodd, Belton                  8-29-1965    M    Widowed
Duckworth, George D          12-29-1965    M    Single
Eckols, Benjamin Joseph        9-8-1965    M    Single
Flores, Jaunita              10-25-1965    F    Married
Gilmore, Thomas Andrew         2-2-1965    M    Separ/Divorced
Hewitt, Ronald E              2-11-1965    M    Separ/Divorced
Hodges, Mary Caroline        10-12-1965    F    Widowed
Huffman, Lela Mae             6-13-1965    F    Single
Johnson, Melzar               5-16-1965    M    Single
Jones, Zora A                 2-19-1965    F    Widowed
Jurica, Francis               4-20-1965    F    Separ/Divorced
Low, Ida Vivian               10-5-1965    F    Widowed
Manly, Julius Price           6-20-1965    M    Single
Martin, Clarence John         9-21-1965    M    Single
Maule, Steve Leon             3-27-1965    M    Married
Mckee, Zack Kemp               5-1-1965    M    Single
Mitchell, Genetta Jane        10-6-1965    F    Unknown
Nelson, Helmer Edvin         12-18-1965    M    Widowed
Norris, Alfred Lee            9-25-1965    M    Single
Northcutt, Gilford Wesley     9-25-1965    M    Single
Price, Gladys Louise          7-13-1965    F    Widowed
Rivers, Robert James         12-19-1965    M    Single
Roberts, Huey Author         12-31-1965    M    Widowed
Rogers, Eula Aby              2-18-1965    F    Widowed
Rosas, Antonio Lombrana       4-17-1965    M    Single
Samples, Mabry Earnest        9-22-1965    M    Separ/Divorced
Sanders, Joe Ray               6-7-1965    M    Single
Sharp, William Audrey         2-20-1965    M    Single
Shaw, Daniel Melton            7-4-1965    M    Widowed
Soto, Pauline                12-23-1965    F    Married
Stevens, Regina Marie         7-11-1965    F    Married
Swanger, William Lee           7-6-1965    M    Widowed
Taylor, James Arthur          11-9-1965    M    Single
Tew, Alexander               12-27-1965    M    Widowed
Torres, Dario Silbas          2-18-1965    M    Widowed
Wells, John Jackson            5-3-1965    M    Single
Wheatley, Weta Mozelle        12-6-1965    F    Single
White, Kendall Silas          4-20-1965    M    Single