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Muddig Community Reunion - 1966

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Pecan Gap Businesses

  • 1899 Directory -partial

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    July 22, 1932

    Ladonia News
    Pretty Boy Floyd robs Merchants State Bank of Ladonia.


    Extraordinary Twins

    7 Bartley Sons

    Dr. A.B. Cox

    Grover Barron Bishop

    Blakeney Brothers

    Boyd Family

    Allen Gilliam

    Will Harkins

    Paul Hataway

    Harold Isom

    Clemmie Templeton- Sealy - Rainey Nightwatchman

    J. L. Moss leaves Ky for Oregon Territory - Kin to Miss Mollie Stafford

    Robardey Family

    Stone Family


    Incorporated September 7, 1886
     Ladonia, Texas.

    1891 birdseye view
    by Thaddeus Mortimer Fowler

    The Down Town
    View Early Downtown Photograph
    A Different Look at How Ladonia Got it's Name
    Ladonia Today
    More photographs of Early Downtown
    Ladonia Buildings
    1991 Street Photograph 

    Town Services & Heroes
     Post Office
    Ladonia Fire Department
    Ladonia Schools
    Pearl Harbor & Ladonians
    Ladonia Mayor & Ambulance Attendants photograph.
    Ladonia Rattler's 

    The Businesses
    View Photograph of Ladonia's Trade Days
    Ladonia News &
    David Washington Boliver
    Redner & Evans Store
    Ladonia Businesses

    Churches, Society, Weather, Good Stories & Activities
    Ladonia - Bethel Lodge - Masons
    Knights of Pythias Lodge
    Ladonia Churches
    Southern Literary Club
    Ladonia's Frontier Days - 1966
    Ladonia Cornet Band 
    Early Baptism in Ladonia 
    Geneva Hornsby Winning Ribbons
    1944 Christmas Wishes
    Womanless Wedding ! 
    Having fun in Ladonia.
    New Years in Ladonia
    Christmas Poem by T. Doan Bartley
    Ivan Fry's Dogs tale
    Grandma's Apron
    The Old Oak Tree
    Hershel Scott wins Model T
    1951 Ladonia C-of -C Dinner
    Mammoth Dig
    Bob Gulley's Mule
    Cole Younger Visits Ladonia
    Drought in the Ladonia Area
    Audie Ellard's Letter Home 1929
    50's Ladonia
    Silver Dollar Drawing
    Cain's Detective Agency
    Sadie Hawkins Day 1978

    The Celebration of the Opening of Highway 34

    Ladonia's Trains and Tracks

    Old Bob
    Last Run of "Old Bob"

    Ladonia Poem

    Ladonia Area Mystery Photos - can you help?

    Historical Homes of Ladonia

    This Photograph is by Stephen C. Mussell
  • Anglin, Jim 
  • Bishop Home
  • Bishop, Grover Home
  • Bogan, Jim 
  • Christian,John T. 
  • Drake, Dr. M.B. also known as Miss Jessie Stevens
  • Eagleton Home
  • Fry Home
  • Abraham Keller Fry's Home
  • Fulton, Dr.S.H.
  • Graves, Will Home
  • Haden, J.B  Home
  • Haden, J.B. Home (different Photo)
  • House, A.M.  Home
  • Hutson, Hannah Home
  • Jackson, James 1890 Home
  • Jackson, James 1895 Home
  • Fire destroys the 1895 James Jackson Home
  • Johnson, Samuel Home
  • Kean, John Home
  • McFarland, Cyrus Sylvester also known as Miss Ethel McFarlands'Home.
  • McFarland Farm Photos
  • McFarland Home on Mill St.
  • McFarland, S.J. Home
  • Merrill, Baxter  Home
  • Merrill, Eddie Home
  • Miller,John Home 
  • Montgomery Home
  • Myrick House
  • Nail,John  Home
  • Neilson Home
  • Nicholson-Myrick Home
  • Nunn- Graves Home 
  • Relyea Home
  • Ruble, C.O.Home
  • Scott-Marcom Home
  • Smith - Oakley Home
  • Dr. Starks Home
  • Unknown -1890
  • Unknown -1920
  • Walker, Tom Home
  • Woods, C.H. Home
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