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           Name                Date      Sex       Marriage
Alaniz,Paul                   19641120    M    Married
Barron,Alice Grace            19640416    F    Single
Bartlett,James I              19640717    M    Widowed
Blaylock,Dora Ann             19640113    F    Single
Boarman,Bruce Lee             19640314    M    Married
Calvillo,Elaudio G            19640105    M    Single
Carter,Avinger Becton         19640814    M    Single
Cates,William Joseph Jr       19640524    M    Married
Cook,John Henry               19640825    M    Single
Corbell,Virgie Mae            19640102    F    Widowed
Gomez,Mike                    19640502    M    Widowed
Guajardo,Arcadio G Jr         19641106    M    Married
Hatfield,Leslie Don           19640501    M    Married
Jewell,Leon Moore             19640518    M    Separ/Divorced
Kennedy,Maggie Elizabeth      19640608    F    Widowed
Luna,John Bocanegra           19640614    M    Single
Martinez,Eusabio              19640301    M    Widowed
Mason,Clarance Birdie         19640615    F    Widowed
Mason,Gladys Stanley          19640129    F    Single
Mccampbell,Arthur Thomas      19640301    M    Single
Mills,Roger Q                 19640524    M    Single
Mitchell,Sarah Jane           19640722    F    Widowed
Norris,Roland Neal            19640318    M    Separ/Divorced
Owings,William Finley         19640522    M    Widowed
Patton,Mack Henry             19640803    M    Married
Rangel,Conrado                19640521    M    Married
Rangel,Dora                   19640521    F    Married
Rangel,Gregorio Ramirez       19640521    M    Single
Rangel,Porfiria               19640521    F    Married
Rangel,Porfiria Garcia        19640521    F    Single
Rangel,Sylvia                 19640521    F    Married
Reed,Joseph Nelson            19640923    M    Separ/Divorced
Reno,Josie Reeves             19640220    F    Widowed
Roquemore,Liner Bell          19641027    F    Separ/Divorced
Scarborough,James Silas       19640217    M    Single
Scheide,Bessie R              19640501    F    Widowed
Shaw,Birdye                   19640216    F    Single
Sherbert,L M                  19640131    M    Single
Smith,Reynolds Henry          19640903    M    Single
Tello,Guadalupe Cadena        19640706    F    Widowed
Tomlinson,Raymon Penn         19640904    M    Single
Tucker,B D                    19641002    M    Married
Vanbuskirk,Melvin Elmer       19640306    M    Single
White,Charlie                 19640621    M    Single
Wood,Nancy Susan              19641228    F    Widowed
York,Madeline Teresa          19640307    F    Single