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January 16, 2006 
By Bryan Ross

I have done a lot of research on the Ross family, all the way back to Rice Farrar Ross, who was born in 1776. Had not gotten much on the Barton family. I knew that Isaac Rice Ross was married to Mary Rutha (or Ruth) Barton. I have worked hard on this  with the help of Cathy Thibodeaux and Catherine  Cooper. 
Read History of his daughter  Mary Susan 
Male Barton Line:
Christopher Barton/Dorothy are parents of Isaac Barton, born Killaloe, Ireland (occupation|cutler; religion:Quaker)
Isaac Barton/Sarah Vesey are parents of Joshua Barton, born 19 Aug., 1718 Chester Co. PA
Joshua Barton/Jane Dubart are parents of David Barton, born 15 March, 1744, Fredrick Co., Maryland
David Barton/Hanna Hill are parents of   Thomas Barton, born 26, Nov. 1785. 
Thomas Barton/Tabitha Hodges are parents of William Hill Barton, born about 1815 Wilson or Rutherford Co. Tn. 
William Hill Barton/Susan Allen are parents of Thomas Elijah and  Mary Rutha Barton. William was born 26 Nov 1844 Henderson (Chester Co.) Tn. I feel sure this is where John Allen Ross got his Allen./

Their wives ancestors:
Sarah Vesey’s father Tobias Vesey (it is said she was born in Italy/moved to Ireland)
Jane Dubart’s father David Dubart (it is said she was born in Holland) David Barton was baptized in the Luthern Church in Maryland
Hanna Hill’s father was Rober Hill (born in Ireland, lived in Chester Co. PA and in VA) were Quakers
Tabitha Hodges’ parents were Jesse Hodges and Elizabeth Collins (all from VA to Wilson Co. Tn, then to Henderson Co./McNairy Co. Tn.
Descendents of Isaac Rice Ross and Mary Rutha Barton Ross (They married 12-31, 1873 in Mc Nairy, County, Tn.)  Both are buried in Lone Oak, Texas.
       Isaac Rice Ross   1851-1943       Mary Rutha Barton Ross    1850-1929
            Children: Mary Elizabeth  Ross Peak, Susie (Suzy) Ross Stinson, Charlotte Lenora Ross Bass, William Thomas Ross, John Allen Ross, James Charles Ross and Ivy Lee Ross. May Ross died at the age of one.  My father, John Allen Ross was born in Kentuckytown, Texas, November 11, 1888. 
     (Further information is in the Ross History)
Descendents of Thomas Eljah Barton (Nov 26, 1844) (died Apr 29, 1911 and Sarah Francis Minor (Oct 28, 1852) (died Sept 4, 1880)
Moses Allen Barton (Dec 2, 1875) (died Jan 3, 1964, Tx) Married Josey
William Hubbard Barton (March 17, 1878) (died Oct 28, 1968 Ok) married (1) Annie  (2) Annie Buford C. Barton (Aug 25, 1880) (died Mar 23, 1961 Tx) Married Susie.
Second wife of Thomas E. Barton: Sarah Jane “Sallie” Whitson (June 30, 1859) died July 23, 1907) 
Amanda Isabell Barton (Sept 13, 1884) (died Sept 6, 1957 Tx) married Adoniram Judson Russell  Their sons were Joseph Arron, who died as an infant,  James Bluford, John Henry, Jesse Lee and David Judson. Amanda also raised her stepdaughter , Ruth Ardell Russell
James (Jim)  E. Barton (Dec 1, 1889) (died Sept 8, 1970 Tx) Married Sarah Jones
Myrtle Barton  (Dec 28, 1893) married Rev. Charlie Higgenbotham
Aaron Barton (Feb 4, 1896) (died Sept 10, 1900 Tx) 
Nora Barton (March 30, 1898)  married Joseph H. Starnes

Thomas Barton had a son, James (Jim) Barton. Uncle Will (William Thomas) Ross lived with Jim and Sarah Jones Barton, in Savoy, Texas in the 1950’s and after. Thomas also had a son , Rev. William Barton.

'Rev. William Barton to Cousin, John Ross'

Thomas Barton had a son, James(Jim) Barton. Uncle Will(William Thomas) Ross lived with Jim and Sarah Jones Barton, in Savoy, Texas in the 1950’s and after. Thomas also had a son , Rev. William Barton.

     Front (L to R) James E. Barton, Elijah (Mrytle's son)  William Barton.  Top: Sarah Jones Barton (James' wife), Mrytle, Nora, and Amanda 

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